Monday, June 15, 2009


Blogging seems to bring out a beauty in people. It brings out their deep thoughts, talents and reveals their very souls and spirits.

Blogging is a special sort of giving and sharing of yourself to one another. I admired her photo's and said the next best thing would be to have a book of her work..and Mary at LITTLE RED HOUSE sent me this lovely book of flowers and it touched my heart!! It was her way of communicating her feelings and appreciation. I love her for that. My camera is not the best and does not do the pictures of the roses in her book justice at all. Her book is of the most beautiful flowers and that glare is NOT in the real photo.

And with her book...a card...

And the card said it all...

And this book will rest on my coffee table in the years to come and inside will be Mary's sweet card.... and a note by me so my family will know who "Mary of Little Red House" was in my life and how we added to each others lives.

The sweetest and the best of friends are met through this wonderful world of blogging...
Thank you, Mary of Little Red House!

Smiles and love..


  1. How sweet was that... I love the book and the beautiful card. It is a wonderful thing this blogging much caring for one another, It warms the heart. Glad you two have such a good friendship! Keep up the great blogging sweetie, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  2. Friendship brings sweet surprises:)

  3. I, too, have met the sweetest girls through blogging. I enjoy their "company" so very much. Beautiful book, and an even more beautiful friendship. Nice! Hugs, Kathleen

  4. What an adorable thing for her to do! And your camera does quite well I think.... I want a new pocket camera and my step-daughter and her hubby got the Canon 880SD... It's awesome and even takes fantastic video. Check it out, Mona if and when you decide to buy a newer model.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  5. What a lovely book! How sweet of her to send that to you.

  6. You're so right Mona, good blogging buddies can be the bestest!

  7. What an sweet, thoughtful gift & special card, Mona. The blog world creates love, friendship, caring & support in many ways ... loving surprises bring such joy to the day.
    TTFN ~Marydon

  8. We when share ourselves with others we give friendship new meaning. What a beautiful post!

    Thanks for sharing and for commenting on my blog, too.


  9. That was so nice of Mary. She is an amazing photographer. Blogging is a wonderful way to make new friends. I have enjoyed growing our friendship Mona...

  10. How sweet!!! So thoughtful!!! I am constantly amazed by the kindness of all the lovely ladies in blogland!!! It has and continues to be a wonderful journey!!!

    The book is beautiful!!!

  11. I am rather new to blogland...But i soon discovered a beautiful new world out here...So many wonderful, caring peple...
    Mona, that was so sweet about the book and card...
    sweet things happening!

  12. You are so right, I have met some of the sweetest and dearest people in blogland. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift from Mary and such a loving card. Thank for sharing. Hugs, Marty

  13. What a sweet gesture. Have a wonderful day!

  14. Isn't it great?
    I have met some of the most amazing women through blogging! They are there for you through thick and thin, thru failure and triumph, through it all!
    And I'm learning so much!
    And I get to go places I never dreamed I'd get to go, all through another woman's blog.
    Great post!
    It has been such fun getting to know you - my So Cal neighbor!!! Looking forward to many more fine times through blogging in the future!
    Big hugs! Karen

  15. GM Mona...girl you are so right...blogging is so wonderful with all the caring and sharing women you get to meet...there is no age differ in this world here and thats why I love it...of course my house suffers alot from it ha ha!! Thanks for coming by Mona..and girl I am not going to wear those shoes those are part of my decorating with antiques ha ha!! those made 4 pairs for me now...Girl I run around in flip flops all the time or my old fuzzy slippers..Hope you have a great week my friend..hope you win the soup turren it would go to a good your daughter's house ha ha!! Oh girl my grand daughter just gave me a bag of dishes the other day and I got all excited until I realized they were mine that she borrowed over 3 years ago ha ha!! They just finally came home...I really do tell my things "Good bye" when they borrow them...chances are I'll never see them again...I think I have a Blender with one of them ha ha!! May you have a great week my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  16. Hi Mona, what a lovely book and a very special gift for a special lady.

    Hugs, Barb

  17. Dear Beautiful Mona...

    A true friend will be around when all others have left...

    Isn't it wonderful how God meets our every need...sending to us little bits of love and support in the form of loving friends?

    How I've missed your presence in my life. So glad to have "found" you again!

    Love to you...and saying a prayer of thankfulness for your presence in my life... You inspire me with your gracious heart.

    Love, Rebecca

  18. Aw how nice! You are so sweet Mona and your comments do brighten days! It's a pretty book!

    All the best,

  19. Kathy...thank you for your sweet comment. Mary has that same warmth and friendship with every single one of her blogging friends. Isn't it wonderful? She just made a wish come true for me. To own a coffee table book of her photo's.

    Joyce...yes it does! This was a HUGE one for me!

    Kathleen...Isn't it grand? :)

    The Blue Ridge Gal...I will definitely talk to you about that camera...thanks!

    Crystal Rose Cottage....yes it was! I was delighted!

    Gaston can be the best! I am always in awe at how close people can get by blogging..but than in the OLD days, marriage came about just from letters...and it took letters and the written SO powerful!! "Mightier than the sword!" it has been said! :)

    Blushing Rose... Yes...I was overwhelmed and still am!

    Nana...:) Thanks, Nana..

    For The Sake of Time...Charla, thank you..such a sweet comment..and you are welcome!

    Penny@The Comforts Of Home/Lavendar Hill Studio...Penny, THANK YOU! Me too!! :)

    Cathy...I am on this journey with you as we all are. I treasure it as a special time of my life. Blogging...a door that has opened!

    gypsylulu....The sweetest!!

    Mary39...One of my dearest gifts! Some of the comments on your post are so loving and warm...I love visiting you...they are always a part of my visit!

    Domestic Designer....Yes it was. You have a wonderful day too! :)

    Karen...Goodness...I almost forgot you are practically right down the street!! HI NEIGHBOR! :)

    Happy To Be/Gloria....HEY! When I visit my's like being home! LOL...furnature..lamps..desks, dishes...all there..:) Oh heavens Gloria...I knew you were not going to WEAR them. LOL..I knew they were to look at (she wears them in the closet folks...don't let her fool ya!) :)

    Barb~Bella Vista....Thanks Barb! That was sweet of you to say!! are so darned sweet! Thanks SO much my friend!

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Allidink...Allison..thank you! Well, your comments brighten my days and everyones day as well!
    We are all good for one is a warm place to be!

  22. That is so sweet and thoughtful. I'm sure it really made your day!

  23. Aha! That´s the book You told me about! Looks great! Why not show more pictures from it?
    have a great day now!

  24. Yes, you're right Mona, there are a lot of sweet and thoughtful people out here in blogland! I never realized that. And you are one of the most thoughtful. I know you have made me feel better about a lot of things : )) That was a great gift from Mary. It's beautiful.

  25. Aspie Mom...You know...I think it actually made my year! I smile every time I look at it! :)

    Cottage by the Cranelake...Christer all you need do is go to her blog and then go to the right hand side of her posts and you will see two places. Christer...take a moment if you can and go click on these two will almost lose your breath. have made me feel better also. Your openess and willingness to share have made me so glad to have met you!! :)

  26. What a lovely book and card.
    Oh, yes, Mary of Little Red House has touched so many of us with her sweet spirit and giving ways. She is extra special in our land of Blog. So are you, dear Mona.

  27. Mona,

    A sweet and lovely gift from Mary. How talented she is.

    The wonderful women of Blogland never cease to amaze me with their spirit, genrousity and open hearts. How lucky we all are.

    Have a wonderful week, dear friend!


  28. How very sweet that was! It is such an excellent idea to put these great photos in a hardbound book. What a thoughtful blogger friend.

  29. Mona,
    This is a lovely gift, to a special lady that I have loved getting to know. Hugs, Cindy

  30. Oh bloggy friends are wonderful -- and where else could you meet so many wonderful people from so many different places? And so many talented, nice, kind, creative, people who touch you heart with their stories, memories and just make your world a bit more beautiful!

  31. What a lovely thing to do for a friend! You're right, we meet the nicest, most caring people through blogging!
    Thank you for sharing your sweet surprise with all of us!

    Grandma G's

  32. bj... Yes she is! Hers was the very first blog I ever saw or read! Thanks so much, bj!

    Blondie's Journal.... We ARE lucky to experience such a thing! It's been a beautiful journey and continues to be!

    Teri...thank you! I thought so too! What a nice comment!

    Cindy...Thank you Cindy!! The same goes for me. I am enjoying every minute!

    Patti Cakes....Hi Sweetie! I think we all agree that blogging is a wonderful experience!!

    Mid Atlantic Martha...You are one of the sweetest! Thanks you for that lovely comment!

    Georgia... Thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet comment! It is appreciated and hugs back! :)

    Smarth Mouth Broad...I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE HOME! When I saw "Gone Fishing" I should have known it was to the lake you had gone! :)
    And yes, bloggyland IS the greatest!

  33. Aww, Mona, now you've got me all teary-eyed... Thank you so much for this lovely post. You truly bring such joy to my life through your sweet comments!

  34. Thank you, again, Mary. I meant every word! Your book is on my coffee table... :)

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