Wednesday, September 28, 2011


...and first I want to thank Diane @ Lavender Dreams for featuring my dolls on her post today..
What a sweet, sweet thing for her to do!  She understands me...she is also a lover of dolls.
Thank you SO much, Diane!

...and my time with the lovely old wooden wagon  is over.  It went back to it's original home. 
My daughter, though she would deny it, I think, was very happy to look out her front door and see it parked in it's usual place. 

So..maybe no old wooden wagon, but this will have to do.  I like it.  I mean it IS  a Radio Flyer after all.  Maybe it doesn't have the same character holds the pots..and pumpkins...and everyone is happy..

Briefly :) ....  ok..not so briefly...I was in my little truck and on my way Sunday to pick up my little doll carriage..when there, right in front, next to the street was this lovely little wagon.  RED WAGON!!
Sweet neighbor from across the street, with precocious  little girl,  said "don't stop! They ask way too much for their things!  I've been there!  They're much too high!"
So on we drove.
On the way back, as we approached the same garage sale, again I say "I'm going to stop and check out that wagon..."   Again my friend said " It's a waste of your time..I'm telling you!!" but being a curious person and having learned the hard way to just ASK..I pull over, turn around and park the! 

Everyone piles out and I head for the wagon, my friend heads in a different direction. 
I ask about the little red wagon and the woman says "$20."   Quick as a wink I hand her the money, not even bargaining, and walk off pulling that little red wagon.  I usually bargain a bit but fair is fair and I KNOW the price of these...and it isn't $20.00, believe me! 

My friend sees me pulling the little red wagon, bless her heart, asks how much and then says..."WHAT???"   We had a rather quiet ride home.. but then a bright orange house caught our attention ...and the day got back to normal.  Yep, a very bright ORANGE house!  I will have to snap a photo of it. 

Ah well.. :) next time she will probably stop and ask.  I learned this from Patient Husband..and now I am glad I listened to him.  One never assumes ANYTHING when going to garage sales..


Mele: "Um...Mom...this Teddy Bear??  She has socks on!!" 

Oh, she does.... :)

 Mel has appointed herself the watchdog of our back yard..and has decided to keep an eye on Abby even if she DOES have socks on! 
Mele is either in under my chair, trailing me from room to room, looking out the front window, or under my computer chair as she is this moment.  I can reach my hand down..always..and touch her soft fur...
Love and hugs,

P.S. I've been no uncertain terms, by folks who know, such as Prudence at The Bears Blog) that BEARS DO NOT WEAR SOCKS!   Ah well.. :)



  1. They do if their paws are cold! Or they are desperately in need of a Pawdicure??


  2. Mellodee, that is my thought exactly! A Pawdicure?? LOL But of course. Great answer!!
    So..Prudence and Joyce, did you hear that. Perhaps a Pawdicure is next! Oh..hahahaha! Oops! Someone doesn't think it's so funny! :)

  3. Bears wear socks at your house and that's just fine.

  4. Miss Monaaaaaaaaa,

    Socks? Again, the issue of socks on bears? Hm, okay, let's do it this way.....when did you see a bear with socks on? Tapping my paw on the floor, waiting for an answer....

    (Socks, teddy bears, like water n oil)

    Heaps of Hugs & I like your red wagon. Are you gonna take Abby for a ride? I would think you would have done that BEFORE you put the yucky flower pots in it. )o:

  5. I believe that little Red Flyer wagon is not only a steal but a great addition to your new red digs!!! It looks spactular...not doubt it was just sittin' along the side of the road waitin' for ya sweetie!

    My many bears need some sockies this mornin' here in the Ponderosa holler. Burrrr, I know I've got mine on! Heeehehehe!

    I love that Mele'..she's such a cute little ball of fluff!

    God bless you beautiful Mona and have a terrific Thursday!!! :o)

  6. I'm a sucker for a pretty Radio Flyer wagon. It's perfect!

  7. Love your red wagon filled with fall! And WHO says Bears don't wear sox! Obviously yours does!

  8. Prudence is not happy with me right now either...too many dolls, not enough teddy bears! heehee I was honored to feature your beautiful dolls on my blog...everyone thought they were mine though! Love your post and your 'new' wagon! Enjoy your day, my friend! ♥

  9. The red wagon looks great with the pumpkins and mums. I'd say you did good. As for bears wearing socks I was told by the same bear that bears don't wear clothes. Try telling Bellamine that. Now because she's read this post with me she thinks she needs socks. She's already insisting that all of my bears need winter hats and sweaters or at least scarves.

  10. I'm loving this wagon full of fall joy.

  11. What fine wagon!
    Mine isn´t that good looking but I'll try to remember to take a photograph of it thisweekend :-)

    Have a great day!

    I can´t post a comment here on open ID any longer so I´ll try some other way :-)

  12. Oh yes, that wagon was a good buy! So cute!!! Your home is always decorated beautifully! Mele is doing a great job looking adorable, Mona. Socks are perfect on anything, too!


  13. WHAT? Miss Mona, Miss Lavender Dreams & Miss Maddyrose - you are all ganging up on me? Me - Prudence Clearwater, me? ME? Aren't I part of your Hug? Huh....waiting, tapping my paw on the floor. Well?

    Okay, let's close our eyes and think back when you last saw a bear in nature - what was that bear wearing? NOTHING. JUST FUR!

    I don't think I would want to be within 100 miles of some nice, sweet lady trying to put socks on a black bear. Nope.....

    I rest my case.....


  14. OK about these socks.Never do I wear socks, because I'm a very adventurous bear, I wear shoes but not socks. The shoes are for protection when climbing trees and to stop me slipping when on that terrible Gym. So Dear Prudence I understand you not wanting to wear socks.
    Abbey do your toe nails want cutting is that why you have socks on???????

  15. Oh, yes...the wagon was well worth the money and I love how you have dressed it up!! Gorgeous!!

    And I think the socks are adorable!


  16. I love the wagon. I like it better than the other cute one you were babysitting for your daughter! Now everyone is happy...except maybe the bear.

  17. Just came by to ask how Sandy is doing?

    Love your cute wagon. I gave our first grandson a red wagon for his 1st birthday..(he just turned 21) and I still have it. I will get it in good order and give it back to him when he wants it.:)
    I love little red wagons.
    xo bj

  18. If Bears don't wear socks how come they are wearing dresses and hat and coats and all sort of things? Bears here this morning would need their socks on! Isn't Mel just the sweetest little thing? A friendly little fluffy ball of love! Love the red wagon and kudos to the antique baby stroller! You go Mona!

  19. Mona, it never hurts to ask as you showed us with getting the little red wagon and it does look right at home surrounded by your lovely flowers. Bet your friend is sure wishing she had asked first. Enjoy the weekend!

  20. Wow! the Radio Flyer is so cool! and Mele is cute too. :)

  21. Hi Mona! Oh little Mele is so pretty and she loves the teddy! :) I think bears get cold feet and I'm your this little girl is so proud to have her tootsie covered up! :) Your little red wagon is so cute! I love it. I always wanted one when I was a little girl! :)
    Now has your young neighbro started discipling her little girl yet?
    Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  22. Oh my goodness Mele is just as cute as she can be.. would love having her following me from room to room. Miss Scooter follows Mr. P that way all the time. I'm glad you stopped and got your wagon... haven't seen any around here for Years!!! Your flowers are gorgeous sitting in it.. Now.. about the bear with socks.. darling I think it's great your bear has socks , now she's properly dressed... hugs ~lynne~

  23. Mele looks so incredibly sweet in this photo with the baby doll beside her... :-))


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