Sunday, April 1, 2012


Saturday didn't yield many garage sales due to the cold weather and the threat of rain, however I did spy a sweet little Drexel credenza at an Estate Sale..and got it for $47!  Half the price it was marked. 
I really want to do Table Top Tuesday so...I will show you my finds tomorrow.. :)

Is this determination and concentration...or what?! Every dolly must have a perfect hair-do..
Not sure exactly what kind of doll this is..but ...nope, not even hazarding a guess!

Baby girl Emily, is growing up faster than I want.  She does not live close by so it seems every time I see her she is at another stage in her development.  From new born to toddler to terrible screaming two's to a little lady that looks to Mommy for clues as to her behavior. 
How I wish Pat could have lived to see his Greats!  I like to think he does..

Your comments on my post about dreams and random thoughts, memories were so loving and understanding that I was able to finally cry and get rid of that ache in my throat that sometimes comes.  I cannot begin to thank you for such warmth as you have shown me.
Patient husband and I had such a nice weekend...found some great's always fun!  He found a book..I found a wee bit more!  :)



  1. What a beautiful sweet face your grand daughter has. No wonder with the mother and Grandma she has. I have a little grand daughter who will be 9 tomorrow. She is so special to me.

  2. My goodness, beautiful Emily is growing.

    Look forward to seeing your treasures.

  3. What a determined look your "Emily" has. Yes, children do grow and change rapidly when one doesn't see them as often.
    And just in case you did not know, those that we have had and loved in our lives just don't go. They become Guardian Angels
    to family members n other folk. My great neice had climbed out of her safety seat, while the van was going around a corner in the road.
    The van door opened and out she tumbled. By the time my neice had stopped and run back, Little Jessica was sitting on the corner of the road, laughing and putting her arms up in the air, with the gully behind her.
    Everyone was astonished - she had no cuts or bruises.
    My neice looked at "Mommy" and said "Gampy caught her" and set her down on the side of the road.
    Children and pets see things that we do not.
    I am sure You have Guardian Angels around :)

  4. Can't wait to come back and see the Drexel!!

  5. I'd bet my bloomers ya found a wee bit more and then some!!! Heeehehehehe! I can't wait to see your goodies and the your very creative way of showin' 'em off!

    That little precious princess of your is growin' more beautiful each and every day!!! I'm captivated by those beautiful dark eyes of hers!!! Pat does indeed live on through your kids, grandkiddos and greats!!! I sure you can see him and feel him in their smiles and actions.

    God bless ya girl and have yourself one glorious week now, ya hear!!!

  6. I think Pat sees those greats and watches over them~! What a sweet little girl Emily is. I think that is a BRATZ doll-lol What a name for a doll, huh? I hope you and your hubby have a great week- xo Diana

  7. HI Mona,
    She really is a gorgeous child! I just read your previous post too and it almost made me cry!
    So poignant and touching, reaching right into your heart.
    I have so many nights when I don't sleep well either so I know just how you feel.
    Your dreams about Pat tell of the great love story you both shared!
    He would be so proud!
    Hugs friend,

  8. Don't we love our estate sale finds? We went to one this weekend too. No big purchases, but always a little something to bring home and treasure.
    Your Granddaugher is a little doll. And yes, that is a Bratz doll.

    1. AHA! A Bratz doll! Ok. Sort of an odd looking doll but she really seems to like it. Thank you so much for complimenting our Emily! :)

  9. She's a cutie! I would have loved a doll like that when I was little. My Sister always cut the hair off my barbies! Enjoy your week!

  10. She is such a pretty little one! Hopefully you will get some of this sunny spring weather like we have had lately. It has been pretty great. Hoping to get some more rain though. Maybe we can trade weather. lol.

  11. We got rid of so much stuff when we downsized that I HAVE to stay away from any kind of sales!...:)JP

  12. She is just beautiful. I imgine you have a great time with her.
    we all need those cries from time to time. WHen you are missing someone you never know when those tears will fall.

  13. So very nice to meet you. I am your newest of many followers. Looking forward to getting to know you.
    Your baby girl is just precious. They do grow up so fast. I don't get to see mine that often either and when I do it's like they have grown a foot.
    Thank you for coming by my site and leaving me a comment. You ask me what a Blogazine Guest was..well I have always wanted to write a magazine because I feel like everyone has a story to tell and so I have my followers do a post anytime they want to and tell their story. One of my friends suggested Blogazine for the name so it stuck.
    Hope you enjoyed Sissy story. She wrote it during a hard time in her life she just lost her brother.
    Have a great week

  14. That looks like it might be a BRATZ doll! What a sweet young lady, so adorable. They grow up too fast, don't they? My grandson was 9 this past week and I can hardly believe it! Hope you and yours have a very blessed Easter.


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