Monday, November 14, 2011


This evening I decided to join Marty's table top party and realized how much I have changed over the past two years of blogging.  How much I have learned. 
Making a home is an art and each of us has our own style..our own twist.
But..we LOVE inspiration..

My Thanksgiving pumpkin pillow...just a few weeks of the year...

It's so easy when you don't entertain often to drift away from being interested in changing things in your home. 

Because of blogging I began to pick up silver serving pieces.  Here are some of  the things I have  picked up at garage sales.. 

I am taking much more of an interest in my table tops..and it has become a lot of fun.  The joy of collecting and changing things has spread to my daughters and my friends.  We chat about it a lot.
They in turn want to visit your blogs..and take a peek.

 These are my favorite Winter dishes...and I just added the creamer and sugar to my collection.

I am much more likely now to buy fresh flowers from our local Farmers Market which is just down the street from me.  OR I find them in my yard when they are in bloom. 

bj wrote of this in her blog just today, I believe.  The joy of splurging on fresh flowers. 

Cheery kitchen counter tops are fun..old things I have had for years have been dug out of boxes..and added..

rearranging my little kitchen shelf...

The discovery of Mosser glass and can be enjoyed throughout all the seasons...

...and setting a pretty Fall breakfast table...I might not have done this at one time.

All of this has become so  much more interesting when finding new ideas at places like  ....

Marty's TABLE TOP TUESDAY@ A Stroll Thru Life... to inspire me.
Better than any magazine you can buy...AND you can communicate with the women and sometimes men who do them.  Great huh? :)

Love and hugs,


  1. I have missed visiting you and love your family pictures in the side-bar. You truly DO have a beautiful family. I also like your decorating. love the little kitchen cupboard with the red & white enamel-ware and the red glass is stunning.

    I have discovered exactly what you said, some of the best ideas are found in the blogs of the many creative people I read!Who needs magazines...Well, actually, I do enjoy them, but there is immediate gratification if I look to the blogs.

  2. I love you ideas and decoration! If I have to choose my favorite part of your house,I would say The Kitchen! I love the colors!

  3. Dear Mona, I love the red and white kitchen self,it is bright and cheery plus a real feeling of home.
    Keep doing it.

  4. HI Mona,

    I'm so glad you visited my blog so that I could find yours. I can tell I like you just from this post...and we both love transferware!
    I have always said that if money were of no concern the one thing I'd splurge on would be fresh flowers...everyday, throughout my home.
    I LOVE your cheery kitchen to!

    Wow, you have seven children! AWESOME! My hubby and I have six. Not many of us who have big families anymore.

    Nice to meet you~


  5. Hi Mona,
    I love visiting your blog. It feels almost as if I'm visiting your home and seeing all of your lovely treasures. I wish I had your kitchen or at least the lovely things in it. My kitchen is too small to do anything to make it more interesting or attractive. Still I can dream, right? I love fresh cut flowers as well and would have them in every room in the house if I could. Have a great week. Hugs

  6. Stepping into that bright, cheery kitchen must make you get up singing out loud in the morning!

    What a charming home, and how graciously you share it.


  7. Hi Mona! Oh, I love seeing all your little decorated areas! Those red canister sing to me and I just love seeing your kitchen!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Lovely post today, as usual! Nice music!

  9. Very pretty! Love the pops of red!

  10. Hi Mona. You always have so many pretties to look at. I love the winter dishes with the covered bridge. Your reds also look so cheery. It is fun to change things around with the seasons. I know I get tired of looking at things just one way to long.

  11. I would love to visit your have so many beautiful, cute, interesting pieces and it's amazing that you got most of them through your Saturday expeditions!!

    I was always interested in making my home pretty and comfortable, but it wasn't until I started blogging that I found out how much others enjoy this, too, and as you can communicate with them! That's the icing on the cake!!

    Hope you are having a lovely day, sweet Mona!


  12. What a lovely table settin' and I just adore the way ya mix things up.

    I always enjoy droppin' by and seein' what you've been up to. It always makes me smile.

    God bless you dear Mona and have a marvelous day!!! :o)

  13. I love all of the red - it's just beautiful!

  14. I love the red canisters in your kitchen...they would go nicely in mine! I have 12 goblets I inherited from my Mother-in-law that would match the Mosser glass you have. Hmmm..we could be good friends! Nice table tops Mona, I think you have a wonderful talent for it.

  15. Hi Mona! I like your winter dishes too! They look wonderful in your cozy kitchen!

  16. Oh Mona, your home is always so inviting to visit. I love your silver pieces, fantasti collection. YOur breakfast tablescape is gorgeous, how fun is that and of course your little kitchen shelf just steals my heart. You always do the most fun displays. I got a giggle at your comment about my office. In this tiny little house I am just thrilled to have the top of the buffet to call mine. lol. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  17. Hi Mona, your observations about blogging are spot on. I always fluffed up my home but now I am much, much worse about it. It is a good thing I shop garage sales like you. I love your red dishes and red canisters. Thanks bunches for visiting Olive Out. hugs♥O

  18. I love your post today and I think you have some very nice dishes here.


  19. Hi Mona, it was so nice to hear from you! You've got so many nice pretties, I think we have a lot of the same taste in things! I always seem to gravitate towards anything red and cheery too! I could also go for some of those pancakes!


  20. Ohh! So many pretties, Mona! Aren't you glad you've begun pulling all those lovely things out again? I love your platter and your charming shelf filled with those beautiful red and white treasures. ;)

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  21. Hi Mona... I so enjoyed your little tour. You have some lovely things! I've been inspired by Bloggyville too... (and Pinterest) .... isn't it fun to peek at other chickie's ideas? Love your silver pieces. I need to find some of those lovelies for myveryownself. :-)


  22. Very well said, and you share such beautiful items from your home. I'm enjoying your background music too :)

  23. Beautiful, Mona! I love your breakfast tablescape! You are right...blogging has changed the way I do a lot of things around my home! Thanks so much for your sweet words! Happy week!...hugs..Debbie

  24. I couldn't agree more. I've always splurged on fresh flowers, but I had really gotten lazy with changing things around in my home. We moved and our kids left home at the same time, 8 years ago. My amount of entertaining dropped so much and I found myself not putting out the Halloween things or doing much for fall. I still went crazy at Christmas, but even that tapered off a bit when my daughter moved out of state and Christmas was no longer at my house.

    Blogging brought me back to who I used to be...only maybe a bit better because I could learn things from so many talented people!

  25. Hi lovely lady.
    Your tablescape for breakfast is truly beautiful sweet lady. You are a teblescaper keep up the great work "" I also love your gorgeous Silver Pieces, your back ground music is great Mona.
    I would like to thank you so much for your sweet comments on my new Tablescape. as you can see I love Red.
    I also hope you have a great week with your sweet family.
    XXOO Diane

  26. Hi Mona.... let me see, i love that shelf with all the red... I love your winter dishes. My MIL has a set of the dishes and I have always enjoyed them. I think you have everything looking quite lovely.

  27. I'm gaga over that beautiful scalloped, crackled plate with the cherries etched on it. So very pretty!

  28. Oh, I do so agree that bogging brings out the best in us. :))
    xoxo bj

  29. Oh my, what a fabulous post! Your silver is exquisite, I love your reds in your awesome kitchen, I love the sunflowers and your tablescape is gorgeous!

    Happy Day!

  30. Your fall table is beautiful, Mona, and your breakfast looks so good. I am wanting pancakes right now! I love your vignettes, pretty pillow!....Christine

  31. You are so talented, Mona! Your decorating skills are enviable. I love seeing pictures of your beautiful, cottagey home. It exudes all the love you invest in it! It must be such a treat for anyone who visits you in person.

  32. Greetings From Southern California

    Wow! Everything looks great! You've learned a lot in the past two years.

    Take care Mona and have a nice day :-)

    Thanks for your recent visit to My Blog


  33. I have just discovered your blog,and I absolutely love it. Could you tell me the company who made the beautiful cake plate in your Nov. 14th. post? please-

  34. Mona,
    I love your favorite winter dishes too! And I have the same silver Coffee Pot. Happy Thanksgiving! Pat

  35. P.S. I am following your blog now. Pat


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