Saturday, June 13, 2009


Good "Saturday" morning!

I am off to garage sales..and breakfast. Wish me luck!

I have meant to post this all week..but my week has been a bit crazy. I think you probably know what I mean! It happens.
Recently I bought a few quilts from one of our bloggy friends, Tammy, at FOR A STITCH IN THYME.

First I bought this lovely quilt...a lap robe you know...perfect size..and when I took it out of the box..and the nice bags they came in..I was struck by the SOFTNESS of these quilts. On the back was the softest material ever with tiny hearts..gorgeous material!

Then...I spotted this one..even better. It could go in our little guest room. Lovely! My guests are going to love this! Like a cloud!

Ah..but the doll cradle I just bought at a thrift store..I had been looking for one that would fit it. I have bought all these gorgous little dolls for my granddaughters to play with when they visit...and she had a tiny one she called a "sampler" decided to SAMPLE it!
Tammy uses the most beautiful material and her photo's do NOT even begin to do her work justice. NOT EVEN!

This picture is not at all necessary to this post..but my little sweeties have dollies to play with..and little dishes when they visit. (you know..for the grandbabies?) :)

I love to buy things that folks have made..and I have found some wonderful seamstresses and artists with so many talents...mosiacs, sewing, painting..and these attract me most of all. And...they fit my cottage style.
So... a BLISSFUL DAY to all of you...and many hugs!



  1. Yes...fabulous seamstress! Truly wonderful and very, very, very talented!

    Did you get my note about your pillows? xoxoxo



  2. Some of the best things in life are homemade! Very pretty little quilts for your "dollbabies"!

  3. GM Mona...good luck with your yard sales your new quilts and girl I am also eye balling all those dolls...and that cute little white wicker child chair...I need that...PLEASE Ship ASAP ha ha!! May you have a great weekend my friend...and don't you hate it when life gets in the way of blogging...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  4. Mona...good luck garage sale shopping...I am sure that you will find some wonderful things!!!

    The new quilt is precious!!! I love quilts...they remind me of being little and staying with my Nanny!!!

    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!!

  5. Homemade, hand painted, etc. is where it's at, for sure, and you've selected some lovely pieces to accent your home.

  6. Those look so soft! I am going to check it out. I hope you've had nice garage sale-ing. I went earlier this wasn't so good except I got a silver plate tea set that's kind of cool. Is $45 a good price for silver plate teapot, coffee pot, sugar, creamer, and tray? I'll post pictures soon :) Post pictures of your finds too!

    All the best,

  7. Have fun garage saling! One of these days will get off my duff and go with you. *giggles*

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  8. Those are beautiful! You are so sweet to purchase your goodies from the different artists in blog land. I know I have been the lucky couple of your purchases and I can't even begin to tell you how honored I am...

  9. You did good girl. What great finds. I didn't get to go junking today. Maybe next week.

  10. You go to more than one garage sale in a day? Well, I never did. I love your dolls. I have a doll I call Ricky. He is a baby doll too. I love him. He's so lifelike, just like yours. I am looking for a crib for him at the moment.
    Blessings, Star

  11. I went to an Estate Sale this morning too! And scored! Even in the rain.
    I love every single thing you showed. the pink quilts are just to die for. Quilts are something I really want to get back into making again.
    Funny - guess what I got at the estate sale? The woman who died was a quilter and I bought 8 quilting books for $2. They are GORGEOUS books. I was so lucky!
    Let us know if you "score" today! ;)

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  13. Sorry, I goofed up my first comment. Have to check that spelling!!! I love the little quilt and pillow. It is so beautiful in those soft shabby chic colors. I've been looking through your blog, really neat. I'm new to this too and plan on trying the Mr Linky thing soon. I don't quite understand it. I found you through Lorna at Lace & Ivy Cottage. She said we had a lot in common and I think she's right. Hope you can visit.

  14. Ms Mona, I'm so happy your parcel arrived safe and sound and that your pillows have accepted their true shape. I'm always nervous when I send out my items and always relieved when they've arrived. I hope you will enjoy them for years to come! Thank you for showing them off as well. Your doll looks darling with her new binky!

  15. mona,

    Thank you so much for this post. I adore handmade, homemade quilts and I appreciate the "heads up" on Tammy.

    Have great fun shopping today! :-)


  16. I don't know how you manage to find the best things for sale. You must spend days and days scouring etsy and ebay because you always find the best treasures.

    Next week is going to be crazy for me but then the week after I should be able to come up. So we need to make a plan again. Hopefully we won't have another rescue interup us. Though I always love those rescues. Anytime I can help a dog or cat out I'm happy.


  17. Oh those quilts at the beginning of the post are just beautiful!!
    And soft too? What more could a person want? =0)

    Thanks for coming by to see my new gift shop blog and sign on as a follower.
    Much appreciated.

    Barbara Jean

  18. takes a wonderful seamstress to know one! And yes, I got your note on my pillows! I can hardly wait...standing at the curb..tapping foot..tap, tap, tap!

    Crystal Rose Cottage...EXACTLY! I was not expecting such softness! I cuddled up under the large one this cool afternoon on my couch all snuggled in pillows and slept soundly for two entire hours. Well when you go to bed at ...what time is it now..uh huh..see?

    Happy To Be.... Hey Gloria!! LOL no, no, Sheila says...
    I found that little wicker rocker in a shop in it!
    I love childrens chairs..

    Cathy...I found the best stuff at the garage sales today! I'll show you on Monday probably...SUCH fun!

    Gaston Studio... Jane...I love hand made items. I am very picky about them..but they usually mean a lot to me...and not everybody has them..although...I tend to want what everyone else has...LOL
    Like birdies...never bought them though. Just like to think about it.

    Allidink...Allison..hmmm...well..I would not say it was a steal of a deal on the silver plate tea set..but..if you loved it..and really wanted know me!! I absolutely will post my goodies...WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE!!

    Blue Ridge gotta get out of bed..but listen..we do not go early, early...we got out of here at nearly 9 this morning as I had some calls on insurance I had to make...and the great deals are later in the morning..and the very best at when they are closing up. Early is good...but you pay more. Wait until you see what I got for almost NOTHING!

    Penny@The Comforts of Home/Lavendar Hill Studio....Yes...well...we do have some very talented people in blogland...and you Ms. Penny being one of our very BEST! :) I believe it is I that has the honor of owning some of your pieces!

    Texas Daisey....thanks! Got some neat little things to HUGE steals..but some cute things..

    Star...I go to as MANY garage sales as I am comfortable with and as time permits. We have our hot coffee with us..and we not only garage sale..but we get to sight see some lovely homes as well..not to mention meeting some really nice people.

    Karen...I have a feeling that the lady who made her transition is pleased as all get out that someone found her quilting books and treasures them! You betcha...and yes...I SCORED! LOL

    Shirley...I have written you a way too long email..LOL I do get windy at times. I most likely should have deleted it and started over...but..oh well. It's nice to meet you Shirley!

    A Stitch in Time...I am sure I will enjoy them for years to come..and then my family will be delighted to get them! :) The little sample one fit the cradle perfectly!! I love them..

    Blondies Journal...Hi Tammy..glad you like the quilts...they were so much prettier than the photo's. I was thrilled!! LOVE 'em!

    Joanne Kennedy...actually, I don't spend time scouring at all. They seem to come to me or I bump into them on another blog...and save them and follow and watch...
    Artists are amazing people...and ability and attention to detail impresses me...such as Tammys quilts.

    Barb...thank you for stopping by and you are one I will be following and watching... :)

  19. Good Morning Mona,
    That pretty quilt so fits your style (and mine too) hehe. It's just gorgeous! I am so loving the dolly's and wicker, what a cute pic and aren't your grandbabies lucky! I can help you if you decide to make your pics bigger. Lauri @ Bargain Hunting helped me. It's not hard, just time consuming and you need to change your template to a stretch minima and there aren't a lot of backgrounds for those. Well, just let me know my friend, hugs and I hope you scored big. Cindy

  20. I just found your blog and have really enjoyed my visit. Beautiful quilts!!!!

    I look forward to following you and getting to know you!

  21. Mona,

    Very pretty. I thought the doll was real! I see you enjoy lace - I've always loved it.

    Thanks for your kind comment.


  22. So pleased you stopped by to visit my blog - and thanks for the kind comment.

    You are a busy lady and apparently are enjoying every moment, good for you!

    These are such pretty quilts - your grandchildren must have so much fun with such delightful dollies to play house with.

    Have a wonderful day Mona -

  23. Hey Mona girl...Thanks for stopping by and visiting, glad you liked my door behind my desk! I just found another one along side the road a few days ago and will post soon. Love your new quilt purchases and your sweet little babies...Isn't life grand!!! I'm so glad the whining worked for you too!!! Ha. Anxious to see the new additions, xoxo~Kathy@ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  24. Hi Mona :)

    What beautiful quilts! Have fun yard sale-ing :)


  25. How beautiful Mona!
    The quilt is so pretty and detailed.

    Have a blessed Sunday.
    ~Melissa :)

  26. I need to talk to her!!! those are fabulous! as for me being such a good mom....NOT...they call me mean. I am mean cause I don't allow them to burp and fart at the all over the city on their bikes....and I am sick of listening to them fight!!! I do admit to being a fed up...crabby mom!

  27. Hi Mona, hope you had a great weekend. Yes, handmade things are the best, aren't they?

    Love the quilt.


  28. The quilt is just to pretty and so sweet! Hope you had a successful day!

  29. That quilt is stunning. Love it!

  30. Hi Mona,
    I had to laugh! Don't worry, I didn't get out of my car to see the bear, jusr cracked my window to about 2 inches! I'm a chicken too and I had to stop because he was right in front of my car! You have a wonderful week, Cindy

  31. What lovely, lovely quilts. Oh, yes, Blogland is just FULL of the most wonderful talents. I am not creative at all so I can truly appreciate the talents here. I LOVE buying handmade things, too.
    Your doll are so sweet..but not nearly as sweet as those grand, I know. :O)

  32. Those pieces are absolutely gorgeous! I also love handmade items.

  33. I think you might really enjoy my aunts blog! I think she might like yours too.


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