Tuesday, April 17, 2012


After our wonderful day in the nursury...and my splurging on the lovely basket for the front porch table..I went out this morning..gathered up the little plants I had bought at the nursury and tried my hand at making something a little more special..
No..it's not much but it made me feel good and it looks prettier with a little extra.

I stuffed all those little lavendar and yellow pansies in around this topiary on my patio table.  Added a little Baby's breath..(not really the name of the plant) and was delighted at the difference!!   Then I spray painted the bird cage..

Hi sweetie pie!  Mom's girl is staying away from the paint spray...and not too happy about not being able to come close.. LOVE that little girl doggie..As I type this she right under my desk chair as close as she can get!   *joy* 
I should add some blue to the wheelbarrow shouldn't I?  :)

LOOK!   My little pot of baby roses I got for Easter from daughter Maryalice are BLOOMING!
Lots of sun!! At least five hours they say.. 
It was in the 80's here in Southern CA. to day...I mean..what in the world is going on.  The fireplace was blazing two night ago..and tonight ALL the doors are open! 

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my front porch...
The only thing I love more is bj's shelf that her husband made for her!!   I DO NOT COVET that shelf..OR Di's front yard, or....
No, honest..I don't!  I am very happy with what I have..and grateful.  Yes, GRATEFUL! 
So...there it is.  Another day in paradise..
Luv'n hugs!

P.S. Has anyone an idea what to do about that awful bathroom window that is covered in plastic to keep out the cold?  It has those louvered (sp?) windows from the 1950's..yes..our little home was built back then.  :) 


  1. Hi
    I love your front porch. I love Southern California. My son has a home in Pasadena and the weather is perfect for growing every kind of plant. We have frost in Northern California and I have to cover my tenders until April each year.
    You do live in Paradise.
    Oh Yes! Cute grandkids.

  2. You have a lovely garden and porch, so well cared for. Hopefully, in time, I shall be able to manage something as pretty here. We live in SW France, and have lots of sun as well, but we also live near the Pyrenees so when it does snap cold then it is mountain cold. I remember louvred windows. Dreadful things, so drafty. Here we have heavy shutters in front of the windows. And they really do keep out the draft and cold. Nice to have visited with you, and shall visit again.

  3. hi mona! wow...your place looks wonderful! it was 85 here a couple days ago and is about to be hot again! i would cover that window with some white lattice. it would blend well with the rest of your porch. or find two old shutters and hang them to cover it and make it look like a shuttered window. they could be a whole different shape!

  4. Heaven in a home is how I would describe your place. Especially your front porch. Every thing looks tickerty Boo. (that means perfect.) I have a toilet window with lovers in. Thank goodness it goes outside into the garage. So you really don't see it. They are a pain, because in winter you freeze, plus it lets the dust in. My house was built in the 70's and they still did that.
    In spirit I will be sitting having coffee together on your beautiful porch.

  5. You have the touch to make everything around you beautiful. Your front porch looks so inviting.

  6. Your front porch is simply wonderful! Thanks for sharing that picture. I will be my inspiration for my own!

    1. IT. I meant "It will be my inspiration....."

  7. You should love your front porch, Mona. It's absolutely snuggly, cuggly, wonderful... even if I had to make up a couple words to describe it!

  8. Hi Miss Mona,

    Oh, the love of a puppy dog (all pets), it doesn't get any better. Well, I am wondering why you buy flowers at the nursery? YOU should have your own business, your designs are "bee-u-tee-ful", and it's not just me saying that, Mom thinks you have so much talent and a very artistic eye to detail.

    If we lived close by Mom would ask you to design all our potted flowers.

    Heaps of Hugs ♥

    Did you know that Abby has been using your "puter" and has sent me a fresh e-mail? I told her that she has a beary big butt! Giggle.

  9. Love what you've done with your flowers. Beautiful roses! Have another fun day on your beautiful porch!

  10. The bird cage looks great painted yellow and I love the arrangement you made with your purchases yesterday.
    Your porch is delightful and everything is blooming. Everything here is still brown and buds on trees, although we did have a high temp of 70+ yesterday and most uncommon again.
    Love the photo of your sweet little dog - she looks so cute. I fully understand the love of a puppy dog as I have Puppy Jack. We just got back from a long early mornings walk.
    I myself would design a nice pattern of shutters to balance out the wall and I think they would look adorable in your already adorable space. I do love your porch. Have a great day.

  11. Mona, if I had your front porch I would never come inside. It's beautiful. It's still too cold and wet here for me to do anything outside but when the weather is nice enough I hope to make my porch as inviting as yours. Our house in Florida had louvered windows and I hated them. I have no suggestions for what to do with yours except replace it with another type of window if possible. Enjoy your porch and your warm weather. Hugs

  12. Oh your porch is a dream. I wish I could come and sit there with you and chat away.
    Maybe a painting or a sign or BJ's shelf (hah).
    So many beautiful flowers......I would be sitting there all day long.

  13. Your front porch is just adorable. I'd love to come and sit and visit. You could show me all your flowers. It is still too cool here to even think about outdoor pots. (well, I am thinking) Keep showing us photos to inspire us.

  14. I love your porch, too. It is just wonderful. I missed Bj's shelf and HAVE to pop over there to see it. Your planters are looking great! Very nice job. I hope you have a great Wednesday- xo Diana

  15. Seven children??? OMG. Mona nice to meet you. You and I have the same type of blog. You tell a story with pictures too. I love your sweet home. Did you see that I have 7 dogs, 2 cats and 2 canaries?? I know, call me crazy.
    You have beautiful grands Mona.
    Thanks so much for your visit to my little world. Didn't you say you live close to the Canadian border??? But you live in CA?? Maybe I misread.
    Have a sip of lemonade for me on that pretty porch ok?
    Love Claudie

  16. I've said it before and I'll say it again...Oh how I'd love to come set a spell with you dear lady on your beautiful front porch. What fun we would have and maybe, just maybe, a tad of mischief too!!! Heeehehehe!!!

    Those windows are hard to do anything with besides complete replacement.

    God bless ya and have a sunshiny kinda day beautiful Mona!!! :o)

  17. See, you don't need any stinkin' expensive nursery..you have talent all on your own! Looks great and I think your porch is beautiful and I'd love to sit for a bit and have a good chat with you! As for the window, I'd cover it with a picture..or a painting..or something like that. Have a great rest of the week Mona!

  18. Hi there Mona, thanks for stopping by to see me! I love your pretty creation with all of those pretty plants! You did an awesome job! I want to sit on that porch in the early morning and have a cup of coffee:) Enjoy your evening and come back to see me again sometime!

    I would LOVE to have that shelf that Mr. Sweet made for BJ! She is one LUCKY lady! Have a blessed evening, HUGS!

  19. Your porch is lovely. The flowers are so pretty. I cannot get enough of a lovely yard. We live in northern California.
    It look very homey. I hope you enjoy it.

  20. Your plantings are lovely and I completely understand how they really lend a smile. I haven't been to Roger's Gardens for at least 20 years. It was my favorite place when I lived in So Cal. Thanks for the tour. Blissful flowers...

  21. Mona your porch is just gorgeous! & I love your plants. This is the best time of the year when all the earth comes alive once again. You've done a beautiful job with your pots. How fun it would be to sit amongst your pretties & chat with you for hours.
    You have done such a beautiful job of decorating both inside & out, Mona.

    Have a beautiful day
    TTFN ~

  22. Your garden and home is so beautifully manicured. And your little pup is a doll baby! sandie

  23. Your yard is so manicured and green! Just gorgeous. I like how you added the colorful pansies to the base of your topiary. It looks even more deluxe now. Your little dog is like mine. Follows me everywhere. I wouldn't have it any other way.

  24. Your porch is wonderful, Mona!

    I love how you planted the topiary pot. We haven't done much with annuals yet. Still waiting for that surprise April frost.

    Thanks so much for finding me again. I do not like the google changes one bit!

  25. Veryn pretty,, Mona. I add smaller flowering plants on my big pots with bigger plants too. Your garden is gorgeous, so colorfula nd welcoming....Christine

  26. Hi Mona! Oh, I do believe you have a green thumb. Your creation is so lovely! Your front porch is like heaven - just love all of your pretty plants and your chairs. Little Mele is the sweetest looking little girl. Looks like some tiny little wet paw prints on your walk.
    Hope you've had a wonderful week.
    be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  27. Hi darling, oh my goodness, everything is so lush and happy looking. I adore your little friend, she is adorable!!! I spotted a birds nest fern, haven't seen those in years around here. Always a joy stopping by your beautiful patio. hugs ~lynne~

  28. OMYWORD, Mona...everything is just beautiful. Your flowers are so so lovely.
    The porch is heaven. My Aunt Lillian lived in Calif. (San Jose) and when we went to see her, her whole back yard was like a giant bouquet. I envy your talent and your climate for growing LUSH. :))
    I wish we had the rain here for beautiful plants.
    You've done a wonderful job, dear heart.
    xoxo bj

  29. You're a nut! Give the girl a few cans of spray paint and she's in heaven! The baby's breath looks awesome by the way!!!


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