Saturday, April 14, 2012


Warm days were here for a bit..which put me in the mood to mess with that poor old lawn swing.  It's been painted and tweaked so many times now.  Worn old twin quilts, gone without a cover..and is now still wearing it's cover of an old worn out king sized bed quilt that used to cover my bed years ago. 

I did FINALLY made a slip cover for it...rather badly, but it works.  Sort of.  I dug out my lace curtains and "laced it up" for summertime naps.  It's one of my favorite places to read.

I DO love this shady little spot on a hot summer day...with the cool, cool flagstone floors...

IS there NO end to your projects...says "patient husband" trying hard to be patient!  "Nope" I says.
You see.. a can of spray paint is pretty easy (IF THE WIND IS NOT BLOWING!) and I have a shelf full of it.  All, brown, black, white, red, seveal colors of green..and lately my choice of color has been "Apple Green" ..

At least I THINK this is the color I want, and since I never was much for palm tree's..

...this is the fabric that will cover the chairs.  See the little green leaf, which matches the chairs perfectly, and little golden bumble bee??  Hmmmmm? :)  I hope it turns out cute.  (I hope, I hope!) 

 I have so many colors around this house already..a little "brick red" isn't going to hurt a thing.. and besides, it's in the it won't shock the neighbors and...I've had the material for several years now...

You have a wonderful weekend...ok?
Lov'n hugs!


  1. Mona- That looks like fun fabric to me. I am trying to use up some of my fabrics, too. I love that apple green color. It is fresh and fun for summer. xo Diana

  2. Oh I adore the fabric and it will be stunning on the chairs. Perfect with the apple green. How great this is going to be. Hugs, Marty

  3. Well..I didn't have quite enough material so the chairs at both ends of the table must be done in a floral fabric. I have a third fabric that hopefully will tie it all together and that is a tiny red and tan country check. I don't know. It's all garage sale material except for the one with the leaves and bumble bee' we shall see. I hope it is "stunning" but at this point..I have my doubts! :) The seamstress seemed so much.

  4. Mona,

    Your dashes of red add panache to all your home decor---especially that KITCHEN, which I covet.

    And the swing---just perfect and welcoming and lovely for any day of the year.

    I gotta go invest in some SPRAY PAINT!!


  5. My Dear Sweet Mona,
    Your garden swing is just a delight. I can see you both sitting out there sipping a cool lemonade in the summer. The fabric for your chair covering is going to be excellent.

  6. Oh how I want come sit with ya on that lovely swing. I can sure see why it's your favorite place to read...and for a summer nap!!! Just think, we could be real swingers! Heeehehehehe!!!

    I'm totally outta control here. 'Just helped work 76 head of feeder cattle...maybe the sun got to me! :o)

    Darlin', that brick read fabric is perfect for your chair. I amazes me what ya can do with a little spray paint and your creative visions! You are a sheer talent my friend.

    God bless and enjoy your beautiful weekend!!! :o)

  7. Oh.. that red fabric is PERFECT with the green paint on the chairs. I can picture you there this summer in that swing sipping on a lemonade and reading a steamy, cheap, paperback novel, LOL

    1. You want to suggest something? Not to forget I'm married to a Baptist Minister.. :)

  8. The fabric looks great and I love the apple green. I'll bet it will look great. Can't wait to see the chairs finished

  9. I think there's magic in those cans of spray paint...when I see what you've created it sure makes me smile and think:"Now why can't I do that?"...very cool! I love the swing and now I'm imagining taking a nice nap out there myself..looks very inviting!

  10. Hi Mona,
    I feel like I know you and your wonderful family just reading this post and looking at your sidebar. The weather in Northern California is still a little freaky. Rain, wind and pollen are the major things on the patio. Our swing will be back in service soon. Thank you for visiting My Cozy Corner. I'm a new follower and your blog will be on my sidebar so I can check up on your projects and family when you post.
    See you soon.

  11. Cozy n comfortable - like a warm den of comfort - Aah, this is lovely :)

  12. I love your outdoor area. It has such a sweet cottage look to it. Your swing area is wonderful! I like apple green too. It's probably my favorite shade of green. I even used to have an apple green kitchen!the fabric you're going to use on your chairs will be perfect.

  13. That fabric is so pretty. I love this area, Mona. Can I come read with you? It just looks so relaxing and heavenly!..Christine

  14. See, I knew just from your description of what you'd do with that fabulous old barn on Deanna's blog that I'd find treasure on yours. Give me a stack of books, a jug of ice tea and that swing and I'd be happy for days. Gorgeous!

  15. Hi Mona, looks like the perfect cozy spot for reading or just day dreaming! I love your apple green and that red is going to be perfect for your chair cushions. I never was one for palm trees either! Nice choice!


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