Thursday, April 19, 2012


This was a real trick, but I was desperate not to put this on the grass OR the flagstone, so...I carefully balanced it.  Then didn't breath!
Should I take my act to Vegas? No?  :) 
You can see a little of my test color yellow ...  but not for long.
Now it's all done and back in place by the patio table which is beginning to look worse and worse.
No call from my sweet seamstress yet, thank heavens.  HOW I wish I'd had enough material for all of the cushions.  I am taking a chance..but, it's too late now! 
Gets uglier and uglier!

The chair in the photo is now done..and tomorrow the last remaining chair and the table!  Big job but there is not turning back now. 
At least no one else will have a patio set like mine..and I can't say as I blame them!  :)
 (please God, let those cushions turn out decent..)

There is an iron garden gate back there behind the old wine barrel fountain..can you see it?

I'm still shuffling things around and decided to hang this garden picture and poem on the fence..
Yeah...I like that!

Yes, I finally got rid of that cord..but AFTER the photo.. :)

Should I paint this?  Maybe white or just leave it all rusty...I like both..
The swing is know... lol :)
I'm on a "spray paint" kick here.

Huggers and love...


  1. I love those flowers in the last picture. Sure go ahead and paint it white. I can't believe that table balanced.

  2. Love your flowers. And...I think you COULD take that act to Vegas...but only if you were wearing a red/white/blue Spandex suit and could make those spray paint cans throw flames....just saying....

    Can't wait to see it all done and I'm betting your cushions will be just wonderful! xo Diana

  3. Hi
    Love the table and chairs. The plant stand would look nice painted black. Your patio is beautiful. So green and lush. It's so much fun fluffing the patio. Thanks for visiting, and have a great weekend.

  4. You are so smart, Mona! I love the changes you've made and all of your pretty things! You sure have a green thumb, too!

  5. You must have hung that bench from an invisible tree, 'cuz I cannot believe it actually balanced like that!! lol! I really like the color too. In fact, I like the whole patio! Even if I tried to do something like that it would never be as pretty as your's.....unless I used fake plants!! I can't keep a weed alive!! :)

    Hey Mona, if you have the time, you might want to read my most recent post,
    Really think you might like it!

  6. My Sister would love you! She paints everything she can get her hands on...and repaints everything she already painted atleast twice. I swear her house is a few square feet smaller because of all the paint on the walls. Your balancing act had me sitting here with my mouth open! Yep, you need to go on the road for sure! Your home is really pretty and I can't wait to see the cushions. Hope it all meets with your approval!

  7. I love a good painting kick! I'll bet the chairs are going to look very good - I'll be back to see!

  8. I thought I was seeing an illusion. What happens if the wind blows. Ha Ha.We just need to see you sitting on the top of it while it is still balancing....
    Your painting hanging on the iron gate looks so good. I want to come and visit and sit on the beautiful cushions that will arrive by magic tomorrow.

  9. What a great looking garden.. and I love the color you're painting the patio furniture. Mine needs it but it's been raining, so I'll have to wait a bit. I guess I'll repaint mine the same old boring black it was when I got it. Looking forward to seeing the cushions when they're done.

  10. Mona, you have been busy with spray painting and planting and your patio and flowers are going to be wonderful, already are looking that way. I'm sure the cushions will give the place an entirely different look too.

  11. Wow, you've got talent for sure! I love that you make your garden space so inviting. Love all the plants and that picture you've hung makes it seem so cozy! Thank you for visiting my blog yesterday. Sometimes when I leave an ! it looks funny too. Don't know what's up with that!

  12. Mona - Are you sure you are not in heaven, because when I look at these photos, they look like heaven to me. What does the poem on the board say?
    Definitely Vegas with the balancing act. Nice colour and just my thought, I would leave the stand just as it is. Everyone needs a little "rustic look" in such a beautiful garden. Very nice.

  13. Vegas for sure! Your garden areas are very pretty..

  14. Beautiful, creative, talented and now ya have your own balncin' act too!!! Gee girlfriend, is there anything ya can't do???

    I do so love your spray paint kicks. Personally, I'd leave your charmin' plant stand as is, it have character and besides, ya don't want everything too matchy, matchy. Yep, I'd keep some contrast but what do I know??? Heeeheehhe!!!

    What a welcomin' home you have created sweetie.

    God bless and have a beautiful weekend sweet friend! :o)

  15. I enjoyed your spray painting adventures as much as you obviously did, but I think I would paint that plant holder as well. Good idea about the picture on the gate, and what an absolutely lovely garden you have. I am looking forward to getting our place, particularly the Courtyard in front of the house, all full of flowers. Unfortunately the geese and chickens make sure that this does not happen just yet. We have to build them a new home outside the Courtyard, then it can become a chicken and goose-free zone and then I can go and do an overspend at the local plant centre. Yipppeee!

  16. Yes You should try that in Vegas :-) :-) :-)

    It's so fun to see plants You have outside, plants we barely can have outside in hot summers here :-) :-) :-) More snow is on its way they say and the temperature is dropping fast now in the evening. It feels like autumn right now.

    Have a great day!

  17. Mona, I have faith that YOU could stand on it, lean back and pick up a handkerchief in your mouth!!

    Lovelier every time you post.


  18. Thank you, Racheld..I can see me now..long flowing IRON gray hair, hanging on for dear life..screaming for help..forgetting the handkerchief totally!! You DO create a picture, some of you! :) Makes me laugh!

  19. Today is good indisposed, isn't it?


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