Sunday, October 2, 2011


I hate it when I fixate on something..cannot get it out of my head and DO NOT need it at all. 
Yes, I know I have said this before..but..this was really...silly.

I don't have a baby..and I already have a little doll high chair..cradles and just that sort of thing..but..I am beginning to believe daughters when they say "Mom, that's crazy!  You don't need that!"
They are right. 
Katie dear, Grandma is sending you a package!
I found this little highchair for a baby at a garage sale..for $35.00.
I balk at paying more than a quarter for this was difficult. 
I passed on it at first...then went back..and bought it.

Have you ever seen a high chair like this one?  I never have.  I tried to find one on line and had no luck.  I would love to know the history of it.
She was asking $40.00 but took $35.00 and I didn't try to go any lower.  It was worth it!
Very heavy and sturdy.

I came across this American Girl doll and three sets of clothing, little hats, a whistle, shoes, stockings, and books of her adventures.  It's a bad photo as it really does not do her her little velvet hat with it's streamers down the back, do not show up..nor do the sweet little outfits.  Even tiny wooden clothes hangers.
Anyway..I know she is a costly doll and I will tell you I didn't pay a lot for her. 
I wanted her as a gift..and she is nothing I could normally afford.

I passed her up on Saturday, but went searching for the house again today..and found her.  What a deal.
She was $40.00  and for this doll..that was not much at all. 

A doggie bowl.  Great quality.  50 cents.  (thank heavens!)

And some linens.  A beautiful tablecloth with napkins, very 40's, $1.00, a pretty new cherry dishtowel of heavy cotton that I can use for lining dishes when serving rolls..or many uses, 25 cents.  NOT to dry dishes...AND a stack of lovely soft yellow new for just $1.00.  My favorite things to find.

This little book will be a nice Valentine's Day decoration.  25 cents. 

I also bought a beautiful piece of picket fencing...wonderful heavy wood..which I will show you on Friday.  The price will surprise you.

This...was an expensive Saturday...and I admit it.  But...what the heck.  Children are grown, I donate, and I am having such a good time. 
That's what lifes all about..or supposed to be.

Oh...shoot!  I meant to tell you..(forgot to get photo's of it!) but I found a fantastic little OLD typewriter in MINT condition for my daughter #3 Maryalice..and she was beside herself with joy.
And....I found an adorable little basket with hand carved egg shaped balls inside with something that rattled in each one.  They were all hand decorated..and we have NO idea what they are.  Daughter # 2, Erin got that for her little home.

What a fun day Saturday is!  A treasure hunt.  You really must see how cute the fence looks..and more.

Ok.  I'm done.  Falling on my face trying not to sleep.  So..
have a wonderful week and I will see you in a day or so.

Hugs and love,

You GOTTA see my fence...and what came with it! :),


  1. Sounds like you hit the jackpot!

  2. I can't wait to see your fence!!!!!
    What a lovely day you had. I love the high chair, and yes I'm not young and I have a doll in it, as well as bears and things around. I say to my girls, It's my house and I can do what I want in it.

  3. Anything that gives you joy is not silly sweetie. That is some buy on that beautiful high chair. Your great finds always amaze me sweetie.

    God bless ya and enjoy all your 'treasures'!!!

  4. Mona you find the best yard sales! I figure if you enjoy something and love it why should anybody else care as long as you are not hurting anything? Keep your treasures!

  5. Great finds! You did a good job. No matter what your daughters' say, it's your house, your money, your rules!

  6. Its so hard to pass up such beautiful things....a very good price for the doll and accessories...your baby looks so happy in her new highchair....blessings

  7. Who says we can't have things we don't need :-) :-) :-) But it is a very cute high chair and I've never seen any like it.

    I do look forward to see that type writer. Old type writers and old sewing machines is something I like and have some of, but I can´t use any of them :-) :-) :-)

    Have a great day!

  8. What a lovely blog! It's like a retreat. You have a lovely family. And the way you designed your blog definitely indicates that you have great taste.

  9. You have much better sales in California then we do here where I live in GA. Loved the white high chair.


  10. You got a great deal on that American Girl doll. I bought two about 8yrs ago for a couple of my Granddaughters and believe me they were much more than $40! Good job! Love the linens too...that's my weakness when thrift shopping...

  11. Oh my goodness, Mona. I would love to go shopping with you. I love the high chair and the doll and that tablecloth was only $1? Great finds!...Christine

  12. You had a great day! The high chair is totally awesome! It really is your BEST buy ever! Love the doll with clothes! I could not have passed that up! And I love old linens! We would have had fun shopping together! ♥♥♥

  13. A couple weeks ago I hit a fab yard sale but WOW did you do good, Mona! And, the high chair is fabulous. Love that doll, & boy are they costly. Send those yard sales our way, pul-EEZ!

    Love your gizzard share ...

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~

  14. Mona, couldn't agree more that yard sales and thrift store shopping are the most fun when you get a bargain. And, for me it's not only great to get a deal, but then to give it to someone who will enjoy it. You sure found some great treasures.

  15. Its so hard to pass up such beautiful things, a very good price for the doll and accessories, your kid looks so happy in her new highchair.

  16. Hi Mona..
    I always enjoy seeing the bargains that you find and I must say, you find some good ones. I so much enjoy Marty's TTT. Isn't it a lot of fun...
    Blessings today and sweet hugs..


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