Sunday, April 15, 2012


..A pocketbook basket..

The rain has passed on...
and today was a beautiful Sunday in sunny Southern California.  We were off to the beach at Corona Del Mar just southwest of Orange County, or the OC as they now call it on television.  Newport Beach is lovely, but Corona Del Mar is my favorite with a little private beach in a cove with tide pools and rocks to climb on.  I forgot my camera in the no pictures but it was glorious!!
Poor daughter tried to save me from getting swept off the rocks..since I was wobbling all over the place..and she got soaked half way to her knees, shoes and all as the tide rushed in, it missed me and got her!
Bless her heart.  She loves her Mom!

We first went to breakfast at Ruby's which was delicious and then off to Roger's Gardens!  My first visit to a place I have always wanted to see.

I was like a kid in a candy shop..I flitted from display to ..

to display determinded to find something to take home...but..

We spent nearly two hours touring this garden/nursury and didn't see it all.  I didn't think of photo's (of course) until we were back at the front..THEN I snapped a few shots to show you.  Ah well...old scatterbrain here!  I wanted EVERYTHING!  Yes I did!! 

There were little "pocket book" planters shaped exactly like a purse.  I wondered if there were a real purse under all the moss..but no.  That couldn't have been.  I mean, could it??  No....

I think my sweet son in law was getting a little tired..Patient Husband and he found a comfortable corner with lovely patio furniture and sat in shade chatting whilest daughter and I continued to wander and dream. 

..I finally picked one of these...and then later took it back! :(

I kept picking things up..peeking at the price and gently sitting them down..trying to look casual..
Mary kept giggling at me...
Getting just a bit tired..oh wait...what is that I see over there... lovely!  But I want something that will last awhile..

These???  No...I can get these at home in Riverside...

Ok...the prices here are a WEE beyond me..but it was fun looking.
Example, we walked through the outdoor furniture area and I picked up a pretty pillow sitting on a pretty chair...$350!!  Time to leave this lovely place and return when money is no object!  I guess that is no time soon. 
So back to the front of the store..with three candles and two little cartons of tiny flowers for my bird cages..

This is just a tiny bit of what we saw.  I need to carry my camera around my neck!!

...then INSANITY hit me and this basket went into my cart!  Dear sweet husband didn't see the price or I might have walked home to Riverside! :)  It has now found a home on my front porch...
Isn't it pretty??  Yeah.  I think so too.  You would have bought it too, right??  Right???  :)  Can you tell I took this photo just moments ago?  It's dark out so I used my flash..but I was in such a hurry to show you...


Those hugs and kisses are cuz you always agree with me.. It's so nice to be understood!!  :)


  1. I, too, would have suffered from the same dilemma as you! I would probably not have bought the basket you did, but I would definitely bought something! And I would have 'hidden' the price away from my husband! And I would be enjoying it just as much as you are!

  2. Hi Mona,
    I finally got caught up on my blog reading here! Such beautiful pics, now how much was that basket my dear? hehe.
    I love your old lawn swing, your pics from Easter, and your lovely post about cottages!
    You've been a busy lady!
    I so enjoying reading your posts and I am so glad your my friend!
    Big Hugs,

    1. Awww...sweety! I'm glad you're my friend too! Have been from the first moment we chatted! :)

  3. Hi Mona, I understand completely. I would have wanted just something beautiful as well. I love the basket it is planted in. What a special day you had.

  4. Lovely garden to visit! Did they have a coffee shop there too? That would have made the strolling even more enjoyable! I would have such a hard time just looking....I totally understand how that planter made it in your basket to come home with you. We gals get that sort of thing! Enjoy your new flowers!

    1. Yes...they DID have a coffee shop there way in the back under lovely vines and the place was packed! This is the way they do it. They have furnished a nice place for a portable truck to pull up and park..but it is a really LARGE lovely truck..and the area is lovely with flowers etc.

  5. What a great day and lovely colours in your photos. I could have wandered around here for quite a spell. Our flower gardens aren't anywhere even remotely ready to open yet, as early spring and temps of "0" still haunt this part of Canada, however, I truly enjoyed the ride along with you. Thanks Mona and love the basket.

  6. Just shy of bookshop dreams are flower-market ones---colorful and promising and offering the sweetest of scents and sights.

    What a lovely journey!


  7. What a pretty place to spend time, even if a person doesn't buy anything at all... Just the flower surrounding you would put a smile on your face.

    What kind of camera do you have? Is it a small pocket sized camera? And do you have a neck strap for it? Just curious as always... :-))

  8. Hi Mona,
    Sounds like you had a terrific visit. Stories like these are what keep us enthused. We're still a family owned, local business and we are very passionate about what we do so it's wonderful when we hear that we are successful.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

  9. Well, of course. What price tag? I don't see one - guess it was free that day. Giggle. Husbands don't have to know everything.

    Keep shopping, sweet friend.

    Hugs ♥

  10. I hear ya sister, sometimes a girls just gotta have what's she's gotta have. It's OK if the guys remain's just better that way. Besides, I'd sure hate to see ya wear big old blisters on your tootsies walkin' back! Heeehehehe!

    That market looks like a place that I could move right in and feed my OCFD (Obsessive Compulsive Flower Disorder) Heeehehehe!!!

    God bless ya sweetie and have yourself a magnificent kinda day!!!

  11. I would have been walking around with my mouth hanging open catching flies there, Mona. What a beautiful gardening Heaven!!! Wow! It is amazing what some of these places charge for flowers, etc. We have a couple of those places here, too. I do go for the ideas and then recreate them on a less expensive level when I get home though. YOUR basket that you bought is beautiful...and, after all, what a nice remembrance of the day you spent with your daughter after she "saved your life"!;>) Blessings to you this week-xo Diana

  12. Oh oh oh........what a beautiful nursery that was! I don't think I've ever seen such beautiful flower arrangements before. I love the containers they used too. The one you bought is just gorgeous. I can't beleive that a pillow could cost $350!!! Are they crazy?? If someone bought it, then they've just got more money than they know what to do with. Ha! Thanks for taking us along with you.

  13. I would have been nuts in that place wanting everything I saw! They have very beautiful things and I never get tired of looking at them.

    1. Dear Jean...every time you leave a comment..I rush to answer you and ..there is NO blog! So..I shall start answering you here. Like you, I never tired of eyes were fine but my feet began to feel it a bit..and so did my pocket book. day I shall return. Thank you for stopping by and leaving me a nice comment. It's appreciated. :)

  14. OH Mona! I could go nuts in a place like that. Just looking at all those pretty flowers makes me want them. Sadly, nothing I plant here lasts because the rabbits just think it's a buffet! Hope all is well with you my friend.



  16. So pretty and the flowers you bought are really perfect for your porch. We have a nursery called "Green Valley Growers" and that place is huge, huge, huge...and the prices are small, small, small...a big planter with beautiful flowers is about $35...then around Father's Day they have a special sale and by the end of the week all the flowers are 90% off! That's when I go and buy like crazy! Big hanging baskets go for a few would have to bring a semi to cart all the treasures you find there!

  17. I have been avoiding the nursery because I tend to go overboard. I always love the combination them.
    Funny about the wave. Sweet daughter.
    Check out my post today if you want a good laugh.

  18. Hi Mona,
    What a beautiful nursery! I know what your mean about the prices of the hanging plants. Gary bought me one last year for Mother's Day and Oh my stars I couldn't believe how much it was! We could have planted our own hanging flower basket for half the price..LOL
    I loved your post on cottage's I was just dreaming right along side you..Awww so lovely and charming (A girl can dream).
    You were so sweet on your compliment's about my kitchen, we are really trying to dress it up (so I will love it) LOL
    Now you be careful climbing on rocks to take photo's, thank goodness your daughter was there..
    Keep safe and really big hugs, Elizabeth

  19. Sounds like a great day out...then a trip to the "candy" store. Perfect.

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