Wednesday, March 18, 2009


And who can for get Rory..the family pet.
Three of the Grands..and..
Shamrock cookies and some sort of stone cake with green frosting?? No idea..but it was delicious.
I GOT this one. Corned beef..and cabbage..of course!
More Irish bread..not a clue what it is. Am I fired? :)
I stopped my grandson and checked his plate out. Since he is a film maker..I mean a real one, he was very understanding and cooperative. Bless his hungry little heart.
An Irish potato dish that looks like scalloped potatoes but something is different...darned if I know what. NOT an expert on this ..and Maryalice, the cook was off talking to guests and family.
This is a snap of Irish Soda bread. Loved the dish..not fond of the bread.
Irish music all evening..and a bit of cutting up and dancing..but..most we got into old, old videos which had everyone screaming at laughter at the 70's and 80's hairdo's. Whataday! :) I did absolutely terrible at taking pictures and planning and..I was tired. (excuses.. :)


  1. yummy foods.. lovely family..
    what more can one ask for..?

  2. Aw cute doggy! That all looks so good! Sounds like it was a lot of fun too!

    All the best,

  3. All food looked delicious! It sounds as if You had a lot of fun :-)

  4. Love corned beef and cabbage but you can keep most of the other Irish goodies. I'll say though, that your doggie looks very Irish!
    Glad you had a great time with your family.

  5. Beautiful family Mona and it looks like you all eat and celebrate the way we do! Most of the family gatherings have been at my little house over the years and I love to cook.We'll probably have one on Easter. The food and the dishes holding the food and the grandkids and the home all look very warm and inviting! You are a very lucky woman. Thanks for sharing and stop beating up on yourself!!...You are amazing!:)

  6. Oh my,. the table and food looked delicious. That's some grand looking corned beef. You have handsome and beautiful grandchildren. They must have their grandmother's genes. Looks like it was a great time. OH, we have some of those old videos too, they are hilarious..The clothes, especially. Thanks for dropping by..hugs, girlfriend, Kathleen

  7. Loida..thanks so much.. :)

    Allidink... Thanks..not mine. Home and Rory is daughter. Yeah, the kids really are a hoot'1

    Christer: Thanks for your visits. You have been so great.

    Gaston Studio...thanks for you sweet visit. You are always so supportive and it is appreciated.

    Debbie..You always make me smile. I AM a terrible photographer in that I always forget to take the blasted pictures. I get sidetracked SO easy. Does that surprise you? LOL

    Kathleen....ah...thanks for the compliments for my Grands. :) You are always such a sweetie!!!

  8. Hold the bus! Why wasn't I invited?

  9. Wow this post made me really hungry every thing looks so good.
    You have a great looking family too.

  10. The food looks delicious and I am sure the company was delightful...What a Happy St. Paddy's Day.


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