Friday, March 20, 2009


THIS: My HEADER was given to me WITH my name all beautifully written on it by Di at THE BLUE RIDGE GAL. Thank you again, Di. I love it. I have gone hatless...I mean headerless for months now so this is so nice. I think it is wonderful.

THAT: I am just going to put this out there. I enjoy decorating, sharing my little finds and visiting other blogs for ideas, beautiful pictures of lovely homes and the little ups and downs of every day living. Doing this and commenting on someones cute ideas, a recipe, new puppy, new grandbaby, and on and on, to fun. It is a softer side of life in the face of a sometimes harsh world. I enjoy it. I am NOT oblivious to the pain in the world or the needs of others because I do this. I do not surround myself with any particular "type" of person. My blogger friends and off line friends are many and varied in their interests. Many of the ones I follow in the blogging world love their homes and gardens and families like I do. Personally I enjoy the sweet words, compliments, concern and warm encouragement when things go wrong that visitors bring to my blog. This does NOT mean I am looking for "adoration." I am not "insincere" nor do I think others are, and if I don't really like something, I say nothing...and if I do I praise. This is my business..and unless you know me and know me not judge me. You are out of line to do so. My little story about hunger certainly in no way was meant to compare me with the suffering of people starving to death all over the world. I have never thought it necessary to advertise ones good deeds and when you do and get praise for you get my point here? I hope so.

CHANGE OF HEART: I have decided to stop writing about my early life with Patrick. Your first guess as to why not is probably right. I have exercised my right to delete. I will find something else to write about.

Please note that my angels wing is broken. Be careful about wings. They break do hearts.


  1. GM Sweet Mona...I hate to hear this but you know what this is your life and your choice...How ever let me say you are a wonderful writer and I did enjoy your story about real life and love..I also think its real hard for some to understand how things were in the fifties...I know because I was there and also a bride in 59 and we were all about "stand by your man" Good ,bad or indifference...and lord only knows the pride we had...I know I should did even when all I have was my 100 lb sack of potatoe's I didn't want my Mama to know that the only good meal I got was at her house on Sunday's...
    Any way I respect your decision..Now hows the weather on your side of the mountain today girl?? I bet S.Ca is all in bloom you always get your flowers before we do here in the Northern part..I use to live in Long Beach many moons ago and can still remember going to the Pike and the ocean as a little kid..My folks lived in Diamond bar and then Pomona Hills so I spend many summers there before my Dad died in 05...
    All my daffs are just blooming along my driveway right now and looking good..I need to get out and take a picture of them...May you have a great weekend in the Southland..hugs and smiles dear friend...Gl♥ria

  2. Love your new banner!

    Like Gloria, I respect your decision and say the hell with those who don't.

    Life is too short to please all of the people all of the time (virtually impossible anyway!), and I still think you ought to consider writing a book.

  3. I´ll miss Your story! but looking forward to what will come next instead.

    But even if You don´t write that story on Your blog, please write it down on paper so that Your family will know Your story!

  4. Hi Mona...back again...I am catching up from being away yesterday...I just left a comment on yesterdays blog I guess! You follow your heart on this one and I am totally behind you. Personally, I liked your stories and the insight you bring to it and the recall is unbelievable! You absolutely should write this stuff down anyway and write it for your family. We all carry so many memories and when we are are they. I can't tell you how many times I wish I had asked my folks about this or that before they died. You are a dear heart and don't ever let ANYONE tell you different! Give yourself a big hug have been through more than a lot of folks and guess what? deserve to be right where you are....happy and worked hard to get here girl!:) Chin up.

  5. Hi Mona,
    Sometimes we just don't know how far we should go with our blogs in telling our daily experiences. We all have held back from time to time...thinking that maybe we shouldn't share some things, but then we think maybe it will help someone to know that we are, so often, in the same boat.I just feel that no one is making you read a if it's not your cup of tea just stop reading.
    I respect your decision to not continue your story...just know that many of us enjoy your writing and come here to not always be entertained, but to share in your life experiences. I hope that I helped mend your broken wing a bit.Keep on with your writing...we really enjoy our time spent with you each day.

  6. I'm sad that you've decided not to continue. I encourage to keep writing about your life with Patrick even if you don't post it. It's a lovely story and one your children will treasure. I think you have a book in there somewhere but if it is never published that's OK too. Just sayin. Much love and hugs coming your way,

  7. Oh and Di did a great job on the banner. It's lovely.

  8. I'm so upset! How dare anyone make you feel bad for posting your life story. Who do they think they are! People can be so mean.

    I think it's a lovely story and you were not trying to make it anything then what it was...your story!

    Please don't let them keep you from writting your story. If they don't like it then tell them to stop reading. Don't give into the mean people of the world. That is what happens.

    The bullies end up winning. Don't let them.

    Please please please continue writting as you were. So many of us enjoyed it and it's got so many lessons for others to learn. Not everything in life is wonderful but you can survive it. Just proves that God never gives us more then can handle...even though at times we wonder if we can.


  9. Your new banner is fabulous. So glad you are no longer headerless. Everything happens for a reason. Hugs, Kathleen

  10. :) The banner is great! I <3 you and wish you all the best!


  11. all..
    Thanks so much. I appreciate your thoughts. I am going to go on with my story as I need to do it. A book...maybe. We'll see. My children are behind me on this..not to worry. I am just thin skinned. My story with Pat was only a wee bit of the problem but there was more to my decision than that. There are other things I can post about. I loved sharing with all of you...but..things happen for a reason.

    Happy to Be...How I wish you still lived down my way!! What fun that would be!! Looking forward to seeing your the pics of your daffodils. WISH I had planted bulbs.

    Gaston Studio...Thanks..glad you like the banner. And thanks for respecting my decision. I appreciate that. I will keep writing..and a book...maybe. Writing is a love in my life which I think is a gift from Patrick.

    Christer...I just may ask for your honest opinion from time to time..
    :) You have been such a good friend.

    Blue Ridge Gal.... I KNEW you would get it right off...and you did. :)

    Balisha... You are SO right on! It has always been in the back of my mind as SMB, The Blue Ridge Gal, and Swaddle Cottage know well.
    Thanks so much Balisha. You are so darned special!!

    Debbie.. As usual, when I finish reading your comments..I know you know what I am all about. I appreciate that so much.

    Joanne Kennedy... I am sending you something...I just keep getting side tracked. Sorry.
    What is it they say "IF YOU CAN'T STAND THE HEAT,GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN?" So...catch me later on this one. better keep on posting that art. My removing my rambling about Pat and I had not all that much to do with anything said to me. Honest. It was ..a lot more than that...and I am not going to stop writing. I would just as well stop breathing.
    I am off to see you right now.

    Hugs, and syrupy sweet comments to all of you...and to those who don't like it.. take a hike!

  12. Hi Sweet Mona...
    It seems as if someone has hurt your feelings and I am sorry for that. I just hate it when people seem to forget the GOLDEN RULE and say things they KNOW will hurt others.
    I did enjoy your real life, love story very much...and I hope you WILL write a book. If you do, don't forget to let me know about it...cause, I want a copy!!
    Have a great day, dear one...
    xo bj

  13. oh, dang it...forgot to say that I adore your banner and the writing on it is just fabulous...wonder how she did it? I am always in awe of these people that know how to do all the pretty things~~

  14. Ah, what to say...I have fallen in love with you and Pat. More than that, as a divorced woman (remarried), I HATE divorce and am regretful as it takes two to tango. I could not read your story without wondering - how with all the (supposed) obstacles -married young, no college, children early in marriage - did it work?
    Prior to my first marriage, I went through college, had a career two wonderful children (wanted four, but compromised). Everything was easy, so why divorce?
    Could it be everything was too easy? Does society make divorce too easy? What is it?
    I feel that there is much to learn from your story. I do hope you write it out and leave it with your children.
    You are a wonderful lady who has such life lessons. From a blog reader's point of view, you have lived your life with such dignity and grace.

  15. I will probably continue my story at a later date. Right now..I am just being protective for reasons I do not wish to go into. My story is...for lack of a better way to put it..been attacked and I don't wish to fight with anyone. It is beyond my understanding and I am just not up to trying to defend myself because someone is lacking in their own life. I am sorry for them and just wish to be left alone. Thanks to all of you for your support. There are people out there like that for whatever reason and I am sorry for them.
    Love to all of you. :)

    To her:
    I just cannot, for the life of me, understand what your problem is with me? If, you don't like me or what I write...move on. It is my life, my story and my blog. To that person who comes and reads, criticizes me and calls me a liar and tries to interject her own take on my story, it is pathetic and sad what you have done. I, at least will not speak badly of you. Do not write to me, speak to me or of my family. Shame on you!! Are you trying in some sick way to get people to come to your blog by bad mouthing me? What??? My followers are few and you even attack them. What is the reason for all of this? I think it is glaring what your problem is and it is very, very sad. I wish you well.

  16. Hi, I happened across your blog and felt compelled to write you. My dad passed away from lung cancer this past February. He and my mom were married 37 years. I see the pain you talk about on my mom and I wanted to write you. Thank you. I am happy you continue to live and believe we will be reunited again with our loved ones one day.



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