Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Here's the silver tray I found with my garage sale tea service on it. I love it...even if they are not matching. It doesn't matter to me one bit.

I am linking up with Marty's TABLETOP TUESDAY. Better late than never they say! :)

I found these Princess House (I think) crystal glass, 10 of them for six dollars. the sides are beautifully etched...so pretty...

On Saturday we were off to Garage sales as usual. I posted the pretty silver plated tray I found for $2.00.

Here is the tray with my silver service on it. I paid $8.00 for the teapot and cream and sugar. It is Gorham silver plate.

The yellow depression glass in the background I found the week before for $1.00. The crocheted doiley was found on ebay for a very small amount. Something like $1.98 starting price. No one bid against me and shipping was very little. Old fashioned or not..I do love crocheted pieces.

Quick story. I was watching that program "Sell This House" I think was the name. The woman had doilies on all her furnature. The filmed a couple that came to see the home..and I will never forget the young woman saying scathingly as she walked around the house.. "..good grief...looks like doily central around here!!" I never forgot that...nor forgave that young woman! (I'm kidding!) To each his own..

Back to Saturday's garages sales. I also bought this tidbit tray for a dollar. It's very heavy glass.

NO fleabites...I've learned to look for those.. :)

Lots of books out there and this one is brand new. I couldn't resist..but not sure if I will like it. I know the author and have read another book by her. "The Other Bolyn Girl" I believe is the name. Not sure if I spelled the name right. Fifty cents...so...what a deal! I buy nearly all of my books at sales and always buy the hard backs as I very seldom get rid of them ...especially if they are good. I read nearly all of my favorites more than once.

I fell in love with this sandwich plate. Hand painted...and I recognized the maker...so home it came. $1.00. :)

Back of the plate. Isn't that pretty? I seldom see plates that are decorated on both sides to this extent.

Beautiful etched glass crystal pitcher with silver top AND it doesn't let ice through! I loved that!!

Silver candy bowls...or whatever. The pedistal one is very heavy and by Wmn. A. Rogers. Not sure if it is real silver or silver plate. No matter, because I loved it. The little footed one with the sweet little scalloped edge is by Heirloom and I am fairly certain it is plate...just so sweet.

Not to mention tons of beautiful Barbie clothing and five perfect, like new Barbies. A working pin ball machine, a boat and GAME CENTER stand ..all Barbie. An adorable little shoe bag, tons of tiny things shoes of every description, bathroom sink covered chairs, slip covered chair, and five tiny matel Barbie tots...

I only buy things that are like brand new. My little great granddaughter in Georgia is going to love these. Even has a tiny fur coat!! Boy! Would I love to be Barbie...then again...maybe not.

When you do garage sales or Thrift shops you sometimes wonder why you would ever buy things any other way...however...there are those time...that you need just the right thing and there is no time for chance... I have a lot of those times. Shhhh... :)

Love and hugs,


  1. Love your finds!~ I have the same tid bit plate -- and I LOVE your sandwich plate with the pretty backside! I've bought some really pretty silver for so little thrifting -- I can't imagine paying full price.

  2. You always find the best stuff!!! Enjoy!!!

  3. Mona I love that pitcher and have been looking for one...aren't you glad the weather is warm once again and the sale's are out...I even hit a yard sale last weekend and got a wonderful table cloth and a few other things I have no room left at the Inn for...need my daughters to pay me a visit and cart some stuff home ha ha!! hugs and smiles My Dear friend...Gl♥ria

  4. I love your tea service. I have just gotten very interested in collecting silver pieces. You got great buys on all your goodies.

  5. Mona, you sure hit the jackpot...love your silver service...that floral plate is beautiful and 10 crystal glasses for $6...WOW!

  6. Hi, Mona,
    You found such wonderful things. It's hard to pick a favorite, but I think I love that etched pitcher. It's so pretty!


  7. Omygoodness...these are ALL wonderful things you have. I do love your tea service set and tray. My goodness...you really made a haul with all these great things.

    Come by when you have the time and scroll back a few posts to see our 50th wedding anniversary photos. We had such a wonderful time.
    xo bj

  8. Well toots! I think you scored big time this past weekend. Sounds like you located all the good things out there. I've yet to get to a garage sale this year. I know!

    There are so many wonderful things to find out there. I love when you go and have no idea what you will find. Then you come home and wonder how you ever lived without all the great things you just bought!


  9. What great finds! You're making me want to go "hunting!"

    I LOVE that handpainted plate!


  10. Those are some fantastic finds. I love all your silver. The tea set is just gorgeous. I guess I have got to wake up on Saturday mornings!

  11. Wow Mona! You scored on all of these! Love all of them especially the silver set and the Princess house crystal glasses, great deals!...Christine

  12. Your newly found silver tray looks beautiful with the tea set on it!!

  13. So many nice things. I love all. Silver is always impressive, plated or not.
    Greetings, Johanna

  14. Mona,
    Everything looks beautiful. I have some Pricess House. They do have beautiful etchings :)
    Have a great day.

  15. WOWZERS! Awesome finds! Love it all. That plate IS amazing!!! I love that the back is decorated too.
    Can't wait to see what you do with the GREEN paint!!! Be sure to let me know. :-) Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again soon.

  16. I always love to see silver. Some people say they don't want to maintain it but I'm a silver person and it makes me feel better when I see that others love it too. I worry sometimes that it will disappear (even though there sure seems to be a lot of it around.) -- Jane F.

  17. Just popping in to say hello. I'll be back later!

  18. Oh Mona I would love to go shopping with you girlfriend! We would have so much fun :)

  19. I love the posts where you show your treasures from garage and estate sales. You have found some beautiful things. Wish I lived close....we could go together.

  20. I love all your pretties, especially the plate which is decorated both sides. How unusual is that! Young people don't like doilies or other 'fussy' things I've found, but I think they will change as they get older. I remember not liking bone china when I was young, but I love it now. We all change and grow. I also love charity shops and visit them all the time in England. I haven't been to a garage sale over here yet, mainly because I don't drive over here and I haven't yet been brave enough to ask Larry to take me to one. I don't suppose it is a man thing really.
    Blessings, Star

  21. The silver you found at those prices just floors me. I love your little settings with your doilies. I use 'em too. I think they're sweet!

    Have the best day lovely Mona!!!

  22. Now I would give up a kidney to have gotten that gorgeous plate! Mona honey, you did good!!!! Keep up the good work. I'm thinking of starting a Saturday linky party. Somthing like Yard Sale Saturday, where we show our finds. You'd probably be my best guest!

  23. Hi Mona,
    You are Ms Yardsale Shopper Extrodinaire!
    Such wonderful things, you have a good eye for style. Love all the silver pieces and that plate with the painting on the underside is so pretty. And yes, I love doilies too. For that silly woman's information, vintage doilies are very chic!


  24. Oh Mona, I love your tabletops. I also love doilies. I think they lend romance to my home and many of mine were made by dear sweet people who have gone home to be with the Lord. I don't have them out year round but there are several months when I use them. Thank you for your dear sweet kind words of comfort over at Gloryfeathers. It is such a bittersweet time for me. I never dreamed I would take it so hard. It is such a happy sad time.

  25. You really have an eye for wonderful treasures. I love your finds. Doilies are beautiful and special especially when hand crocheted or tatted. Happy collecting...

  26. It has been delightful knowing you Mona ...

    Love your wonderful finds ... may I send you my list? Hard to find such lovely bargains at yard sales here. You did real good, my friend.

    Have a great week.
    TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon

  27. You find such GREAT things...your blog always makes me smile.
    Stop by for a visit...just leave a comment on any of the last few posts on either blog and you are eligible for the GRAND PRIZE $100 GIFT BASKET! I am going to draw Friday night.....

  28. Mona, You do seem to find the best yard sales!
    I see you have the amber depression glass. I collect the green and pink but have stopped because I have no where else to put it. Love your house!

  29. Great finds, Mona! I have a mismatched silver service, too...and I love it also! :-) Pretty plate with both sides decorated! I bet your great granddaughter will be thrilled to get that package full of Barbie goodies! Hope you are having a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  30. Hello Mona! I love everything you found on your garage sale shopping trip...especially that etched pitcher...what a great thing for this time of year. The one thing that is a minus to moving to the country (which isn't really a minor) is that you don't have the convenience of going to garage sales right around the corner. BUT...if I really wanted to (and I will one of these days) I could head into a few of the towns not too far away on a Saturday and go 'garage sale-ing'. Sounds like a good plan! I hope you have a wonderful day. Best Wishes...Maura

  31. Hi Mona, it makes me so happy to see that you've stopped by my blog. And I ALWAYS look forward to seeing your weekly garage sale treasures. I love garage sailing too, and when I look around my home at all the great deals I've found, it makes me never want to pay full price again. Plus there are so many unique or vintage items out there to be found. "Talk" soon!

  32. Hi Mona! Oh, my goodness, look at all your pretties! I wanna go garage saleing with you.
    Now you know I would love for you to join my Bathroom Snapping party! I'd love it.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  33. Hi Mona,

    Just stopping in for a quick visit this evening because I miss you :) I had to laugh when I saw the book you got because I bought that same one at the Goodwill not long ago. It's in my "to read" pile! I love your silver set, but how do you get it so shiny and pretty? Mine looks pitiful and I know there must be a good trick to it! Hope that you are having a sweet week.

    Much love,

  34. wow, it's nearly a year now since we moved here in canada.. and yeah, your post reminded me of the garage sale who we used to visit when we first arrived here. it was summer then and garage sales are everywhere..

    nice to see you again.. 'been so long..

  35. Never was into silver that much . THat reminds me that the one piece I do have needs to be polished! Sure do like the sandwich plate tho. That should be displayed so you can see both sides. The crystal is great too.


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