Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Not anymore.

I think I'm done decorating.  Well, almost.  It seems that making the season's
come alive is an ongoing process.

I change things..putter around, take away, add, and it's not that I am not satisfied,
It's just that it's fun.  I know that you know exactly what I mean!

This large brass candlestick was a Saturday garage sale find.  This one is not going to get painted.
The is a little lever that raises and lowers the candle.

This small one was also found at the same garage sale.  I bought both of them for a dollar each.
SUCH a deal! 

A closer view of my painting.  That artist did not have anything on ebay this year.  I am thankful I have one of her pieces.

Zelda is new to my collection this year too.  LOVE this Witchy poo...love her!
M. Crow is from last year.  These two bonded..so I keep them together. He seems to want to watch out for her, help her across streets, that sort of thing.  It's understandable.  :)

..c..c...c...candy!  Oh well...

These two hang out together too...(where'd the Fall leaves go?  Oops..on the floor.. :)

Just pretend the bottle of Windex isn't there...ok?
I would do it for you... :)  The shawl was a gift. 

Love and hugs,

I want to thank our hostess Marty @ A STROLL THRU LIFE for this fun meme. 

I am now SEVENTYFIVE YEARS OLD as of this Saturday and have entered the Winter of my life. 
No big deal, but I am sort of proud I'm still here and more than that
I am truely grateful!


  1. Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all of us.

    Miss Mona,

    I LOVE Zelda, she looks like a nice witch. I wouldn't be afraid of her.


  2. Mona, best wishes for a wonderful Birthday.
    I love that big painting. It give a wonderful effect.
    Granny and Wilbur

  3. Beautiful!! I see my Hubby's favorite...candy corn.

  4. Happy birthday Mona, do something special to celebrate the occasion. I love all of your decorations especially the witches. I've got a few of those hanging around here too. They're great company aren't they?

  5. My goodness......we share the same birthday. Happy Birthday. You make 75 look so good. Hard to believe. I hope I am half of what you are when I turn that age.
    Love all your decorations. A
    ge is just a number, right.

  6. Love your decorations, but especially that handsome kitty!

  7. your dinning room is simply awesome!! you have a great eye when it comes to decorating!!
    love it!

  8. Happy birthday, Mona!

    The candlestick is wonderful. Good design always evolves.....moving things around is a good thing.

    Happy Tuesday!
    Barb ♥

  9. Your falling leaves look great. Love the candle sticks, what a deal. Thanks for stopping by, Richard from My Old Historic House.

  10. Hi Mona, thanks so much for coming by and leaving such sweet comments. I love your decorating and I really like those glass jars with all that candy. What a great idea for decorating! Everything looks wonderful. I love fall too. For some reason I really enjoy it the most out of all the seasons.
    Have a blessed day.

  11. My dear friend, you are always welcome and I would be so happy if you knocked on the door, even if it was in the middle of the night. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  12. Happy Birthday Mona! You may be 75 but you have a joy for life and it shows in your home and your writings. Never change! Love the cat and all your Halloween goodies! I am afraid the jars of candy at my house would never make it long!

  13. Firstly, HAPPY 75th BIRTHDAY! Remember, you're actually only 65, since 40 is the new 30, 50 the new 40 and so on! So you haven't even reached your Autumn yet and still have a long way to go till you get to your Winter :)

    Your Autumn decorations look marvellous and I definitely didn't see any Windex in any of these lovely photographs, even though I zoomed in and used my magnifying glass. I love your sense of humour :)

    Big hug! xoxo

  14. Lovely Decoration! Lovely House!

    Love you!

  15. OK ... those candy jars are the absolute cutest!

  16. Oh darlin' we let your birthday slip by!!! Shoot it all to thunderation!!!!


    Ya may be 75 in number by girl, you are young at heart where it truly matters!!! :o)

    God bless you and you home look incredible sweetie!!! :o)

  17. First: You are not 75!!!??? You look marvelous darling! Fall is my fav time so Happy Favtime Birthday! I love that painting...I have many witches also and I might have to do a post about them. I'm always changing things around too! I knew we were Halloween kindred spirits!

  18. Happy Birthday sweet Mona! Your home looks wonderful!!

  19. I took one look at Zelda and had to come by to meet her. What a cute witch! Your cat and other witch are equally as charming. ;-)

  20. Happy Belated Birthday Mona!
    You look so darn good!
    And your decor for Autumn and Halloween is so wonderful! Love it all, great looking table too!
    Thanks for coming by to visit me, I am always so happy to hear from you!
    P.S. do you get changing colors on the trees where you live? Just curious. Oh, My Mom and you share the same birthyear! It's a good one!

  21. Happy 75th, Mona....I will be 74 in December and have considered myself as being in the Winter of my life since age 70. Like you, I am so thankful to still be here, enjoying my family and my life.
    We both have a lot to be thankful for...:))

    Love all your fallish things...looks so pretty.

  22. I love your decorations so very witchy. thank you for your visit and comment to my blog. I am happy I was able to find you and your lovely blog.

  23. Hey darlin' did ya know you deleted you comment over at my place.

    I thought since there was only one, it might of been an accident.

    Just sayin'....

    Have a beautifully blessed day sweetie!!! :o)

  24. Belated Very Happy Birthday wises, dear Mona. I hope that you and your family celebrated this wonderful occasion. You bring such joy to everyone and derve much happiness in return, Your table decorations are. We do not decorate for all the holidays/seasons so thanks for sharing yours.


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