Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Now, please, don't anyone get all freaked out at me..(and DON'T look at my closet!) but I would like some feedback on this...if, of course you have any to offer. 
This situation began the year after we were married and for the past maybe 6 months or more I have been ignoring. it. 
But..(and I have some even stranger photo's)  it began with my little dog.  Not going into's a long story..but look at what happens when I take photo's in my bedroom...and THIS particular mirror happens to get in the shot...
This mirror was given to me by my sons after they left home and  got their first apartment.  It had been painted a light green and my son, Mike, stripped it and refinished it.  It was very old at the time.  The back is hard wood..firmly in place.  I have no idea where they got it.  Someone had given it to them. 
I have owned it over 30 years now. 
The first time was accidental over a year ago...that I found this out about the mirror..  Then I really began to persue it..then I stopped!  It frightened me, but I just took these see what would happen.  IF it was still happening...and it is!

See the if made by vapor as an airplane leaves?
Does your BEVELED mirrors do this too? 
I have been told it's because of the flash...
so...does your mirrors do it...make a pattern that changes?
Seems to fade and then change with each shot.
OK.   But..when I said...if someone is there..please make an X.... 
...and this is what I got!!  Interesting?  I thought so. 
So...does your mirrors do this..
Someone said it was because of the flash..reflections off other mirrors in the I laid the mirror on the bed...and you should see what I got!

To me it looked like someone had tried to draw two eyes and a smiling mouth!  A face? 

That did it...there are more..just as wierd....but you have probably seen enough.
Since it is the month of Halloween..I thought I would share this... :)

Strange mirror ..don't you think.  This could not be caused by reflections from another mirror.. is your weather?  It rained all day long here...and I loved every minute. 
Got lots done around the house..
Autumn.  It's it wonderful? 

(...can you tell I get a little nervous even sharing this? )

Love and hugs...

*easily debunked??  PLEASE do!*


  1. I haven't got a bevelled mirror, so I will be looking with interest what others say. Weird

  2. Very odd. Perhaps if the glass is very old it could be very thin and any glue that has been used could show through. I dont know why the pattern would change though. Quite a mystery, dont be spooked though as my lovely Mum used to say "Its only the living we should be afraid of"!! Lots of love. xxx

  3. Miss Mona,

    RUN, RUN, RUN. It's a spooky month and some blogs have made me run and hide under my bed.

    Did you try saying "mirror, mirror on the wall...."? Giggle. I just had to make you smile, don't be afraid, a mirror can't hurt you. It's probably just some strange phenomenon (whew, that's a big word for me).

    Heaps of Hugs

    Hi Abby. What do you think is going on with that mirror? Take care of your Mom.

  4. It is definately strange. I would take many pictures from the same spot without moving and see if they were the same.

    I have read cleaning old furniture with sea salt or leaving it in the sun will rid the piece of any residue from it's past life.

    You are far braver than me...thirty years and you still have it???

    I'm sure there will be many explanations and comments today.

  5. Interesting and here I am without a bevelled mirror to experiment with. I'm almost certain that it's a reflection from the flash but what do I know? Is there any distortion of your image when you're standing in front of it? Weird and spooky!

  6. I have no answers, but that is a beautiful mirror. You have had it for 30+ years so I wouldn't worry too much about its mystical powers, if any!

  7. Try taking a picture with the flash off and see what happens...

  8. Something going on there. I didn't used to believe in spirits but we have had a couple of personally a couple. For instance another teacher and I were in a classroom and all the children were outside.
    A small child ran from one side of the room to another. We both felt that same experience. We looked at each other and realized there wasn't a child in the room.
    I would keep the mirror but move it to another room and see what happens.
    Very interesting.

  9. Years ago I watched a program about making and re-finishing mirrors the 'old fashioned way' on Alabam Public TV. They poured a silver looking paint like stuff on the back of a piece of flat glass and swirled it around until it covered the whole glass. You have to understand it has been probably 30 yrs since I saw this program. Anyway, maybe that is how this mirror was made and swirly thingies are from that process. Or maybe the mirror is a haunted mirror and one day it will tell its story to you. I'm not laughing because I have seen several things happen that can't be explained by 'modern science' or Wikipedia. Keep us posted. I think it is neat, but I would paint the wood a light color myself. And maybe add some roses to it, decals or clip art. Just me though. LOL
    Have a great day and week.

  10. How odd -- I've never seen that before -- and I've got some very old mirrors.

  11. Just to keep our feet on the ground here, the whole thing has to do with the curviture of the glass on a beveled mirror and the reflection of light....or you have a resident ghost! :)

  12. I've got a big old antique beveled mirror in the bathroom that I've taken pics of and it's reflections are clear in the bathroom.

    That's just plain odd!!! Girl, if ya got some spooks in that mirror their defiantly not evil. It's clear it's one good happy face little spirit!!!

    This made for a great and very different read sweetie.

    God bless ya lovely lady!!! :o)

  13. Mona, like so many others who commented, I too have no explanation. Many folks suggested not using the flash, but then you showed a photo of the mirror on the bed with the "face" It is indeed unusual. So I wondered does the mirror always show some sort of mark or is it only when you take photos? Since you've had it for 30 years it must hold great value and obviously has done no harm in all that time.

  14. I have heard that an old mirror's silver (mirror) can fade and deteriorate with time and light will bonce off the aged silver in hues and distortion like. Thought I would comment and jist say. I am old and my posterior looks different in my mirror, but then my eyes aren't that good either ;-/

  15. Ooo! I loved this hauntingly intriguing tale :) I am unable to offer any explanation but find it fascinating. I would experiment a little more if I were you. Please keep us updated.

  16. Mona I would say it has to do with the silvering on the back. Not quite right and maybe not applied correctly. Old mirrors get that way. We do custom framing and I have seen them looking strangely. You can have it re-silvered.

  17. Wow interesting, I've never seen one do this, must be the mirror itself.. the silvering or backing. The mirror is "gorgeous"!!!! I'm drooling over it's beauty...does it do it if you don't use the flash? hugs ~lynne~


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