Saturday, April 7, 2012



 One time someone explained Jesus to me this way.  She said to picture an egg.  She said that some people in this world live life on the shell of the egg, while others live their lives in the white.  Still a very few live their lives from the yoke of the egg, but Christ, he lived his life from the center of the yoke.  His message was so simple.  Love one another....

  It made me wonder about myself and think about how I live in this world.   From then on I had a clearer understanding of Christ.  It made sense to me.  I think many live life at the shell level, lucky ones live at the white level..and some strive for the yoke of the egg...the ideal...but just ...imagine!  From the very center of the yoke!  What an impact he made on us!  How he blessed this world with his message.

The blessing of Easter to you. 



  1. Beautiful Mona, How rich our lives can be if we ask HIM into our hearts.

  2. What a beautiful story, Mona. I love it...and have never heard it put like this before. xo Diana

  3. I hope I never stop learning from HIM! Happy Easter to you!...:)JP

  4. Happy Easter. I just live and don't worry about anything other than, "How in the heck am I going to eat all these jelly beans!?!?"

    Happy Easter, Mona! Enjoy the day with your family!

  5. This is the best day of the whole year! Have a blessed Easter. Sandie

  6. Happy Easter to you Mona..I love this holiday and the message it brings to all of us... that this life is just the beginning.

    1. Mine is winding down. I have a few regrets but I probably would pretty much do a lot of it the same. Some things I would change..but all I can do is go forward and do my best to not repeat past mistakes.. You are right. It's a new beginning...

  7. Very interesting approach and very logical
    I like this post and this approach
    Thank you n Happy Easter

  8. I've used this as an object lesson in kids church before along with many, many others! Ya never know what Miss Nezzy is gonna pull outta her bag of tricks each week. I love to keep 'em guessin'...and surprised! Heeehehehe!

    God bless you my beautiful friend!!! :o)

  9. Mona,
    I've heard the egg used to explain the trinity. All one, but in three parts. Love reading your blog!

  10. Such a pretty post. Love that garden gate too.
    Have a fun weekend!


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