Monday, May 4, 2009


A bit of blue for Monday...and a bit of the Garden Tour..

I love anything with birdies on it..

Every home needs touches of blue even if it isn't your color. Blue and white..gorgeous!

These are on my daughters fireplace..

There is no telling how long this tile has been on this old fireplace as the home is VERY old.
This is my daughters fireplace. Next Monday..I will post my own blue's. We both love the touches of it in our homes.

This was the first house on the Home Garden Tour. Lovely. This was the beginning of our tour and they hosted the luncheon.

Everyone needs a garage for their cars? Of course. I knew that!

They provided us this nice shady place to eat lunch. Be careful. The place was loaded with gopher holes!

They also provided a shuttle that drove you up the VERY long drive and through the gate. One woman fell full length as she walked through the gates. I think she had walked up the drive and was worn out. She was about my age but she said she was alright. I stopped taking my pictures...not a good time to be snapping photo's of my surroundings.

My friend, Mary and I decided to walk down the drive back to our car, and along the way we came upon this interesting tree. It was NOT a bush but a very large tree. I had never seen anything like before and neither had Mary. Does anyone know what kind of tree, or overgrown shrub it is? Orange and white blossoms. Just beautiful!

This home was an older refurbished one in the downtown area of old Riverside. On our tour map we found it on Orange St. Not the best neighborhood, but the house and garden were interesting.
This old car was parked in the gravel drive in front of the house..and I thought it sort of a nice touch. Different. The man that owned the home was warm and welcoming.

I thought the front porch was cute. Many paint colors which is what they used to do.

Neat as a pin. Colorful and cute.

Lots of work went into this home and garden.
Lots and lots of detail. The little sign hanging on the garden gate said "My garden was in bloom yesterday. You missed it!"

You could tell this garden was private and not really intended for public viewing as there were no signs identifying the different plants. I recognized some..many I did not.

I loved the use of the rocks through out this little area.

More on this garden tomorrow. Believe me it gets better..

Love and smiles this lovely Monday! No time to be blue..enjoy!


  1. I love the blues and the garden tour photos are fabulous. I especially love the last photo.
    Have a good day...
    xo bj

  2. What a beautiful home to tour! Thanks for taking us along. :)

  3. The first house is lovely and majestic, but I love the quaint feeling of the second and the garden is like a peaceful English garden. Looking forward to the rest of the tour, Mona!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  4. I can't imagine how much work it is to put a home on a garden tour. Did you get lots of ideas? I am such a looky loo I would love to prowl around peoples gardens...with their permission of course otherwise that would be creepy.

  5. The second place looked really nice I think. I´ve borrowed Your picture (hope that´s okey)so I can ask people on a garden webbsite what it is. I have never seen anything like it.

  6. Gorgeous gardens and blue dishes! I am inspired by the gardens to do something around my house soon!

  7. I just love to go on garden tours. So far it is lovely ~ can't wait to see the rest.

  8. What a fun thing to do with the cute homes, gardens and lunch. I do play the piano and I am almost elegible for Medicare...yikes!

    I do have moderation. I hate having to type the secret misspelled words as I get them wrong and then they give you another one so I opted for moderation and if someone sends a mean comment or spam I can delete it. I try to approved them often.

    Congratulation on that new great grandbaby too!

    The Raggedy Girl

  9. I love your tea pot with the bird and all the blue and white pieces. Touring gardens is one of my very favorite things to do.

  10. The people on the garden webbsite thinks that it is a Pomegranate, but with filled flowers. It looks like there is small fruits on it in some places and they looks like small Pomegranates. But we´ll see if there will come more suggestions later.

  11. Hi Monaness! Oh, I love blue and white too!
    But the tour of the gardens was just wonderful! I love looking at how the folks put their flowers together.
    Where I live, we have many olden historic homes 'painted ladies'.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  12. What an inspiring post! I too love all things with birds :-).
    Your garden luncheon and tour sounded and looked wonderful. The gardens were beautiful...makes me realized how far I have to go with my gardening.

  13. Hi Mona, love your blue and white pieces..I collect them also.


  14. I think it's a pomegranate too. What a lovely specimen.

  15. What pretty blue china and collectibles you have and I loved the garden tour!

  16. Hi Mona, your home tour was fabulous! I'm pretty sure the plant is a flowering pomegranate. I have one that I got from a neighbor years ago. Since then I've started plants by cutting young branches when they begin to sprout and putting them in "good" potting soil. I remember seeing huge "trees" (they seemed like trees to me) when I was in elementary school. They reminded me of the orange Halloween wax whistles filled with crepe paper! PS Mine are all orange, my Mom's are orange and white. "Talk" soon!

  17. Was the mystery tree a Pomegranate tree? We've got one and they look very much alike.

    OH...those homes and gardens are lovely and it looked like a beautiful day for a garden tour. Thanks for sharing the beauty with us.

  18. Absolutely beautiful. I left something special for you over at my place. You can pick it up there.

  19. Oh I just love your bird tea pot! It is so cute! Thanks for bringing us along on your home tour! It was lovely!

    All the best,


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