Sunday, October 16, 2011


 I have no idea.  None.  Went to bed.  Couldn't sleep.  IM'd with Mellodee, a sweet fellow blogger who was also up.  Finally toddled off to bed (literally!) ...tossed and turned. 
Disturbed poor Patient Husband until he asked if I was "alright"..
it's 4 AM!!!
SO.... up, wandered around, let the Mele outside to go potty...
and decided to deadhead my little mums in the wheelbarrow on the patio.

 ...searched for my clippers IN THE DARK but could only find the ones that don't work because I couldn't see a darned thing.
 I Made them WORK!
(it's now about 10 after 4)

 began hacking at the mum's...and putting the little dead flowers in this little flower pot.

 ....went back inside, got a cup of yesterday morning's coffee and heated it in the micro wave..

 laced heavily with this..
turned on the computer and stared at this.

Great post, don'cha think?  I know, I know, but I've got nothing.  Blank.

Just one of those know? Um..mornings...
Hugs and love!!


  1. aww, sweetie, i adore this "everyday down to earth" post. going out into the garden or on the porch in the wee hours is very healing for me. i am so inspired by your blog..thank you for sharing your life with all of us. :)
    i have not posted for two days, as my father has been in serious condition in the hosp. he is 87yrs old. so i am headed back up there today and tonight ...i am heating my old coffee in the microwave and am going to blog till my heart is content. i am a newbie, but thanks to awesome like yourself, i am learning.

  2. Hi Miss Mona,

    You're gonna need nappy time this afternoon. Curl up with Mele and Abby and have a nice rest.


  3. I go through this so much. But I never garden....I think I would be afraid that the deer would scare me. Just night before last I was a mess. I think I was having an anxiety attack. I had taken some generic
    Advil PM.......I was a mess. I couldn't shut my eyes or I would freak out. Thank good ness last night was better. I can't believe you were gardening. I hope you sleep better tonight or take a nap today. (((((HUGS)))))

  4. I have had those kind of nights... it will be for a nap early today, Mona!

  5. I can't remember the last time I had a good night's sleep. I can be dead tired and still not be able to sleep so I putz around doing pretty much everything you mentioned except for going outside. I even add the same coffee creamer to my day old coffee. Scary how much we're alike! Maybe you'll sleep better tonight. If not, send me an email and I'll keep you company. I'll probably be up. Hugs

  6. Good morning my dear Mona..Girl I play solitaire when I can't sleep and here lately I can't get comfortable to lay down for any time ha ha!! L love ya girl..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  7. I hope that doesn't happen a lot that you can't sleep. But it was a great blog. sandie

  8. I feel for you, Mona...I am the same way. i usually get up and put on a pot of coffee and blog. Strangely, coffee comforts me and makes me tired. After 2 hours I feel tired enough to sleep. I bet there are more like us out there!


  9. Hi Mona,
    I feel desperate when I can't sleep. It feels like your the only person in the world awake, when that happens! I know they say to get up, read, or do something...but I'm always under the impression that at any moment I will doze off. Four hours later, I realize that I should have done just that...:) Doing something productive like you did, is just the right thing!

  10. Oh my, so sorry, I have to say, I know the feeling! It's awful. I do get up, if not, I'd toss and tumble all night long! I blog, wander around, read, sometimes I do watch tv! I hope you got a nap in!


  11. Oh you're so funny, Mona, working outside at 4 AM. I would be so afraid to go outside by myself at that time. I hope you got some rest after being up all night. Thanks for your sweet comment...Christine

  12. Oooh, Mona! I so know what you mean! I used to have really sleepless nights before I retired so I would grill hamburgers at 2:00 am for lunch the next day! My neighbors must have smelled them while dreaming of cook-outs! lol Hope you sleep better tonight!...hugs...Debbie

  13. Hi Mona,
    I am so like that too! I will fall asleep ok, but then I wake up and blog for like 2 hours.
    I e-mailed you too, sorry so late, Addison takes up so much of my time right now.
    Big Sleepy Hugs,

  14. Have you never heard of Nana naps. Abby, tell your mum to take a Nana nap, and that way she will get through the day, and hopefully the night without doing the pruning.

  15. I tell you I don't think there is much worse than everyone around you sleeping and you are wide awake! I haven't gone out to the yard work...but I have been know to rearrange the furniture! That is always interesting when my husband gets up!

  16. I suspect most of us have a sleepless night once or twice a year or once or twice in a lifetime :)

    Usually, it's because we have something on our mind, something with which we're grappling, or we're just feeling antsy for no real reason. I love that you got up and pottered around to pass the hours. Those 'mums of yours will reward you for their night-time trim :)

    Hope you're sleeping better now.

  17. I seldom have a night that I don't sleep but when I do, it's an all-nighter, usually. The good thing is that I can sleep the next day so I don't stress it.:)
    Never go outside, tho. :))

  18. Hola mona,no hablo ingles con el traductor voy leyendo tus maravillosos escritos,yo también soy muy feliz con mi familia,pero no puedo dormir bien,nunca tuve problemas de sueño,hace cuatro meses que mi hija la mayor a fallecido y estoy muy mal me consuela el ordenador,paso las hora visitando todo lo que me gusta,buenas noches un beso para toda la familia

  19. Welcome to the Club! I have these type of nights every night, only sleep 4 hrs. and then I'm wide awake for a few more hours till I get sleepy again, then go back to bed. I've done it for years, even when I take an Ambien, it's the same story. Our newspaper gets throw out in the driveway about 3:30 am and sometimes I'll go out and pick it up, but come right back in. I flip through the channels on tv, I read a magazine or book, or browse on the computer for either gardening, decorating, organizing blogs or check my emails, and respond if necessary. My DH gets up about 3 or 4 times a night for potty call and I try to listen to make sure he doesn't fall. I've had to pick him up 3 times this year already. I can't stand to toss and turn and not being able to fall back asleep so I get up and do something. I've tried Melatonin but don't see any difference. What does your Dr. tell you to do?


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