Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I want to thank Susan at BETWEEN NAPS ON THE PORCH for hosting this nice weekly event and allowing us to be inventive. I am loving it!

Hi...Where is this week going? It just got here! I am tiptoeing along here with this tablescape thing...REALLY unsure of myself in this department. You see, I have never done a lot of "entertaining." I was busy working, taking care of babies, a regular "Lady Madonna" I was! First time I ever heard that song..I actually blushed and wondered who in the world that knew me would write such a song about me! I nursed all seven babes for the first three or four months I certainly fit that song! I became SO self concious about my large family. BUT, NO MORE! No siree!!

A friend of the family gave one of my daughters in law a baby shower and I went with her. When we arrived we were met most graciously at the door..and greeted warmly. As we entered the room one woman said "Oh yes, I have heard about you and all those children! You POOR thing!" I turned to her and smiled ever so sweetly and said.."NO...very RICH thing! You should see me on Mother's Day!!" I never allowed myself to be embarrassed again! They were beautiful, wanted babies! And if I could do my life over...that is the one thing I would do again. Have my babies! Every single one of them~! ~smile~ Guess I sort of got off the subject didn't I? is my picture. I love my dishes..but need to add some variation. I will will work on that. (Oop! I cut my rooster's head off!)

I FINALLY found a set of Rooster dishes that I love! These are Neiman Marcus ROOSTER. I found them in the Horchow Collection and they were on sale. I have watched them for a couple of months and then..jumped on them! I only bought a set of four. A large gathering and I go for the Nortaki china Pat sent me from Okinawa.

For lunch or a brunch, I love to add the pretty little paper napkins. I add them to the linen ones because that can used the paper napkins for your mouth...and the linen one in your lap. My own..tee hee...idea by the way! I am sure someone else has done it..but not that I have seen. It works for me. Probaby not at all the proper way..but I love it. ~smile~

I loved the little tassels on the dinner plates. Of course I wanted Roosters on everything..but these were sweet.

I love my cherry chargers and have had them for years. When not in use they grace the background behind my stove and on my counter. I just cannot put them away and out of sight.

The reason I like these cups so much, is because they are such a nice size and hold as much as a mug. The handles are large enough to be comfortable for a man's hand and I LOVE saucers. NO worry about rings or need for coasters. But that's just me. ( I do use mugs though..because they are so handy I guess.) Just sayin'...I do love those saucers!

~About as fancy a luncheon SETTING AS WE GET AT OUR HOUSE~
I think these dishes are nice for breakfast, lunch OR dinner. When I used to set the table at our home anything even near to this and the children would hang around..big eyed..and ask "Is THIS for US??" Egg custard pudding was their favorite dessert. We had it often. No..I'm not offering a recipe. Getting this done is ..all I can handle. I'm going to visit my wonderful bloggy friends for those, and so should you. There are some GREAT ones out there!

~sending you smiles and love~


  1. I love your plates!!! The entire tablescape is just perfect. I really like the napkin idea!

  2. are too cute! You make me laugh! I like it when you get "off the subject." :-) I love your tablescape! Mr. Rooster is wonderful in the center! I love those plate from NM...beautiful! And I would keep those chargers out year round, too...they are sooooo cute! And btw, I think that mean old woman was just jealous of all you sweet babies!
    Oh, wanted to let you know your sweet comment is under the tablescape reminder. I probably should have deleted the tablescape reminder confuses folks about where to leave the comment. Didn't want you to think I didn't publish it because it was just the nicest comment ever! You are a doll! If you want to copy and paste your reminder to the Tablescape post, I'll just delete the reminder post to get rid of it so no one else will leave a comment there...that's up to you. I'm not losing your sweet comment though! :-) Love ya!

  3. Mona - I think that was a lovely "off the subject." Some people can be so rude. I was only blessed with one son/child. It was God's plan. I can't tell you how many people - even today - say "you only wanted one?" It angers me. So I can imagine how you feel/felt.

    For someone who feels they are just getting into tablescaping, you have done a beautiful job. Those rooster plates are the bestest!!! I think your napkin idea is a great one - makes perfect sense.

    Love, love those chargers. This was a great tablescape. I loved it.

    Thanks so much for sharing....hugs, Barb

  4. Oh, I love your dishes and the rooster is just gorgeous. I have a thing for roosters too, love them all. Your cherry chargers are just stunning. I think they are the prettiest I have ever seen. The napkin idea is just perfect. I will definitely use that idea. Thanks for sharing such a pretty table. Hugs, Marty

  5. Those cherry chargers are fabulous!! Your whole table is stunning. And hey God bless you and all those wonderful children!! Happy Mother's Day!

  6. I have to say, i'm liking those rooster plates. Your right, they are very nice. I'm a wait out gal to for pricing. You just never know if you don't wait them out. Instinct usually kicks in when I think they've hit their bottom price.

  7. Oh Mona... I "heart" those rooster plates...gorgeous! I saw some knock-offs at TJ Maxx, but someone had bought one of the salad you couldn't buy the set! Grrr! Your rooster in the center is beautiful, too! I love your new blog dress...just lovely and perfect for your blog name! Great job!...hugs...Debbie

  8. Now those tasseled red plates are to die for! I think they are just fabulous. You've got a great layering of complimentary patterns and colors and who doesn't like those roosters?
    Happy Twirls

  9. Lovely table Mona.. Your Rooster dishes are Gorgeous.. And the chargers are to die for..(smiles)

  10. Hi Mona,
    I swear, we have the same exact taste! I love love love this! Oh I want your cherry plates and now I want your rooster plates! I am the oldest of 8 kids and my mom has heard all the comments too! She just smiles and knows she is the lucky one! Love this so much, Cindy

  11. That was a great answer You gave that rude woman!
    The tablescape looks really good! and the Rooster! Magnificent!
    Have a great day now!

  12. Mona - I talk off subject all the time , it ! Children are the most precious thing and you
    were blessed with seven, that's great and I am sure you do make a big haul on Mothers Day (good, you deserve it !) People just don't think before they speak....
    I really, really love those dishes, the details are great and I am a sucker for checkers....I am just drooling , lol ! Love your centerpiece and everything else is so inviting - great job ! Thanks for sharing , Hugs ~ Kammy

  13. EVERYTHING looks just gorgeous!! I love all of your dishes and the way you used them together. Did my invitation to lunch get lost in the mail? Hugs,SUe

  14. So when you send me those cherry chargers be sure to wrap them in bubble wrap so they don't get broken in the mail. You ARE sending them to me right?? I thought so.

    The Blue Ridge Gal
    (Did I tell you how much I love the cherry chargers?)

  15. Oh those dishes!! They are gorgeous! Those chargers...sigh.

  16. you did a wonderful job... I love the rooster plates! Happy Tablescape Thursday ~ Susan

  17. Love those rooster dishes and the cherry chargers are to die for !

  18. Your chargers are to die for; and I would use them all the time.
    Mr. Rooster certainly has something to crow about on this table. Lovley

  19. Mona,
    What lovely's a beautiful tablescape! And I love your attitude concerning the blessings in your life (your kids).


  20. It's a lovely table setting! I love your rooster and the rooster plates. The napkin idea is brilliant I have never seen it either but it makes so much more sense!

    All the best,

  21. I especially love the tassels plates, where did u find those? mishelle

  22. I think big families with lots of children are a gift from God!!! I'm so glad you are enjoying yours! "Poor" woman has no idea what she is missing!

    Love those beautiful red plates with the stripes and tassels and those roosters so proud and beautiful. Worth the investment from Neiman Marcus! I also love your idea of two napkins, paper and cloth. Mine sometimes get grease stains that are hard to get out and yours is the perfect solution!

  23. I really love those checked plates with the tassels and the cherry ones too. Sooooo Pretty!
    Hugs, Susan

  24. Exquisite, as always. And, when are you having us all over for tea?

    TTFN ~ Marydon

  25. Wow! you set a most elegant table, and I will have to remember the combination linen/paper napkin presentation---(and they say us old dogs can't learn new tricks--bah humbug!) Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the nice comment, I am adding your blog to my blog roll----(lol)

  26. Mona, your tablescape is lovely. Those dishes are precious and I love the napkins. We do that very often here at my home. Specially when chicken is involved!!
    Beautiful...happy blessed mother's day!!

  27. I just love, love, love your rooster plates. I want some!!!! Maybe I'll tell my son, I'm sure he hasn't gotten me a mother's day gift yet. Beautiful tablescape. And you are Rich indeed!!!

  28. What a delightful table you sit, my dear Mona. I love all your plates...and don't blame you for not wanting to put your pretty chargers away. Everything looks so relaxed and cheerful...I love it. No stuffy settings for sir!
    You did good, Mona..

  29. Oh Mona, I love love love the entire table! That rooster is a perfect I go to move one of mine to the table ;) Hope that your week is going well my friend.


  30. This is a great tablescape and theme -- I do the paper and cloth napkins too - it sure saves those cloth napkins from grease and lipstick! I think we're pretty sharp gals myself!

  31. Hi Mona...

    My friend...thank you so much for coming by and taking a peek at my Mother's Day tablescape...and for your very sweet comments!!! It's so interesting that your daughter's name is Maryalice! I never got to meet my mother-in-law, she had already passed away before I met and married my husband! I'm really saddened by that...she was a pretty special lady! After all, she raised my husbands and he's the best!!!

    Okay...let's talk tablescapes! hehe! My friend, I love your beautiful rooster tablescape!!! Those plates are the prettiest rooster plates that I've ever seen!!! And I'm not just saying that! I love and collect red transferware so your pretty dishes are really the best of both worlds there! They're gorgeous! Of course the rooster salad plates is simply charming but the dinner plate with it's pretty stripes and tassels..Ooohhh!!! And I'm totally in love with your pretty cherry chargers too! I don't blame you one bit for wanting to put them out for everyone to see and enjoy...I would do exactly the same!!! Love your roosters and pretty table cloth too!!! And by the way, I think that your napkin idea is great! I am going to remember that!!! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful table with all of's simply gorgeous!!!

    Sending you my very best wishes for a wonderful Mother's Day, my friend!!!

  32. Ooops just lil' ol' me again. Hehe!

    I was going to say something about your having seven children! Children are always a blessing from God...that woman was so rude! Sheeeshhh!!! I hear it all the time youngest daughter has five wonderful...simply amazing children (my grandchildren...wink!) And she had them all before she was 24 yrs. old...yep, I've heard the remarks! But my daughter is the best mama ever and I'm so proud of her!!!


  33. Hey lady! Did you think I was gone?

    I love love love, as you well know, the roosters and the plates, and the cherry chargers. I wouldn't put them up either.

    Looking forward to the weekend.

    Big hugs

  34. Mona, you are way too modest. Your table is so welcoming. I love the way you stacked your dishes together. They are so whimsical! Love your new blog dress too!

  35. You Dear Mona - did a wonderful job!!! I am still chicken! And I am a dish-o-holic! LOL
    I love the roosters. And the chargers, and just everything.
    So, what's for lunch? What time? I'll be there!
    Happy Mother's Day!!!!

  36. What a fabulous tablescape......
    I love love love your dishes. I love your rooster too. :-)

    Have a most beautiful Mother's Day.

  37. Mona,

    Your tablescape is just sweet and charming!! I just love anything with birds (including roosters!), and I love how you used him as well as the fruit in the dish. Details like that are something I have to work on! ;-)

    it is so sweet how you ramble a bit~we are so much alike! You know, I come from a family of seven children and I was never more in awe of my mother until I saw how comfortable and competent she was with the first of my four babies! You have experienced more in life with your children than that woman at the shower has in one day! I had to laugh at your reply to are quick on the draw lady!!

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day~you deserve it!


  38. I love love love those dishes....all of them...the roosters...the tassles....the chargers....they are all fablous!!

  39. As soon as I read your post and saw those great dishes I had to check them out online...Since I just recieved my nice little "stimulus" check from the President I thought I would treat myself to a set....but I noticed that they say they contain lead? I was concerned about that as my granddaughter will be eating on them....Did you have any concerns before you ordered them? The description didn't have much more to say...but i love them!!


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