Friday, October 7, 2011


 "Hon, I was wondering if maybe you mind.."

 "Mele???  never mind.."

 You see..when Patient Husband finishes putting up this little picket fence I bought at a garage sale..then mows the lawn and feeds the poor thing...the lawn that is.
I thought the corner of the yard would be a wonderful place to add front of our rather messy tree.  Keeps Mele from "hunting" back there..and looks kinda cute.  :)

The fence is painted a very, very pale green.  Lovely... :)

 ..these wonderful metal baskets came tied to the fence, ALL for five dollars and ALL in perfect condition!  Good deal?  Yeah, I thought so too.

 Fall is on our patio...and growing...

 He deserves to nap...after all..he did a lot today...

I am joining Tootse for Fertilizer Friday...(LOVE that meme!)
Hugs, Mona


  1. Oh! I do love this blog. Your garden looks divine.
    Your patio looks even better. What a man.

  2. 'Just perfect my dear Mona. Ya now have a 'white picket fence for your beautiful cottage. It truly pops in front of that tree.

    Now, go give that man of yours a big old squeeze!!!

    God bless you my lovely and have a wonderful weekend enjoyin' the fruits of your labor!!!

  3. so very lovely! good job to your DH!
    have a wonderful fall weekend!

  4. Love the fence, looks like it has always been there...let poor Howard nap a little longer!

  5. What a wonderful find!!! Your garden is beautiful and your decorations are great.

  6. There is nothing like a bit of picket fence to add a cozy touch to the gardens! Love the pale green, too!

  7. Oh the picket was just meant to be there! So cute. Good deal you got too.

  8. Your guy deserves a rest! My guy usually takes the nap FIRST! (I guess he doesn't understand the concept!! lol!)

  9. Every cottage needs a picket fence - and you've found the perfect spot for yours. I love the photo that I'd entitle "Sleeping Hubby - Well Earned Rest".

  10. Love your fence and your pretty deck:) Sooo pretty:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  11. Ha ha that post fits mine today. I did a post about sleep!

    Love the picket fence. It's gorgeous and looks so good in front of the tree.

  12. What a lovely picket fence and you so picked out that perfect and charming spot for it! I'm sure you are full of joy, I would be!


  13. The fence is beautiful! I just read the haunted mirror post....I love it! Perfect for October and very spooky!

  14. Mona, after reading your profile, I think it is very symbolic that you now have your cottage with a white "picket fence."It sounds like you have had some rough times but I'm so glad that you are happy with a sweet hubby and big family. Isn't
    it a good feeling when we triumph over adversities? Have a wonderful week.
    Oh before I go, the comment about the ceiling fan was due to the fact that the decorators on HGTV remove every ceiling fan they see. They think fans are ugly and should be abolished from the earth. hehe. -----------Shannon

  15. You are so good at finding just the right addition for the right spot, Mona. Everything is looking lovely! So glad you allowed hubby and Mele to sleep after all their hard work. Hope you had a nap, too!


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