Monday, May 4, 2009


Please enlarge the pictures for details as I have not yet learned to make them bigger...

This little gate led us to the back of the house and all the gardens. There were tiny details everywhere. A lot going on but really nicely done.

The little sign on the gate said.."My garden was in bloom yesterday. You missed it. " Cute.

I loved the way the path led through the property. Everything was nicely level so there was little chance of tripping. I liked that. Interesting that I should be concerned about falling at such a YOUNG age. ~smile~

I really liked the pedistal on this birdbath.

The walls were very California. The Mexican influence..or Southwestern? Take your choice.

So relaxing to just wander and look...

I like the way the jugs were placed near the fountain as though they were ready to be filled.

This the outside corner behind that litte fountain..

I loved this little I took a closer shot of it.

They even had this little cactus garden for desert lovers. I'm not one..but many folks are. I thought it was a nice.

The patio at the far back of the home was done in an oriental style. Very nice.

This picture was taken in two parts..not sure why I did that..but..I did. Sorry..

I LOVED this bird cage. I know someone else that is going to love it too!

And of course...the vegetable garden.

It was fun..the company was great and we are going on a house (inside) tour on the
15th of this month.

Have a great Tuesday...

Much love and many smiles~


  1. I really like that garden! But I could never have one like that my self. I´m to lazy and doesn´t have the feeling to place things just the right way like the owners of that garden. That is a garden one can get a lot of inspiration from!

  2. Mona
    I was struck by your story so I wanted to come visit your blog. 14 Grandchildren, Holy Cow! Your a wonderful example of being a survivor. I love your garden tours, they are so lovely. I some day hope to have that at my home. I need to plant a tree or two so I can have some shade. Dry hot heat, summer in Southern Cali.
    Your puppy is so cute!!!
    I follow you now.
    perhaps you will be interested in my blog too?
    I am an artist and I host giveaways of my creatives, twice a month to six winners.
    come check it out!!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your garden tour. My favorite part was the cute sign!:-) I need that! Have a great day!

  4. Hi Mona.

    The garden tours are lovely. You are right...such detail in the photos!

    Blessings to you from Kansas,

  5. Wonderful tour and photos Mona, keep up the great work you share with us so lovingly.


  6. Amazing!!! Oh what fun you must have had strolling through the pretty yards. Isn't it amazing how people can layer and layer and it looks so fabulous!? Thank you for sharing. I got some new ideas!!!

    Happy Day to you!!


  7. GM girl I would have been peaking in the window of that door ha ha!! loved the way the house was painted..It was all beautiful my friend...thanks for the tour ..May you have a GREAT Tuesday..hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  8. Thoroughly enjoy this garden and the mix of styles of southwest, west coast, oriental. Very eclectic and lovely. Thanks for sharing these with us, Mona...

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  9. What a feast for the eyes!! Thanks so much for sharing that with us!!

    Happy outdoor living!


  10. The cottage by the Cranelake...Thanks Christer...NOT going next year, but I'm glad you like the garden. I was just not happy with the tour as a whole. NOT a good one.

    Papermoonies..thank you so much for stopping by. I will come see you.

    Domestic Designer....Thanks so much. I wish it had been better..or should I say more. It should have been more than just one GOOD home.but I am glad you found something you liked. :)

    Valerie....goodness thanks for sticking with it. Not sure I would have. NO more tours for me..The HOME tour is going to have to be something beyond special for me to post it!

    Gaston Studio...I tried...Thanks Jane. Think I am done with "tours." I don't do them all that well. I need more experience I think..with a camera AND posting..but...thanks.. :)

    Sweet Cottage are so kind. I struggled with this and it showed, I'm afraid!

    Happy To Be....Gloria...thanks so much. I need more experience with that camera..

    The Blue Ridge Gal...Oh Di..really?
    It could have been so much better...I am still learning..but thanks so much!!

    Marsha's Mpressions....You are too kind!!! I appreciate that.

  11. I enjoyed the tour...thanks so much for taking such nice photos to share...
    Have a blessed day..

  12. Absolutely spectacular garden with so many wonderful ideas! I am not that creative though and would need someone to come to my house and design it! I know YOU could do that Mona....I have seen how you decorate your home and it is lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Thanks for taking me along on your garden tour.

  14. What a beautiful garden! One of these days, after all those under 30 turn 18 or so, maybe I'll be able to express my creativity in such a gorgeous way.

    I adore the sign, as well. I have a plaque outside my front door that reads, "I cleaned my house yesterday . . . wish you could have seen it!" ;o)

    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog, and offering up your assistance. So sweet!

    I was reading your bio, and we have a great deal in common. I love that you have been able to, in time, continue on with life, after losing so much. You're an inspiration, indeed!

    My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer 6 years ago, and is currently in remission.

    My step-father was diagnosed almost two years ago with colon cancer, and had a bowel resection to remove the affected area.

    Unfortunately, though, his check up last month revealed metastasized tumors in the lymph nodes and liver. The doctors gave him a six month to two year prognosis with chemo. My mother is devastated! I wish I could be there with her right now, but the Navy has us 1,900 miles away for a least two more years.

    My husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer a little over a year ago. But, after the surgery . . . so far, so good.

    My 14 year old son is also a kidney transplant recipient. My brother donated his kidney to Koby in December of 2006. His story is also on my blog, if you'd like to be inspired a bit:

    Oh yah . . . and I'm also a mother to seven. My husband and I have a "Yours, Mine and Ours" marriage. I have three step-children - one boy, two girls, two boys from my previous marriage, and the current Mr. Right and I have twin boys together.

    Although we've all lived together before, just the twins and my boys live with us now. My step-children didn't want to move away when it was time to change duty stations.

    Anyhow, if you cannot tell by now, I'm quite wordy, and usually write a novel in comments to get to know my new blogging friends better.

    Take care (and enjoy the quiet . . . I'm so jealous!),


  15. Beautiful photos! Wish I could have a garden like that.

  16. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am loving your pictures, you have done a wonderful job with them.

  17. Mona, where I have I been. I find myself behind in reading your blogs. Love the gardens, if only I could grow something. Your Melee is just cat is handsome, and well, a cat...but he is an important member of this family. Your blog design is just beautiful...some talent there for sure. When are you coming to Maine? Today is cold and raining, but I know it will get better. Have a great day, thanks for all the gorgeous garden pics, it was a lovely tour. Hugs, Kathleen

  18. What a beautiful garden to visit! Thank your for taking me on the tour with you. I love gardening.

  19. How beautiful. I feeli like I got to go on the tour as well. Motre inspiration! Now I need the energy to go with it.


  20. I wish I'd known about this tour. I need to find out what's going on in River City. I love your blog!
    Hugs, Susan

  21. I am really enjoying your garden tour. Thanks for taking us with you. Although they are making me very sad when I look out at our too dry yard and plants. *sigh*

  22. What a lovely tour. I love the bird bath and how they float petals in there.

  23. Beautiful pics Mona! The gardens are absolutely beautiful. I so enjoyed your tour :-)
    I do not particularly like cactus either. Hey, maybe my first hubby loved me more than I thought - he did pull out a cactus bed for me. LOL!

  24. Wow...what a garden! Great tour...thanks for taking us along!


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