Sunday, April 8, 2012


What a nice day.  We spent the day at a lovely beach at Corona Del Mar here is Southern California.   Cliff house, gorgeous streets with very old quaint little homes, all different, line the streets.  California's Coast Highway runs right along side of the beach not far from where we spent the day..
Me, my daughter Maryalice and her my Granddaughter, Ireland.  Sometimes I am amazed at how Irish my children look.  Yellow baby roses from daughter Maryalice! 

"WAIT, I'm not ready!"  I aways say that and no one ever listens!  :)
Ever notice how old people bundle up on days when everyone  else shirt sleeves? 

Sweetie pie smiled all day long...I am so grateful to have someone to watch over me..bless me whenever I sneeze and take pictures of  me when I am not ready!! :)

I had to show you my son in law's plate of food!  I made the potoato salad, baked beans and deviled eggs..daughter Mary made the cinnimon rolls with cream cheese frosting, french toast casserole, honey baked ham and egg and sausage casserole!  I have ham and deviled eggs in the frig waiting for breakfast!!  There were also a huge amount of deserts.  Homemade cookie all decorated beautifully, giant cupcakes, strawberry pie, fresh sliced oranges, berries, of all kinds and a couple of cakes.  It was beautiful! 

Dear son in law is a SERIOUS eater...and appreciates every single bite!!

Daughter Maryalice and Grandson Eian, hiking up the cliffs with the metal detector in search of gold!  (excuse me whilist I snicker a bit!)  We had two metal detectors and it kept everyone busy...when not eating ...

Little Emily read an Easter book in her bunny ears...

...blew bubbles...(with some help from Uncle Alex!)  Emily's little golden loop earrings were her Aunt Natalia's when she was a child and passed down to Emily.

...and hunted Easter eggs while Mommy photographed every single move with delight... 

We had a wonderful day in spite of the shadow that was always there.  It was a gorgeous day at the beach and one of the great things is that I got home with NO sand in anything!!  Now that's a first!

I hope your Easter was wonderful too!

Lov'n hugs,


  1. Hi Mona!

    It sounds like you had good food, good weather, and good company! What more could you ask for?!

    xoxo Bunnny Jean

  2. Mona- What a beautiful day you had with your lovely family. I have TWO son-in-laws that are both GOOD EATERS...One is almost a garbage I love the pictures of you and hubby. I hate having my picture taken and will go to great lengths to avoid I hope you have a lovely post-Easter week- xo Diana

  3. What a special day. Love the photos especially of patient husband. That is a real winner. The one of all three girls is one to put in the memory box.
    Love to you all. Hugs, Kay

  4. What fun, Mona! The food looks yummy! Looks like you had a fabulous Easter!...hugs...Debbie

  5. Looks like a wonderful day! How nice that you spent it with your loved ones outside and enjoying what appears to be beautiful weather. Lucky you!

  6. what a perfect easter you had mona!

  7. What a great day and what great food :-)
    Over here it has snowed a lot and 14F in the morning :-) Today however it rains mostly with some snow falls every now and again :-)

    Have a great day!

  8. What a wonderful outing with your family and how lovely the photos. We had a snowstorm blast through this region yesterday and much of our province is digging out today - and to think the temp was in the high 80's just over a week ago.
    Appetizing plate of food there Mona - we're off to a picnic by the bay.
    Cheers, Lilly

  9. Wonderful day with family sighs..I had my granddaughter her hubs and son over..ate like pigs ha ha!! Had a great quiet day..I cooked the whole dinner first time in 6 months I could do that YIPPEE!!I love ya my Dear friend and thought about you yesterday..Maryalice looks great after all she has been through..Hugs and love Gloria

  10. What a happy day spent with family! You are so beautiful...just like all the women in your family! And what a gorgeous setting! Will you adopt me? I could be your sister! Big hugs...sisterly hugs coming your way!

  11. Mona, it looks to me like you had a perfect day. The food looks wonderful and it appears everyone present enjoyed themselves. I've always hated having my picture taken and now that I've gotten so old even more so. Unlike you I'm not the least bit photogenic. You have a lovely family. Enjoy your week sweetie. Hugs

  12. Yes, indeed it was Mona. We have had two wonderful days with our offspring and theirs too. Lots of lovely food and company, just like you, except that our weather here in England is dull and rainy so we kept indoors!
    Your family always do you such credit, but it is nice to see pics of you and hubbie too. Yes, you are right about old people keeping warm. Why is that? My friend and I have a standing joke that we never go anywhere without a cardigan (cardy) on!
    Hop over to my Blog and see my grandson yesterday (covered in chocolate).
    Happy Easter to you all.

  13. Oh MOna it looks like so much fun. I thought those were metal detectors. I'm glad that shadow didn't ruin the day. You are all so beautiful. That little girl is beautiful beyond words. Love her dress.
    I used to be so cold. I was hoping that when I got hot flashes it would even out. Nope......I just get hot and I still get cold. I always take a car gets piled up with them as I usually don't need them.
    I haven't forgotten to answer your email......I suddenly got busy.

  14. Sounds like your day couldn't of been more perfect!!! What a beautiful time with beautiful family! You are truly blessed.

    God bless and have yourself an extraordinary week sweetie!!! :o)

  15. Hi Mona! What a wonderful day you must have had. The food looks so good and I always love seeing snaps of your beautiful family and YOU! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. The food looks fab and the day looked sunny and bright. How fun to spend it at the beach! I'm glad you had a good Easter. Your daughters are beautiful! and so are the little ones!

  17. I am so glad you had such a blessed Easter. sandie

  18. What a beautiful Easter you had, with your beautiful family. What a fun activity for your family to enjoy together. You are right, I think your girls have the Irish look, and the twinkle in their eye. My mom was part Irish and I call myself Irish too. My son and dil named their son with a Irish name. Your meal looks so good, I know it was delicious! I'm so happy I didn't miss this post.
    Hope you are having a great week.

    The French Hutch

  19. Hi Mona, I enjoyed reading this post so much. You truly do have a BEAUTIFUL family! It was fun to see the pictures with how your day was spent. Similar but different from ours. We had huge amounts of food too and an Easter egg hunt in our green grassy back yard. Love of family all around. That's the best, plus the knowledge Easter gives us of eternal life.
    Hugs, Donna

  20. What a wonderful day, Mona. Great food and great family. What a precious family you have. Your girls do look very Irish. Lovely!

  21. Hi Mona, belated Easter greetings and what a wonderful celebration with family at the beach. We were travelling for the holiday and enjoyed time with our family in New England. Thenfoodmplate of your son in law looked delicious..can you send samples?

  22. Nice pictures Mona!! What a fun day! We need to plan our next celebration!


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