Wednesday, June 10, 2009



This is a picture I took on the Island. Do you see those berries at the bottom of the picture? ...THEY are something that make me smile.

MR1DRFL's WONDERFUL family, three wonderful people who make me smile!

This is, starting on the left, Big Brother (Island resident) and Mom (their 98 year old mother) and Mr. Wonderful. Soon to be known on this blog as MR1DRFL.

Do you think that would make a good personalized license plate? MR1DRFL would surly do me in if I tried that! So anyway..on with the game!'s about time I got to this...Karen probably thinks I let her down...nope..NOT on your life!!

Karen at SOME DAYS ARE DIAMONDS has tagged me... You see...I am AWARD free but not TAG :)

Rules of the game are to list 6 unimportant things in your life that make you happy! EVERYTHING is important to me, which goes to show me I have to lighten up a bit!

Then, as with most tag games, I must name 6 others to do the same thing.
I am "award free" but not tag here goes!

1. MR1DRFL offers to cook dinner.
2. MR1DRFL offers to do the dishes
3. MR1DRFL says he is going to Home Depot and do I want anything?
4. MR1DRFL calls from Costco and asks if he can bring a hot chicken (not chickie!) home.
5.MR1DRFL says "you don't need to cook tonight. I'll go get us something." YES!
6. MR1DRFL says "take your time and enjoy yourself" when I go shopping! :)

And like Karen...I could just go on and on. Every one of these things brings a smile to my face! FAST! All seemingly unimportant...but they make me smile.

See why I married again? It was a no brainer! :)

My choice for 6 sweet people to tag are:

1. Words of Wisdom From a Smart Mouth Broad
2. A Little Shabby Always Chic
3. Blondie's Journals
4. English Cottage in Georgia
5. Never Enough Time
6. My Vintage Blankie

PLEASE don't yell at me. Ok? If you are tag free etc..etc..just don't do it. I will love you anyway. I promise!

Love and hugs,


  1. So Mona, I take it you don't like to cook or do dishes but like to shop for long periods of time. Hey, that could be me! LOL

  2. Mona,
    I'm glad you have a Mr.Wonderful in your life. You deserve it! Besides, I bet he thinks your Mrs.Wonderful. Am I right?

  3. Six great resons to be happy I think :-)
    P.S. I haven´t forgotten about the game I got from You. I´ll do it this weekend I think.

  4. Fun stuff, Mona. Thanks for the tag. I'll get on it soon.

  5. Love it; don't like to cook or do dishes either!

  6. Sounds like MR1DRFL offers to do a lot for you...what a guy! I liked #4, made me laugh! Have a good day!


  7. YAY! I'm so glad you chipped in and participated! And looking back over your answers . . . I AGREE! I'm with you on EVERY SINGLE ONE of your "happy things".
    Two peas sin a pod! Doesn't take much - right?
    Have a great day Mona!!!!! Karen

  8. Mona, you are so real.....I just love ya!!


  9. You are a gal right up my alley! Hugs, Marydon

  10. I love to cook and do dishes. I'm actually obsessed with dishes and laundry. can't leave dishes in the sink ever but specially at night and love to cook almost anything.

  11. Mona,

    What a sweet picture of Mr1drfl and his family. His mother looks like a sweetheart!!

    Oh wow, I'm tagged. I have to put on my thinking cap for awhile, but I will do it next week!!

    Your answers are perfect~and mr1drfl sure seems to make you happy!!


  12. Dawn... Odd thing...I DO love to cook and I actually don't want a dishwasher or do I have one. I have had them for years..and it seems it was just one more step in the know? I just keep things simpe as in "Semi-homemade!"

    Lorna!Lace and Ivy Cottage...
    Welll...yes...I think he does like me a bit! I do think I sort of throw him at times...VERY different then his first wife. But he is very different from what I was used to

    the cottage by the Cranelake...
    CHRISTER...oh dear! You do NOT have to do that game. I should not have sent it to you...let it go. No one cares.. :) I swear.

    Smart Mouth Broad....This is one of the easiest..unimportant things that make us smile..took a bit of thinking for me...I think everything is a big deal..

    Gaston Studio...I honestly don't mind. I am just not HEAVY into it and if someone else wants to do it...hey...fine with me! :)

    Nancy...Thank you Nancy...hmmm..what was #4? I forget! (figures!)

    Karen... Sweetie..I was so afraid you would think I bailed on you...

    Barb~Bella Vista...Awww..thank you, Barb!

    Blushing Rose...HI MARYDON!! Thanks...yep..I think most of us like those "unimportant" things..but..then again..they really ARE important...we all need a bit of spoiling..

    A Stitch In Thyme...Doing dishes is a time my mind wanders...and I love the way it looks when I am finished...I also like to clean..easy cooking is fine. However..I am finding if I start EARLY I am fine...and enjoy it rather than trying to do it all at veggie prep..etc.

    Blondies Journal... :) yep..cuz I love ya, honey!!!

  13. Mona...You are hysterical. I think MR. Wonderful has been blessed with an even more WONDERFUL-ER gift...YOU!

    You are a blessing to me. How have I lived without your sweet smile for sooooo long?


  14. Rebecca....Hi you sweet is always so nice to see you!

  15. When I saw this tag on Karen's blog I tried to think of unimportant things in my life that made me happy and I didn't really know what counted as unimportant LOL. Thanks Mona I'll get to it :) What a sweet MR1DRFL you have. Why couldn't Taylor tell me to enjoy shopping!? LOL Noooo, he's like freaking out and asking why oh why did I go shopping lol. You have a great hubby :)

    All the best,

  16. Mona... you make us all smile! Hugs!

  17. Mona,
    I call my husband Mr. Wonderful, hee, hee. Usually when I need a little errand run or something fixed.
    hugs, Cathy

  18. sweet thing...I knew I could count on you ..but...listen if ever you just cannot find time for something like doesn't bother me at all if you don't do it. Just..ignore it...and..well..I'll try to ignore it too. Of course I will just fall apart everytime I visit you and see it isn't done...and think you don't like me...but..hey, I'll cope! Yes I will! Heh heh..that was MEAN. I am it if you have time...and I mean that! ONLY IF YOU HAVE TIME! AND TAKE YOUR isn't that big a deal...
    Really! No...honest...LOL
    BIG hugs!

  19. Glimpse of My World....I just visited your tell you how I feel about your comment. That is about the nicest and most wonderful thing ever said to me. To make people laugh or even smile warms my heart! Thank you!

    The Stylish House...Aha! have one of those sweeties too? A gift from God, aren't they? :)

  20. I like it when my kids automatically start their chore list on Saturday morning without me even reminding them. Now THAT makes me smile.

    Have a great weekend!

  21. Hey Mona,
    My house pictures are posted.

  22. Sounds like your Mr. is a keeper...
    Bet he knows YOU are a keeper, too..
    xo bj

  23. Hi, Mona..I thought I saw you somewhere on FaceBook and then...I lost you. ?


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