Friday, March 5, 2010

~SLEEPLESS IN RIVERSIDE..because of greenery??~

When one can't sleep because she dove into bed at 8pm and back up and at the computer at 2am, a bagel with strawberry jam and left over coffee with Vanilla creamer hits the spot! I know. It's NOT good..but I can't SLEEP I tell you!

I have a question. I don't think I am going to like the answer..but..Shelia's last tabletop post has given me a bit of a heads up..and as sweet as her encouragment is when I mentioned it to her...I am..well..thrown.
You see..I like silks..good ones of course :) but silks never the less. You can hardly tell them from the real and besides it is nice not to have to water them..although I do have a couple of live plants in the house right now. (NOT in great shape.)

The question is about ..I cringe greenery on top of my cabinets...
YES..I have that and now I understand it is...not thought to be really..the thing to be doing fashion wise. I love the look. I do. I have them on my hide that it is uneven..and on top of my cabinet in the living room. Etc. etc.

You know how you see things around your home, but you don't really? I am afraid I have done that. Hung onto an old decorating fashion and not even known it. Now that I think about daughters don't have them. They have never said anything..but still. It's like wearing white lipstick after it is ten years out of fashion. You know what I mean? I would have never known had I not read Shelia's post on NOTE SONGS.
She defends using them too..and told me to never mind..and do what makes me happy, that she certainly is...but...perhaps it is time for a change.

I love this little wooly sheep with his velvet face and feetsies! He sits on my desk...sometimes above it and sometimes in front of me. I think he likes me! :)

Of course I have more serious things on my mind than ivy and whether it is in fashion or not. Lots of them..or I wouldn't be sitting here trying to turn off my mind and relax. Earthquakes all over the place and the economy, getting old and struggling with health problems..just all of it.
But here is the thing. My family is well and I thank God for that. They have worries like everyone because they have businesses that are struggling and children trying to start out in life during hard times. But that has always been the case over the last century and will be over this one.
We all have our worries..our hurts..our reasons for not being able to sleep sometimes..but we have each other. Right?
I like to think we do.
Hugs and love,

p.s. NO NO! Shelia said NOTHING to me. I was only reading her post and asked her about the greenery thingy..and she immediately tried to tell me NOT TO WORRY! THAT SHE WAS GOING TO USE HERS AND WHY SHE USED IT! She never did or said one word to
LOL :) cause me any loss of sleep. :) She read this and worried...oh dear! It's ok Sweet Shelia!!


  1. OH Mona,
    You are so sweet! You use the silk greens if you want, and Sheila is right, just never mind anyone else. It's mostly HGTV telling us not to, and half the time they strip a home to such a bare look it has no character left anyway. I have lot's of nights that I wake up and sit by my computer and read blogs. It's relaxing, and eventually I get sleepy and back to bed I go. And yes, your right, we all have day to day worries and struggles. I guess it's just part of life. Hugs, Cindy

  2. This is a decorating no-no?

    Have you ever heard of eclectic? There are no rules when it comes to your home. Who decides this stuff? This is in, this is out.

    If you are decorating your house to please the minions, then you will never be happy with it.

    Decorate for you, there are no rules!!! What pleases you is the only rule, you are the one who resides there.

  3. Well, I do understand, I use to have a lot of greenery up on top of my cabinets. Now I just have a couple of things. I think it was mainly because I have so many other things I wanted to put up there. I know they say it is out of fashion, but if you like it you keep it, if you want a change, that is super good too. Sometimes change is good for the soul. Anyway, it is your home. Hope you can get back to sleep. Hugs, Marty

  4. Well I am keeping my silk greenery! I like it and don't care if someone else doesn't. I have cats that will chew on live house plants. I have had live house plants ruin furniture and get mold on the dirt or cause my allergies to flare up from the moisture and dirt.

    So go ahead with your silks, because you are not alone!

  5. Change can be a good thing, but if you like it the way it is then why change. I don't know about you, but my daughters let me know when things should go. Doesn't sound like yours are. You have to live in your home, it should be the way you want it to be. I did get rid of mine mostly because they were dust and grease collectors. But, I am not against them! I am sure yours are fine! Have a great weekend!

  6. I sweetie! I do hope you finally put your head down and fell asleep, after that yummy bagel that is...what's wrong with a midnight snack anyway??? As far as your silks go, I'm a firm believer in marching to your own tune, and doing what you like. I watch HGTV sometimes, and I have to tell you, most of the stuff I see, I'm not really liking. I prefer country and cozy, over stuffed floral chairs, windows dripping in lace, crystal chandeliers and cranberry what you like, because you'll do that best, and it will make you happy! I love your little bunny. What a sweet friend to share your midnight snacks with! Have a great day! xoxo Paulette

  7. O, Mona...I LOVE midnight snacks and have them often!! And, more often than not, my MIDnight snacks happen around 2 or 3am. :o)

    As for fake one time, I had it everywhere, too. I am slowly getting away from it except in a couple places where NOTHING else softens the way a good faux ivy does.

    I keep asking, "WHO died and left the "you can't use this anymore 'cause it's out of style" person BOSS ??!!"

    HUGS, bj

  8. Good morning girl...I hope your back in bed by now getting some Zzzzzz....I happen to love my silks and did tossed them all out about 3 years ago because I was on Rate my Space and everyone came after me over them, but will tell you I felted I lost my happy place and started bring them all back...I think they soften the wood in furniture we a few tucked in here and there...and that gal that just left that one comment Paulette just described my bedroom ha ha!!...I don't want HGTV any more as I got so tired of seeing all this cheap MDF furniture they were making and painting it all black that you know would fall apart as soon as the crew left...Hoep you have a GREAT weekend my friend..we have snow again sighs...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  9. Good Morning Mona. I do hope you got some sleep last night. I understand about sleeplessness because I tend to be that way too.

    About those fake plants, I have some too but not as many as I used to. The ones they have these days are so much better than the old ones. Last year I made myself take out all the cheapies and had none for awhile. To me everything looked naked. Slowly I've gotten just a few new ones but the look real! Totally real including brown spots.

    I've also made myself get a few live plants that I'm managing to keep pretty. That makes me happy. :)

  10. I had to laugh when I saw that you were drinking coffee when you couldn't sleep. I do that and my mom did too. It is relaxing to me to have a cup and then I can sleep.

    I have done the silk plants on top of my cabinets and loved them no matter what anyone said. Then I started running out of space for some of my larger bowls and baskets, so now I have them up there. It's a convenience thing rather than a decorating statement.

    Please follow your heart and keep the plants up if you like. Or look in magazines and see if something else catches your eye. Collections are great for a nice display, but keep your silk plants if you like them. And remember, kids are brutally honest...if your kids didn't like them, they would surely let you know!!! ;-)


  11. Why can't we sleep? I know I go to bed too early but I can't stay awake past 8:30, then I am awake at 3 or 4.
    About your silks, I love them and was looking forward to take them out to make the house look springy but now....I honestly didn't know they were not 'in' anymore. I have no daughters to advise me and my sons don't care.
    What should I do when I get home? throw them out or put them out on my tables and cabinet? I am confused and that will probably keep me awake tonight.

  12. I gotta tell ya Mona - I am in total agreement with Shelia. If you like it, keep it. That's my slogan these days. Keeping up with current trends goes against my grain. Right now, slipcovers are everywhere and everything is white. Next year it will be something different. I have greenery all over because I LIKE IT! Power To The People!!!

  13. Oh, Dearest Mona! I've caused you distress and sleepless nights! I'm so sorry! You use all the greens you want to, I know I do. I shouldn't have said that and now you're worrying! Oh, I'm sorry! I do hope you were able to get some sleep.
    You are a sweetie,

  14. oh swwet Mona, you, like me are an empath, you feel everyone else's angst. I've started limiting my news watching and select carefully what I'll read in the paper. I get overwhelmed by the strife in the world, I have chosen to step back because there is only so much one can do. I use silk greenery too, but sparingly, when I just need a touch of something natural.

  15. Hi Mona, love your post!

    I have those sleepless nights too!

    Don't concern yourself over what is in what you want. Life is short!

    Sending you hugs and good thoughts this day.
    Barb ♥

  16. Hey sweet Mona, your home is a reflection of yourself. The pros will tell you if something in your home doesn't give you happiness then it's time to get rid of it. If you notice all arrangements in the furniture stores displays are silkies and their set up by professional decorators. I use them to soften areas and replace them when they start gettin' that dirty tacky look. Your beautiful home is yours and designed to make YOU happy. Now go take a nap and get some zzzzzz's!

    God bless and have a wonderful weekend sweetie!

  17. Keep the silks. It's your house. Don't be too easily influenced. Some nights I have trouble sleeping too. I head for the computer (in my case a Mac). What I have learned is that if I only look at happy blogs or watch some old classic TV shows on Like Television, I am soon smiling and putting my worries aside. The old saying is true, everything looks brighter in the morning. If you are ever up some night fretting over some worry, send me a note, I'll keep you company!

    Susan and Bentley

  18. Mona, I used to not have a single fake in my house (I did have silk wreaths), but a stager said that it's important in selling a house to have "good" greens. So I have them. I like live plants, but I tell you what, these silks have been a God-send. And now, I like them. I truly do.

    I am of the mind that you need to do what you like and not listen to a bunch of people who don't know you. Besides, they change things at the drop of a hat, and tomorrow, they'll be saying they're "in" again. There is nothing wrong with silks, and lots of people in blogland use them. Just use ones that look real and are good. Examine the ones you have, and if they look tired or faded, then buy some perky new ones.

    I have some from the Dollar Tree that look pretty good to me, and I bought others when Dockside Imports went out of business and before. But I wouldn't worry one single bit!

    That's my two cents from the other Sheila who agrees with Shelia Number One! :-)



  19. Love that plate with the cherries on it. Your blog is so cute with the bow tied cherries. I also love your little lamb. I have never believed everything I heard on HGTV-especially about silk plants. I don't know I would get by without them! laurie

  20. I use few silks... just have the forsythia in the kitchen right now and some roses in one guest bedroom and pussy willows in a large vase in the family room. Otherwise no.... they harbor too much dust in the house and I just don't think that's a healthy thing. But each gal to her own way of doing things... IT'S YOUR HOUSE!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  21. Mona, I did read your post, and I'm hugging you across the miles. He knows how you feel and feels the same. Trust me. He does. Even more important, the Lord knows and can ferry that message.

    I have lost so many of the people I love, both friends and family, that I try hard to live each day as if it were my last. This has actually been going on since I was a young person. I fail at that task from time to time... sometimes miserably... but I do give it the old college try. I appreciate your words, though, and the words of a waitress I was talking to about a month ago when I took myself out to dinner when Mr. Mapgie was out of town. I had been shopping and stopped in Red Lobster after a harrowing day. The waitress started talking to me, and she basically said the same thing you did... love the ones you love in the moment. That's excellent advice, my friend, and I appreciate it more than you know.

    Warm hugs...


    Sheila :-)

  22. I like the greenery around the house and have some myself across the shelf over the fireplace. I also have a string lights intermingled with it because on a cold evening it looks cosy and welcoming. I'll have to take a photo of it to show you. Hope you get some better sleep tonight.
    Blessings, Star

  23. Hi Mona! I use silk flowers too, especilly orchids and ivy. I have real ones too but in places that do not get a lot of light, they are practical and they give life to the place. Use them as much as you want to. There is nothing wrong with it. In fact, I know it will brighten the spot...Christine

  24. I saw that HGTV said the #1 bad choice is silkies. Who are they to tell us what to do, and what not to do? I have some silk flowers that give certain areas a pop of color that need it. I also have real plants and flowers. I am in agreement with everyone here. It is your house.

    I vacuum my flowers, or if they are they just look too tired I get rid of them. I have even put some of them in a bag, and stored them. They are very expensive, and if they are out of fashion now...they will make a come back soon.

    I decorate for me.

    Anyway, there are a lot of high end stores like Horchow that sell silk flowers in artificial water. Keep what you like!

  25. Mona, hope you got some rest. Girl, I did the same thing, I watched too much HGTV and got rid of most of the fakes in the house. As time passed I could not get anything to look good no matter what I did...then I realized why. It was because I needed the greenery back. Well I have started putting it back and it is so much better. Do what you like, that is what makes your house, your home :)

  26. I think we all decorate for our own tastes and that's all that matters. Everyone likes different things to some degree. I know I would enjoy being in your home! ♥

  27. Have we all convinced you yet to be yourself??

    Hope you got some rest.


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