Sunday, April 11, 2010


First, before I get into this ...I want to quickly thank all of you who have decided you would like to follow this blog! It's difficult for me to believe when I remember how tough it was starting out. Just ..THANK YOU! I never fail to wonder why...and my heart swells with gratefulness for all of you. Every single one of you!! I love you for it! I do!!

I've had them both. Buyers remorse AND sellers remorse. Buyers remorse when I have bought something I honestly didn't need...and wasn't sure if I even really wanted it all that badly after I left the store. Have you ever just stood in the parking lot of a ...oh...any store actually...and wanted to take something back? I have! Did I? Probably not...I'm wishy washy that way!

Sellers remorse. Yep, had that too. For instance when I sold our adorable little motorhome. The moment I saw those two sweet women drive out of the driveway in my little motorhome that Pat and I had loved...our dream...I cried half the night and on and off for a week..maybe more. The memory still hurts. (I'm sure you know it wasn't the "motorhome" but the loss and memories...)

My bike. I bought a lovely bike about six or more years ago, put an adorable basket on it, one with leather straps...woven beautifully. Then I got married and moved to a new home which took up lots of my time and my bike, my beautiful forest green and cream bike sat...and sat..and sat.
Finally I sold it at a garage sale...watched it loaded into a truck and driven away. All gone... I didn't cry but I wanted to. My throat hurt.

Same with my youngest daughters baby doll that her grandma gave her when she was just a tot. I should NOT have sold it. But ..that's water under the bridge, as it all is.

However...SATURDAY was a perfect garage sale day...and I'm wiggling in my chair to tell you my good luck! But...I will wait. This post is LONG enough......well..ok, ONE thing. :)

I have been searching for an oval footed tray for my silver tea set...and..

Saturday morning I found this one, all blackened, for just $2.00. I was concerned that the tarnish was beyond help..but..after a bit of elbow was just beautiful..

And would you just look at those adorable feetsies!! And...there's more. I'll share it with you tomorrow...ok?
Love and hugs and hope you had a nice weekend!
We did.

p.s. NO buyers remorse here!!


  1. I've had them both too, buyer's and seller's remorse. You found a great tray though!

  2. Yup, I've had both too. The tray is beautiful and I hope you show pictures of it with the rest of your tea set.

  3. Well I think I could say I´ve had buyers remorse once. I had bought a tea cup and really couldn´t afford it :-) But it was so nice, was perfect in my hand and had the precis size i wanted. But after that I had no money left for food or anything else :-) :-) But I loved that tea cup :-) :-)
    Have a great day now!

  4. You've beautifully expressed the emotions of any buyer/seller. But I don't think that either pang is a persistent or lasts so long (except for the regret of parting with something well-loved, perhaps) as the "I WISH" of walking away from that bright yellow teapot, or that piece of jadeite, or the whole set of the Waverly Novels, or the small, worn rocking chair.

    We all remember those.

  5. Yep! Have had them both -- I did just recently get a large bluebird platter like my mother had -- we let that go when my dad sold the house after her death -- I immediately started wanting it back -- after years of looking -- I finally found on on eBay a few weeks ago!

  6. Feetsies... love it!

    I still miss a few things I've sold over the years. A coffee table, a white sofa (just could not keep with a new hubby and big black dog around the house) a stained glass window, etc. I can only hope that they are all in a better place now.. Amen. (the things I sold, NOT the man and the dog)

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  7. Yes, tis true. I still cringe about the round drop leaf table we passed up on. My dd still frowns when she remembers the doll I gave away. And the euphoria of the purchase all too often fades in the parking lot. Then we get to deal with the 'stuff'. But I guess in retrospect it is often just the small stuff of life and relationships and memories are the important things. Luv the footsies!

  8. Wow...what a great tray...those with feetsies are very hard to find..can't wait to see the other things...I find that ususally when I sell something I think I can't do without after a day or so I don't even remember I had it...out of sight ...out of mind...

  9. Oh yes, I have had both buyers and sellers remorse several times...I am a slow learner, apparently!
    Cute footed tray...your tea service will look lovely sitting on it.

  10. What a sweet tray. I don't think I've ever seen one with feet like that Mona. Congrats!!! I'm really happy for you. Isn't it great when you score something that you've been searching for? Love it!

  11. Yep, we've all been there kickin' ourselves up one side and down the other either for a buyin' or sellin' episode. Your silver tray is just beautiful sweetie. I'd say ya'll found quite the buy there...nope no kickin'!!! Heeehehehe!!!

    God bless and have a marvelous Monday beautiful Mona!

  12. My problem is I never sell anything. I need to purge. Love the tray. What a fabulous find. Hugs, Marty

  13. I have had buyers remorse, I think we all have at one time or another!

    Susan and Bentley

  14. I've certainly had both buyers and sellers remorse. In fact my husband and I discussed the idea of selling stuff last night after watching a few interesting tv shows. I posted a bit about it today.

  15. I have certainly felt all of these emotions at one time or another :) I absolutely love your beautiful footed tray, just perfect!!!

  16. hi mona...i can't wait to see what else you got. i have that same silver tray. what a great buy for 2.00! the salem sitch house glass piece is small...about 3 inches in diameter and i bought it in salem. you should check ebay for spellbooks. there are some very nice handmade ones on there sometimes. i am cleaning my potting shed today and will be posting some pics of it in the next few days. it is much cuter than my potting table! i actually have 10 outside rooms. for 3 seasons it is like having huge additions to my house!

  17. I have had both and also the "I wish I had gotten that" LOL! What a good deal on your tray, enjoy it.

  18. Hi Mona,
    I am finally back to my Blogworld;just finished reading all your beautirul posts; some made me cry and others made me smile and laugh.
    Love all your photos... that bird nest, how sad.
    You have way of making it all so interesting.

  19. Well those sellers probably have seller's remorse if they could see how great that tray looks! $2! Wow!

  20. The tray is lovely! I have had buyers remorse...not sellers..I have rarely sold things. When we moved after 27 yrs, I donated everything..I was still working and didn't have time to do a garage sale! I think you don't have as much remorse when you donate! LOL
    I am glad you found your footed tray, Mona!

  21. I usually donate the items I don't have use for anymore. We live in a rural area and don't get many visitors when we try to have a garade sale. I love to go to them though.

  22. Hello Mona! Oh yes I've had both buyers and sellers remorse...the last time was when we moved to the farm last June. We were moving from our huge Victorian to a little farm house so we had to let some things go. After we did some renovations and moved in and started decorating I realized that some of those things I let go...would have worked perfectly in this house! Oh well. I LOVE your silver tray with the 'feetsies'..what a wonderful find and it was something you really wanted too...good for you. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you got! Have a wonderful Tuesday! Maura

  23. It must be contagious as I have had the same symptoms of both buyer and seller:) Nice score on the tray.

  24. I don't think I have ever experience sellers remorse to the extent that you have. Certainly nothing that ever made me cry. I think getting rid of things might be harder for you, because you have gone through so much sadness and personal loss. It sounds like you are attaching memories of people to the objects.. and then if you get rid of those objects, you feel like you are letting that person down, or letting go of the memories. It might be helpful to take pictures of the things before you let them go. You can store them in a special photo album and look at them from time to time to bring back those special memories, without having the hold on to the actual object. Or pass some things on to your children and grandchildren and enjoy watching them use some of those things that belonged to their father/grandfather. That keeps those special memories in the family, but not in your house.

    I don't know what to tell you about buying things you don't need or really want... except to tell yourself NO and walk away. LOL!

    Your silver footed tray is very pretty! Glad you were able to get it all cleaned up!

  25. Mona it is beautifuil! I can't wait to hear the res of the story.

    Thank you being such a good friend to me as well. You are a kind heart and I appreciate you very much.

    ~Blessings, ~Melissa :)

  26. what is on the other side of the fence? good question! there is a hillside that goes down to the street. it is planted with all sorts of trees and a lot of barberry bushes to keep people out. there is a black chain link fence along the sidewalk which had disappeared into the barberries. When you drive down the street it just looks like a heavily wooded lot. when i was designing it and the lots were excavated, a person came up to me and said they had just bought the house across the street and were adding a big deck so they could sit on it and look into my yard!!! i ordered a bunch of 25 foot trees and planted them right across where their deck would have been. they never built the deck!

  27. Good Morning, My Dear Mona, girl I'm so far behind and so sorry I haven't been by sooner...Please forgive this old know you love me more than your luggage ha ha!! Girl I have had a huge seller remorse of things I had to sell when Wally died...but I needed the money to put siding on my house before winter...told you he died right in the middle of our remodel here ha ha!! That's why after all these years I'm still trying to finish this house...have missed you my friend...hope you have a Great day on your side of the mountain...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  28. Hi Mona,
    Yep, I've had em both, buyers and sellers remorse and to add one to it....give away remorse. When we moved into our new home I gave aways things that I wished I had never. Oh well, live and learn.

    I have been meaning to get over here to see you. I am trying to get around to visit everyone, but you know how it goes. Anyway, here I am, and I love your silver, footed tray.

    I am going to go looks at some of your previous posts so I can catch up on ya!

    love ya, hugs

  29. Hi Mona,
    Wow, I love your silver try and it has feet, how special is that!. My silver is in need of a good cleaning.I guess I will do that before I wrap it for our move.
    I can't wait to see what else you found, do I dare guess?.
    Love and hugs, Elizabeth


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