Saturday, November 12, 2011


I do this.  I collect things.   Sometimes to the point of..wondering at myself. 
I have the first rolling pin I ever owned...and little cutting board. 
It's the rolling pins that I can't seem to stop collecting.  I've given some away..but still..
..more rolling pins.

Just one picture of this mess is all you need. 
I have this large triangular area behind my sink..that I can't reach and because of this every week or so I have to take EVERYTHING out and get a stool, climb up and clean.  It's filled with all sorts of cooking impliments..but..ROLLING PINS seem to dominate! 
Now dolls and Teddy Bears are different.  I DO need them!!  :)
Love and hugs,

P.S. would love to have new faucets..and a new sink..and new counters..but you know...these will do just fine!!   Besides I hardly ever bake any more, so??? 


  1. Thankfully my cottage is so small that there's no room for collecting things :-) :-)

    Have a great day!

  2. What a nice rolling pins! The one with red match perfect with your kitchen.

  3. I really love the display behind your sink. I have never seen anything like it before and seriously thought it was a deliberately staged photos hoot at first, till I read further. It is really rather eye-catching and unique and I think it fits perfectly with your home decor. I wouldn't change a thing! In regards to those hefty rolling pins, just don't use them to hit anyone over the head ;)

  4. Hi Mona,
    I Looooove your rolling pins. I have always wanted to collect them and have them hanging on the wall, although in Australia, they are fairly pricey so that puts a stop to me even starting. Keep them they look great.

  5. I think most of us collect things we don't really need. As for me, I need every one of the things that I collect. I have only one rolling pin on display. It's made of black marble and sits in a wooden holder. Your collection behind your faucet is most interesting.

  6. I think your little area looks great. The way you have your rolling pins and other utensils displayed makes an artful vignette.

  7. Wonderful display...if they could talk, what fascinating stories they would tell.

    Love your music.

  8. I love your collection of rolling pins..I've always wanted some to hang on a kitchen wall.
    Just think of all the pie crusts those have rolled out. :))) Wish I had a piece right now to go with my coffee. :)

  9. Your rolling pin collection and vignette looks awesome Mona!

  10. the rolling pins are just awesome! i too would love too have a "newish" kitchen..but mine will also do "just fine".

  11. I'm just the opposite and would much rather have the rolling pins than the dolls and teddy bears. I LOVE your collection and often have thought of collecting pins too. :)

  12. Nice collection of rolling pins, Mona!

  13. Hi Mona,
    I love your collection of rolling pins. I think you love them because they are so cute to look at. Your special place is beautiful and I would love to see that first and last thing of the day,

  14. Hi Miss Mona,

    Whew...I have been workin' all weekend with craft shows. M needed my help. And ya know what? Yesterday 2 ladies saw me sittin' in M's booth and they wanted to buy me. YIKES - I jumped off the stool and right into my cozy (SAFE) travel bag. I never even looked out till Dad came to help M pack up and bring us home.

    (Prudence's Mom speaking - ah, the life of the drama queen in my life. But it's true, those ladies really wanted Prudence.)


    Oh, Miss Mona, I almost forgot. M can make you a pair of L O N G legs so you can reach behind your kitchen sink., really, she can!

  15. I've never seen a kitchen tool That I didn't like so I know how you feel!! My cleaning would be cut in half if I didn't have so many "collections", lol!!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, Mona!!


  16. I like your collection. I agree about the teddy bears. It's hard to stop once you stop. Just don't start any new ones......he he.

  17. I think it all looks cozy and cute on your sink! Since you don't use them too much in baking, they do make a good weapon in case someone tries to steal a doll or teddy bear!

  18. I had a girlfriend visit me once and ask me why I had all this 'stuff' on my counter. I mean - where else do you put it when everything else is filled! sandie

  19. Beautiful. I love collecting. Your rolling pins are gorgeous. Honestly, I think if collecting makes you feel good go for it. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  20. Hi Dear Mona! I love your little triangle area behind your sink! And...I love all of your rolling pins! I have just one that belonged to my grandmother. It's wooden with green handles. I love it. I don't use it but I do use it to decorate with. I love seeing your collections.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  21. I love seeing your collections Mona and those rolling pins are adorable there!
    You have a great eye for decorating and you find such bargains that I say just enjoy!
    Hugs friend,

  22. Mona, Love the rolling pin collection and the container they are in. Have you ever seen the glass rolling pins? I think depression glass maybe.I figure it's really nobody's business what anybody collects. Your house is warm, inviting and you can tell a wonderful loving couple lives there.I only have 2 rolling pins but one was my Granny's.

  23. I adore your rolling pins. I have my mother's late 1950's rolling pin, but only use it for special occassions. My spare one is used most other days. There is something so cozy about wooden rolling pins. I love the way they feel. :)
    Have a great week.

  24. Oh what a great collection~I wouldn't change a thing...well maybe I would put them all in big transferware containers since I collect those! I bet a big old vintage sink would look great next to those pins~thanks for admiring my sink and my blog!

  25. Well, who the heck thinks ya can have too many rollin' pens anyway???

    I think your little nook is just perfect! You do a wonderful job puttin' your treasures on display sweetie.

    God bless and have a most beautiful day sweet friend!!! :o)

  26. Very nice to met you Mona. Your rolling pin collection is wonderful. You have some beautiful treasure. I just found your lovely blog. I am your newest follower. Won't you be a follower of mine and say hello. Enjoy the week-end...Linda

  27. Mona, I just bought some old rolling pins to start my collection! I love where you keep yours- behind the sink. I love the patina and color- aren't they fun to have? Happy Thanksgiving! hugs, Sue


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