Thursday, March 19, 2009

~A POSTSCRIPT about you...~

~Pat and our tiny Megan Elizabeth~

P.S. Just a note to say that..sometimes, I have fleeting moments..that sort of sweep over me and I wonder if all of you are real. I know that probably sounds sort of silly..but never in my life have I met women (and our Christer) with such beautiful willing to reach out, willing to help, to cry with you and laugh with you and pray for you. How can anyone ever doubt the immense good in human nature. You all move me to tears.

Please, those of you who take the time to read this not judge my pat. There is so much you do not know. As I write this I hesitate in telling the story of our lives and as memories take over I wonder. Do I want to do this? I am sure some would say.."I would NEVER put my life out there..or hang my dirty laundry out there for the world to read!" And, perhaps you are right. Perhaps you are. If I get to that point ....I will stop. Pat is not here to defend himself. Biography's are risky. But there is beauty to be seen and shared also.
I will think on this, but Patrick was a writer..and I think he would understand. I think he DOES understand. Pat often stands at my shoulder...


  1. No one has a right to judge Pat or you. It was your life and you know of the love you had. It was your choice to stay with him and no one has a right to say anything about it. Besides, it's in the past and nothing can be changed now.

    Please don't worry what others think. Most of us have a story of things we did or went through that was hard, wrong or very trying.

    So many of us relate to your story. You have a way with words that others don't. So you telling your story is wonderful. Don't stop.


  2. Oh Mona don't stop telling your story...I would never sit in judgement on I know girl for you to have 7 children with this man and stay for 45 years until he died...meant he also was a very wonderful man...We all have things in our past...and I think this does you good inside to be able to talk about your deep love you had for Pat and your life together...Girl I have also thought about writing about my life with Wally...Please keep it up....hugs and smiles dear friend...Gl♥ria

  3. Mona...a there is always the delete key. If you phrase something in a way that you are uncomfortable with people knowing then simply change the verbage or leave that part of the story out... We do not need to know every single detail. It's a lovely story, but tell only what you are comfortable with so you won't feel badly about it later down the road....

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  4. HI Mona....I am married to my bad boy. We met in 1976..we were both married to other people. But although we stayed friends, we lost track of each other. He is the LOVE of my life. We hooked up again in 2001, I was divorced, his wife has died. We married in October 2003. Everything happens for a reason. Hugs, Kathleen

  5. I agree with all the postings above, and hope you'll continue your writings, presented in the manner with which you're comfortable.

  6. Of course I don´t judge Pat! You were both so young when You got married and out of money, so it would be a miracle if there were no problems now and again.

    never write anything if You don´t feel comfortable with it! I know that this story is from Your point of view and it would probably be a little bit different if Pat could write it from his. But it´s Your story I like to read!

  7. I'm catching up and reading backwards so I have no idea what you're talking about. know I'll comment anyway. Whatever story you tell about your beloved Pat will be told with love. We all know that. There is beauty in truth.

  8. Hi Mona, I just happen upon your blog tonight. I don't know what you are talking about, but what I have read on your blog, I have enjoyed reading. Besides, I see you live in Riverside, I live in Corona! We are not that far apart! I am putting you down as one of my favorites so that we can get to know each other! Come by and visit meon my blog too!

  9. Mona...I think you are extremely brave to write what you have written already about your life with Pat. You have given us a glimpse into your life as a very young and vulnerable bride and in doing that, you have made me look at my life when I was younger. I know I am not a saint and I made many mistakes in love and life. Not everything in life is flowers and sunshine. You write about real life in these stories as it was back then. You must feel a need to write it so do it! Everyone seems to enjoy it and you are such a talented writer. Anyone that truly sees the "you" in your writing would NEVER judge you...besides...your just too sweet.:)

  10. Joanne...thanks. Ya gotta roll with the punches...and this was a good one. :)

    Happy To Be...s'ok. I'll will just ignore this and get on with things..eventually.
    Thanks, Gloria!

    The Blue Ridge are absolutely right! :)

    Kathleen...exactly. Everything happens for a reason...sometimes it is difficult to see the is not for us to JUDGE!

    Gaston Studio... :) thanks for

    The Cottage By The Cranelake....
    Christer..thanks so much for your continued support. Thanks!!!

    SMB..yes..I know I have said this before...but I love the heck out of you!!!

    Anne Fannie... :) I will certainly visit you and I have. Wow. Lovely they say! :)

    Debbie... Thanks so much for your support. Please don't let it cost you though. Ok? Family is family and I would understand. Totally.


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