Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I've been teased a lot by family..and sometimes friends, but only a bit.  Just a bit. 
I admit, I DO LOVE TOYS!
The holidays are when children are focused on and perhaps that is why I love our seasons and the holidays so much.
And...I had a huge family and lots of celebrations...birthdays etc. 

 Recently I came across this little tea set by Brambly Hedge on ebay.  It was a Pottery Barn special edition.
It went perfectly with my new little child's table.  (Thank you, Bea and Cliff!)
Bea and Cliff have an ebay auction site..and upon request they spent months finding me just the right little's perfect. 
I have never met these folks personally, but we have chatted on the phone, written many emails and been good friends for ...about seven years now.

 Tiny Flopsy Bunnies...
 Pink, green, yellow and blue....
 Jamima Puddle Duck
 Sometimes you just gotta have that "something" you really shouldn't buy...but..

...let the leaves fall where they may! 
That's what I say!

Does this ...qualify for "Tablescape Thursday?"  Hmmmmmm??  Guess not.. :)

A child at heart...

I think I will go ahead and join Susan @ Between Naps On The Porch.  She probably won't mind.
She is just as nice as she is goes...


  1. I heard a psychologist say the other day that we'd all be much happier if we released the child within us more frequently. I soooo believe that's true.

    What child or child within wouldn't love havein' a tea party with that beautiful set???

    I love that your child within shines brightly my dear sweet Mona! :o)

  2. Oh Miss Mona, I love the bunny tea cup. If I come for a visit can I have my honey & tea in that pretty cup?

    Heaps of Hugs

  3. I think we all have a child hiding within...cute tea set.

  4. So cute! I bet the neighborhood kiddos would love to come and visit with you...I wish I were your neighbor! Have a fun rest of this week!

  5. I love it know I also love al childrens things even old clothes..How are you doing my dear friend..Got my staples out today and feel so much better like I can move my arms now ha ha!! Love ya girl Hugs and smiles Gloria

  6. I think this is the perfect tablescape..
    It's fun to still love those things that bring us happiness...
    Blessing sweet lady.

  7. Mona, that little tea set is just so, so beautiful. Think of all the magical times you will have with grand children, tea party's and teddies.
    I would have, had to have as well.

  8. I love Beatrix Potter...that little tea set is wonderful...I know just how you feel...I too am a girl at heart....blessings

  9. Just the title "Brambly Hedge" reminds me of the little creatures and cozy times of "Wind in the Willows" and other bedtime books. And the tea set---that would take the heart of even the GROWNEST grown-up!

    Something about the small things, the pastels and the wee sweetness of the childhood things calls to us all, I think. And some of us show a lot more OUTER CHILD than others, and I think that's splendid.


  10. What a wonderful tablescape, Mona! I think many of us are drawn to beautiful toys, but not all of us have beautiful collections as you do. Have you ever visited Jeri Landers' blog Hopalonghollowgazette. If not, I know you would love it. You need to go back through her archives to see all the magic she creates.

  11. Love the little tea set, and I think it DOES qualify as a tablescape! Just as much as my hutch display that I shared at Susan's party this week!

    I took some time to look back and see what you've been up to. Had to laugh about the napping husband and of course I always love seeing little Mele :)

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

  12. Mona, it's the child within us that keeps us feeling better, so keep on enjoying and so will all of us.

  13. Hi, Mona! Thanks so much for stopping by my post and your sweet comment! Funny that we would both of our posts would be a child's tea party. I love your post, and your tea set, and the darling little table, and the picktures of your family. I'm a follower now!

  14. Oh this is just too cute, Mona. Can I come play with you? LOL! Anyway, please come by and sign up for my giveaway...Christine

  15. Absolutely NOTHING wrong with being a child at heart. It keeps us young and happy!!! There is always some crazy adult thing we have to deal with, so when we have a chance to do something that brings back the spirit of our youth, I say, "Go for it!" Great table, Mona! It totally qualifies for TT!!!

  16. What a pretty tea set and let's have a tea party! We can be ourselves with our childlike qualities! I'm up for that! Great post!

  17. Absolutely beautiful cups and saucers. I love all the pretty whimsical tea things that come from England. I worked for British Airways for 13 years, and on my countless trips to London I would search for the best prices on Royal Daulton's Brambley Hedge and Wedgewood's Peter Rabbit collection. I would purchase them for family gifts, and I even started collecting them for my children, before they were even born. That is how much I'm in love with it all!

  18. Looks at all of your pretty things! I would feel right at home coming to tea with your dollies! That's the most beautiful tea set and I love your precious doll in the background! Great photos! ♥


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