Monday, April 2, 2012


.....I can always find room for one more.
  This is the third weekend that has been a big 0 for garage sales!  The weather had contributed and it was a cold least for Southern California.

While driving around happened upon an Estate sale.  By this time is was getting later in the morning so Karen who I have met on several occasions,  let me have this lovely little Drexel table for half price.  $47.00 and to me it was worth it!

A close up of the detail. 

Everything you see on the credenza are garage sale items.  Everything else in this picture are also old and used items. 

Some little teapot crocheted coasters for daughter Maryalice.

I found these and everything else in this post, at my favorite "no good garage sale days" little store in the alley.  I can spend an hour in there just looking and finding goodies..Saturday everything in the store was 25% off!  LOVE it!
Did I remember to tell you that she is doing fine.  She is just about a mile from the beach and can see the ocean from where she lives.  It's little compensation for what they have been through...
She does not feel at home, she says, but that will take some adjustment.  She has a good lawyer who is listening.  She has done her homework..she and her wonderful husband  are  going to come through this..

A little old linen tea sweet in a basket or whatever...

This is a nice large tablecloth and the price was right.  I dearly love those lace tableclothes!

Faux violets so realistic looking I had to have them.. Perfect for keeping my favorite bunny company..

And this little heart shaped sun catcher of pressed flowers....I took a horrible picture of it..  The top of the glass heart is embellished with brass sweet in my dining room window.  It's heavy

The patio is a mess!  I am painting my patio table and chair a butter yellow...unless I decide it doesn't look right..then it might become apple green.  It will probably stay yellow.  Big..big..big paint job!
It's so horrible looking that I have nothing to lose. 
I'll show you what I am doing later...
See that froggy over there on the coffee table..yes..that one!   Well, the set will be that color!
Got a thing for butter yellow lately!

Lov'n hugs,

I am joining Marty's Table Top Tuesday~


  1. What a lovely visit to your delightful home. The table is wonderful. Plus instead of polishing silver you were washing and starching linen.
    It will take time for Maryalice to feel like it is home in her new surroundings.

  2. What beautiful table linens! And YOUR favorite bunny would be MY favorite bunny, too. The other one with the long, straight-up ears is sweet, too!

  3. How funny- I have had a hankering for yellow lately, too...and that is not my normal color choice. Must be the age. I love all your finds. That little table is just wonderful. I have a hard time passing up a table, too. I think it is a sickness! God bless your daughter as she moves forward with her new life. I know, firsthand, how hard it is to see that happen to a matter what their age! Blessings- xo Diana

  4. Hi Mona! Oh, look at all your wonderful things you find! I love the gorgeous table and it looks like your little vignette was made for it! I have my grandmother's olden tablecloth that looks so similar to the one you found. Love those little crocheted teapots!
    I can't find nothing around here. Since the hurricane of a few years back, no one has any good stuff to get rid of. :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. wow..what a great haul! the table fits in perfectly!

  6. I love coming for a visit and seeing all of the "new" treasures you've found for your home and family. Those crocheted tea pots are so sweet. I'm sure Maryalice will love them. I've been thinking yellow lately too which is really strange for me because I'm more the "green is my favorite color" lady. Enjoy your day.

  7. I love your new table. Wow, 'd say that was a steal. You don't have to do anything to it.
    I am loving those teapots.
    Your home is lovely, just like you.
    So happy that your daughter is happy, that has to be hard. Glad she has an attorney. Being near the beach will be healing.
    How are you doing?

  8. Hi Mona,
    I love all your table finds..the linen tea towel stole my heart..and the little Drexel table with the flowers. If you ever find them missing they are at my house...LOL
    Have a sweet day and Happy Easter!
    Big hugs, Elizabeth

  9. Such fun finds and I just love the table! All the things you find are so cute and lovely. Will you adopt me? Have a good day Mona!

  10. I think the butter yellow will look great with all the red touches ya got 'round there. Your place always is so charmin' and gives off warm welcoming vibes! 'Just like you!

    You find the coolest stuff truckin' 'round the sales. I know ya didn't buy him this time by my heart went all a flutter when I saw you little lop eared bunny. Ya know I've got a thang for 'em.

    God bless ya sweetie and have a super great day! :o)

  11. Are you sure you are not related to my GrandMother - cause all that lace sure reminds me of her. She had lace everywhere and made it all herself. I still have some of her lace hankies- Only one word comes to mind for your photos - simply ELEGANT my dear.....well, maybe 4 words :)

  12. I love that table, that is right up my alley.

    Your home is so amazing, and so just Mona. I see your heart in every piece.

    The thing about painting is you can always paint over it.

  13. I really need to come out your way and find me some good garage sells. I just do not
    find anything good around here.. I'm probably just overlooking...Guess I need to become
    a better detailed shopper..

  14. ummmm, love that table...great price, too.
    I also love Butter Yellow...and .....well.....butter ! :))

  15. Mona, always enjoy seeing your sale finds; mine usually come for the local thrift stores in the form of jeans and tops to wear. Your tabletop decoys and the lacy tablecloths are really quite lovely and such great bargains too. Enjoy the upcoming Easter holiday wit your family.

  16. Oh Mona, I love your table. I have been looking for a couple of pieces and furniture is so hard to find, at least anything that is pretty. Your table is stunning, such beautiful detail. I love your bunnies too, they are so cut.e Yes, I love Butter Yellow also, your patio furniture will be fabulous. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty


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