Saturday, May 19, 2012


The pure joy of blogging.  I think you all know what I am talking about. 
It's really all about people...
I bought the plants for my little project yesterday...what a time I had picking out something that wouldn't grow over everything...but..most of this will have to be trimmed...but...I'll worry about that later.... as usual.. :):)

When we got to the little nursery near out home yesterday..we got out of the car and parked right next to us a lady was just coming to get in her car.  I smiled and said.."I love your hat!  Every year I am going to buy one..and never do."  She had on a hat just like this one..
She smiled back at me, opened her rear car door and handed me THIS hat and said.."Here..take this one.  I have way too many hats anyway!"  Needless to say I was surprised and said "Oh no, no..I can't take your hat!!" but she insisted and so a little red faced, I took it, thanked her and gave her a hug.
She was about my age or so...and just so sincere.  Should I have still refused and walked away? ...I've never had anything like that happen a parking a total stranger.

You see, my two "Joyce" friends are NOT total strangers..not at all.  We know each other through our blogging...that's different..but I was humbled when my blogging
 friend  Joyce@ October Farm..sent a box of goodies to me for my attempt at Scrapbooking..and  my friend Joyce @ A Bear's Blog sent me a gorgeous handmade bear "Abigail" when I was so ill.

This is Abby, handmade by Joyce, and Mele, who are great friends, I might add!  (If I sound a bit doubtful..I have my reasons!:)
Abby has her own blog, by the way. 

 I know that bad things are happening out there..and then you have things like this...
Notice both my generous friends are named Joyce?  
SO many of you have shown me so much kindness...thank you!!   I get overcome when I start thinking of all the fantastic women and men I have met.

I will never ever forget finding that angel for me on Dawn's blog when I was terribly ill!  Never!
My wheelbarrow Fairy Garden is done..only some enhancing suggestions left to do..but otherwise it's done...sorta..

Luv'n hugs,


  1. hi mona! hey, free hat!!! that was so nice of that woman! i can't wait to see your finished project!

  2. Hi Mona,
    Not only did you feel good about the lady that gave you the hat but just think how good it made her feel to give it to you. It's nice to know there are very kind and sincere people out there and many of them are right here in you!


  3. Mona- Isn't it funny how God puts people in our path? That lady probably got more enjoyment out of giving you that hat than it did for you to receive it. I am so touched by that bear, too. Blogging friends are the best! xo Diana

  4. See Mona, little Angel blessings are sprinkled on us all the time. We just need to recognise them. Bless that dear lady in the car park. I can see a few flowers or a scarf tied around it?????

  5. There are people who love giving little gifts to others and I would imagine the woman who gave you the hat is one of them. Your flowers are lovely. I can't wait to see what you're going to do with them. Enjoy your weekend.

  6. How sweet of her to give you her hat! I'm not sure I could have done that since I usually am totally in love with whatever hat I have on my head. I'll bet you look adorable in it though. :-)

  7. What a sweet lady, I bet she enjoyed giving you that hat as much as you loved receiving it. There must be something special about the name Joyce (my middle name is Joyce), just kidding. Can't wait to see your flower project. Have a great weekend, Brenda

  8. What a wonderful story!!! Yes, in this great big world, "There are so many sweet people". AND "YES,YES,YES" you did the right thing in taking the hat! You not only went home "VERY HAPPY", but "SO DID SHE"...there is a sweet satisfaction in being able to "Make someone happy"! Your hat is beautiful and every time you look at it you will think of her...
    Have a fun weekend,
    Big Hugs to you,

  9. It's sweet to be on the receiving (and giving) end of such impulsive generosity.

    And DO display all the delights of Fairy-Barrow Acres soon.

    Have a great weekend---against my better judgement, we went to a YARD SALE. Two new blinds and three ancient Celluloid dresser items later, here I am.


  10. Those are the stories that should be on the news...nice people doing nice things for other nice people! You did the right thing in accepting her heartfelt gift. Angels are everywhere you know, and she might just have been fulfilling an earthly assignment for you! So wear that hat happily or display it proudly and tell that sweet story. Have a good weekend!

  11. I think that is such a cute thing to do with the fairy wheel barrow
    I will have to try to talk my dh into doing something like that with one of our old one's.
    I have a book giveaway going on if you get time stop by and enter.
    Joy at Books and Life

  12. This post is a ray of sunshine in a world that is sometimes covered by cloudy skies. I so agree with you. Blogging is a great way to bring like minded people together and to forge lasting friendships. Have a great weekend and give your darling Mele a kiss from me.

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  13. So sweet of her, I know you should accept things from strangers...but really if she didn't want to she wouldn't have..there are those special occasions that it mite have warmed her heart and yours too, so it was a good thing to receive it. A lovely Ribbon would be nice on it...So she probably sleep well with warmth in her heart...great post..O here is my email you for stopping in...Have a great weekend..with love Janice

  14. What a lovely thing for her to do. One day during Christmas,while I was out shopping, the customer in front of me admired a bracelet I was wearing. I had a similar one at home and didn't need two, so I offered it to her. Like you, she was somewhat taken aback, but I convinced her I was sincere. Then I felt so good - as I'm sure your "hat gifter" also felt!

  15. Mona, I'm sure that giving you that hat made the other woman feel as good as your receiving it made you feel. You give so much of yourself in your blog, that it's easy to see why others give back to you.We like to think of people we have come to kinow through blogging as "friends" we haven't met yet, but maybe one day . . .

  16. You are so right - there are a lot of bad things that happen in the world - but there are so many wonderful things that happen - and so many good people. Love, sandie

  17. It's just charmin' sweetie but I've gotta feelin' like our own gardens your fairy garden will always be a work in progress. Fairies are like that, ya know? Heeehehehe!

    God bless and have a great evenin' my beautiful friend. :o)


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