Thursday, April 5, 2012


Easter is ...strange this year.  Different and not the happest I've ever had.  Things in my dear family are not perfect.  A lack of forgiveness.  Grudges.  Anger being hugged close to the heart.
It's sad and I cannot fix it.  This has never ever happened in my family before and it isn't between my own children but it has spilled over onto them and I am at a loss.
It's words spoken without thought, hurt feelings.  I would get on my knee's and beg...but it won't help and it is not mine to solve.  I had to finally accept that.
Pray?  I have.  I do!

That is not to say there is not joy..because there is.  A new Great grandson is expected in July and he lives close to his Great Grandma which makes me smile.  I am trying to dwell on the good and the beautiful! 
So...the beat goes on..Easter will dawn and I will see part of my family and talk to the others.
We will join hands as always and pray together, but hearts will stay dark..stiff..cold and sad.
Some things are just out of our hands...
  I will NOT be false with you and pretend my life is perfect.  But...I promise you, I smile a lot and find lots to be happy about.  Somehow, some way, the ends will come out even.   And so...

My Easter tablescape...of sorts.. :)

I bought my centerpieces from Kristin's Creations.  It was not a large centerpiece so I sat it in an old picket fence box that I found at a garage sale sitting beside the people's home all covered in dirt.  I don't think it was for sale at all because things were growing up around it..but I bought it for a quarter and washed it up and lightly spray painted it.  It's such a handy little thing to use for lots of things..dishes plants...blah blah blah...

The "Birdsnest" chargers are from Pottery Barn that I bought a couple of years ago which BROKE my bank!!  I could only afford two of them!  At least that is all I WANTED to afford!  Sheesh!!
Everything on the table except the plants, the candles and the tea set (a gift from my boss when I was still working) are from garage sales.  All of the Wsstmoreland milk glass was no more than 25 cents to 50 cents! 

My china is Nortaki and the pattern is something called Mystery china.  No name.  Very old.
I bought the set of 12 at a garage sale for $35.00.  LOVE those garage sales.

Place mats and napkins..gargage sale.  Crystal glasses were at a Estate sale for $8.00 I think.
They are gorgeous and I treasure them.  The bunnies are Gobels I found on ebay.
All the silver on the table are from garage sales for hardly anything..and I keep collecting.

This is International sterling silver.  The name is Prelude and I believe it was discontinued OR made in 1939.  It was advertised to be the "most beautiful silver ever made".  Came with sweet little butter knives, soup spoons, everything.  It is just a set of 8 but I will be on the look out for more.  It even came in it's own silver chest..WITH other mismatched pieces of sterling.  Price?  $10.00!
Yep..all that sterling silver for just $10.00!!  True value is $4100! 
I smiled for year over that one!! 
Now you know what keeps me going to those garage sales every week!

Sorry, I know I showed this photo..but I just LOVE that little bunny! 

I did not set the table correctly..but ...I will next time.  Maybe..  :)

The burlap runner with the chiffon ruffles was $19.00 which I found on Etsy!  Tie backs were $4.00 each.   I have decided that I rather like the little flowers in the chair tie least for Easter..

Mele?  Priceless!!!

Love'n hugs!


* I want to thank you for your beautiful comments.  The warmth and kindess you show to me is ...something I will treasure as long as I live.  You have NO idea what it means to me!


  1. You are decorated and ready to go...beautiful. You have such a talent of arranging things. You are an amazing woman.

  2. Yes, Mele is precious. Go hug some fur when you are down.

    God's Blessings to you and your family. May He soften those hard hearts & begin working to bring your precious family together.

    Don't forget, sweet friend, we don't know His timetable.


  3. I'm sorry about the hard feelings around you. Life is too short ~ if only we could convince others of that. Your table looks lovely. I esp like your burlap tie backs on your chairs. Happy Easter.

  4. Hurt hearts, feel as though they will never mend, but with patience, love, and time I'm sure you will be a happy family again.
    Who could not be affected by your warmth, kindness, let alone the homey feeling of your home.
    Keep smiling. I smile every time I see that bunny in your table centre.

  5. hi!!! what an easter table!!! those chargers were worth every penny! perfect for easter. and what great thrift shop finds. i love the chair tie backs. as far as bad family members...i will trade my husbands family for your bad guys any day! his family will make your guys look like angels!!!

  6. Your table is just beautiful. Love all the touches. It looks very "English".
    I hope your Easter is full of blessings. Congratulations on the new baby.......hope things get a little better over the holidays.

  7. Sorry there is even one ounce of sadness in your life right now! But your table is so pretty and I am sure it brightens your day just looking at it. I have been wanting to pick up some of those wicker type chargers for our table too. But, even at the big box stores they are expensive! Wow....and with a growing family and to buy one for everyone, too much! Maybe I will have to buy 2 at a time, like you! I hope your Easter weekend turns out to be delightful! Take Care!

  8. Mona- It looks beautiful. I love those chargers and have never seen any like them! They are wonderful. We have had a few rough go's with some family issues in the past several years. It is hard for it not to infect the whole family, isn't it? Blessings to you and your family this Easter season- xo Diana

  9. Hopefully hearts will mend, or at least receive band-aids to help them through the hard times.

    I love the burlap tie backs on your chairs... Those could be used year round just by changing the flower to match the season. They were a great buy on your part as was every lovely item on your table. You did a great job on it, Mona and I adore the look you have created for your Easter with the family. :-)

  10. OMGoodness, this is the first time I have seen the little bunny napkin holders like mine - Aren't they just lovely.
    I love the burlap tie backs on chairs with beautiful flower. Your table looks like a magazine photo. I love your decorations.
    You have had amazing luck finding all these delightful items. - I love the photos.
    Sad to hear about the "lack of forgiveness - Grudges - Anger being hugged close to the heart" - believe it or not, there
    are many families that unfortunately go through this - Time does heal many things, however, like "The Bear" said - May God
    soften those hard hearts & begin working to bring your precious family together. And she is right - we do not know his timetable.
    Very well said.
    Take care and Happy Easter weekend to u n urs :)

  11. No one's life is perfect this side of heaven :)
    Hoping peace continues to root and grow in your situation.
    Your table setting is just beautiful. I simply can't get the "hang" of tablescapes no matter how I try.

  12. So sorry to hear of the hard feelings and hurt souls in your family. There is some of that going on in our family, too. I pray all of us heal soon.

    I have a little picket fence Easter basket just like yours! I've never found garage sale items like you, but maybe I'll catch me a jet plane and come out to California and go garage sailing with you. Love the silver and it lives up to its billing.

    Your Easter rabbit is so cute :D In fact your tablescape is prettier than the Pottery Barn ad I've been seeing. I love to look, but can't afford much there. Ah well, I have too much anyway.

    Hugs and your little Mele is priceless!

  13. Hi Mona, Your table is beautiful! Sorry there are some unpleasant things going on in your family but a family as big as yours it would be almost impossible to keep everybody happy all the time. Let us hope that whatever is their problem it will be solved soon and forgiveness will prevail. I hope your Easter is a blessed one.

  14. Hi Mona and little Mele is looking ever so pretty at this Easter time. Your table is gorgeous and I love your centerpiece too. I want to wish you and your family a blessed Easter.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  15. Your table is just delightful, Mona. I would feel so welcomed on Easter day. The bunny is the cutest with those big ears and I love your Noritake china. I have Noritake also and it is called Shanendoa. Love the little picket centre piece. How sweet it looks. I wish you and your family all the best this coming Easter and hope that the future brings wonderful things your way. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x6

  16. Your table is lovely...and all families go through difficult times...even the ones you think are perfect...they aren't. God still cares...and he hears your heart.
    Happy Easter!

  17. Your table is beautiful with all of your collected treasures. And I love all of the sunlight you get into your room! I'm so glad the bunnies got there safe and sound...and the stowaway chick! Enjoy this glorious weekend! I'm so glad you're my friend! Hugs, Diane ♥♥♥

  18. I adore that table Mona! Everything is cheery,charming and so me! And you too! hehe.
    That sterling silver story just amazes me...I am so envious on that deal of yours!
    I am so sorry for your family issues. I know many of us have them in one form or another but it sure makes life more difficult and sad at times too.
    Hugs friend and thanks for sharing this gorgeous table!
    Happy Easter,

  19. Beautiful table, Mona! Could the pattern be Mimi or Shenandoah...those are the yellow ones that come to mind.
    Happy Easter!

  20. Your Easter table setting is beautiful! Lots of love put into it! Hang in there my dear! Time heals and things do get better.

  21. So pretty and just perfect for Easter. I sure hope your family can work things out and prayer is the way to ease the pain even if it's just your heart that heals. I hope you have as lovely an Easter as all your table tops are! Enjoy the weekend!

  22. Hello Mona~hopping in to wish you a wonderful Easter.
    At this holiday I'm always flooded with memories of wearing fluffy dresses and petticoats with fluffy hair to match.
    One memory stands out... as a young adult when I wasn't able to return home for Easter. My sweet mom sent me an Easter box, which included dyed eggs...I refer to them as "died" Easter eggs. Snail mail produced a box accompanied with a foul odor. I still laugh hysterically when I think about the stink bomb going off when it was opened. Fortunately I was able to rescue the remaining treats from my box.

    Getting these small glimpses of your beautiful spring tablescape has me craving a weather change.
    I'm more than ready to welcome a fresh season of color.

    Sweet wishes,

  23. Hope your Easter is as special as you.

  24. Love your pretty Easter table! The picket fence box is precious and I really like your chair tiebacks. I hope you and your family will find peace. I've been in a similar situation and it is definitely difficult. But time has helped heal some wounds and I pray it will for your family also. Happy Easter...enjoy your day.

  25. Just gorgeous! What a happy table. Hope your Easter is as lovely as your table.

  26. You place is always so very charmin' and invitin'. 'Makes me just want to hop a plane and come see ya!

    Silly girl...'perfect families' do not exist. It's true, sometimes all we can do is pray.

    God bless ya sweetie and you sure did Easter up proud here! :o)

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