Thursday, April 12, 2012


It's me, Mona.  In my fairy tale world, this is what I dream of...
I've wondered from time to time where I have gotten this need to live a certain way?  Why the colors I love more than others?  Why small and close suits me better than large and airy...  interesting how we gravitate to one thing instead of another.  I never wanted to live in a large home.  Not sure why this is, because I certainly needed one with seven young children....
I would love to live in a little roadside cottage like this...

or this...

I love this little wooden gate...

I would love to make a wish here and investigate what's behind that pretty gated wall..

I think I could force myself to make my home here...I do dearly love those windows...

To wake up in the morning with roses growing just outside my window lovely.

I believe I would have a spot of tea..and this wonderful lime cupcake....that daughter Mary makes...
...and maybe use this pretty tea set??  *sigh*

...and listen to the rain come down.

...and by the's suppose to rain all night tonight.  The wind is already kicking up outside.
We are having such a lovely Springtime this year. 
Sooo...what do you you think I need that tea set?  Yeah...I know...not really!

Luv'n hugs,


  1. Oh the tea set, why not? Daintily sipping tea and listening to the rain fall. You know, with the pinky finger out reached an all? The wind and rain sipping tea late at night makes one's imagination flourish of cottages and a warm fire in the fireplace. Have a wonderful night and sweet dreams.

  2. It's a very sweet post and I'm wondering if you would "SHARE" the recipe for your daughters LIME CUPCAKES! Oh They do look SO YUMMMMMY!!!
    Sweet Dreams from Conghaile Cottage,

  3. Of course you need the tea set!! If ever in this world there was a person who is suited to a cottage and tea by a lovely window, it is you! You may not have the may not have the window....but you can certainly have the tea set! And if you close your eyes tightly while you sip your tea, you will see the cottage and the window and you having tea with a neighborhood bunny or two! :)

    (Haven't seen you on my blog lately, have I offended you somehow??)

  4. Dear Mona, Well I'm lucky enough to live amongst those dear little cottages, if not quite 'in' one of them. However, they do have disadvantages as well as advantages too, of course. There are lots of creppy crawlies in the thatch of the roof and few of them can boast a damp course to keep the rain from seeping upwards. Still, they have lasted through the years and they look so pretty, don't they.
    We all need our dreams....

  5. Wonderful cottage. I can see you there.

  6. I love thatched roofs! Love your cottages too! Yes, that lime cupcake looks delicious!

  7. Che belli questi cottage!Amo anch'io svegliarmi e vedere le rose e ascoltare la pioggia!Sei una grande donna perchè ci vuole forza e amore a fare e crescere 7 figli e sei ancora una bella donna!Rosetta

  8. Love the new banner. I'll be your neighbor when you move in that sweet cottage. Love thatched you have to mow them, hah.
    Sure you need the tea set.....and I'd love a cupcake.
    Happy week-end.

  9. Oh, Sweetpea, I've been dreaming of exactly the same THING!! There's a gorgeous thatched-roof 'cottage' not too far from here, and it's some kind of healing retreat---apropos, I think.

    When we first moved here from our big house in the South, we lived in a one-bedroom apartment for a short time, then a two, and in both places, I dreamt often of looking up and seeing a door in one wall that I'd never seen before, and it would open into a vast other space which was SO welcome and airy.

    NOW, with this two-floors-of-house and years and years of STUFF, I'm having smaller dreams, of little gardens and side-nooks and alcoves, surrouding a charming small cottage under a snug, shaggy roof.

    Where would we be without our dreams.


  10. I think you should have whatever ya want sweetie. Your heart's desire and if ya want that beautiful little tea set...go for it girlfriend!!!

    I love those wonderful cottages too. It'd be like livin' in a storybook fairytale! 'Can't just just see the elves frolickin' in the yard!

    Now, what time is your tea party 'cause I have roses over at my place, if ya like 'em I'll brings a bouquet for the tea party centerpiece!

    God bless ya sweetie and have yourself a magical weekend!!!

    Dream on sister! :o)

  11. Oh- can I come and sit a spell with you? That is MY idea of a home, too. I dearly love each and every one of these beautiful little fairytale cottages. Beautiful post! xo Diana

  12. So nice to have someone feel the same as yourself.I could have written this post.We have the same love of small country cottages :)

  13. From what I've seen of your home on your pretty blog, I think you are living your dream! You surround yourself with lovely and precious things like that sweet tea set that I think you really do need! So keep on dreaming and keep on making each day a reality of those dreams. Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. I have cottage pictures hanging on my walls just like the ones you posted. Just where I have always dreamed of living too. I think the tea set would look lovely in your home and you would enjoy it so.

  15. I'd love to be in the Cotswalds, living in one of those thatched roof cottages! SSo charming..... And darn if that lime cupcake doesn't look simply yyummilicious. And yeah, get the tea set!

  16. The cottages are beautiful and I think I could see you in one of those. And I love the tea set - but that cupcake - yummy! sandie

  17. A magical home to retreat to, a special place to take you on a mid-spring's venture, while the rain falls down around you, sipping tea from that lovely set and munching on Mary's luscious lime cupcakes. Yep, I can picture that real well :)

  18. I think you need that tea set. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment today. I changed the size of my font...just for you. No one told me it was too small. I should have known with my own bad eyes. Thanks a bunch...B


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