Wednesday, March 18, 2009

~Con't ..JUNE 18,1954 YUMA ARIZONA

I continued my story at 1AM this morning..completed it at some ungodly hour and published it. Gone..I searched...gone. I finally found posts way down the list..and the date said it was written on Saturday March 14the and published at 10:45PM or some such nonsense. My background color keeps changing itself..
I am soooooo confused. What are they doing? story is on here if you scroll down to last Saturday. I am not sure how to contact them..but it makes me nervous. I worry about losing some of my stuff or all of it for that matter. have a great day! :) I am exhausted..sleep deprived and bummed out!


  1. Dear one...I do hope you got some good sleep. I can't operate any more without good sleep. When I was younger, I could go all day and more! Many things change as we grow older, I have found. Some perks, tho...sleeping in...late breakfast...naps...lunch with friends and a card game that can go all day long!! :O)
    Not sure why your colors are changing on your blog...I'm not very good at fixing problems but there's lots of ladies out there that might can help you!
    xo bj

  2. Mona I have done this and I had to go to edit post and change the time and date at the bottom and hit save and then publish and it was then right where it should be..hope this helps will put it first then...Now I need to go read this post...hugs and smiles Gloria

  3. bj..yes..I know and you are SO right. I went to bed and just woke up minutes ago. Poor eyes have rocks in them..what an awful feeling.
    I WILL SURVIVE! ~smile~
    Isn't retirement just..wonderful?!

    Gloria..Sweetheart, thank you sooo much. I will try that..and hope for the best. I didn't even know I could change the time and date!

  4. Mona I just LOVED the picture of you and your beautiful daughter in the bathroom diva thing! I say it like that because I am not really sure what it is all about but you are so sweet Mona. You have the sweetest look about you and your daughters bathroom is to DIE for...I can only dream of what the rest of the house must look like. You are just full of surprises Mona! Trouble with blogs...I have had that! My husband the Computer Mechanic comes to my rescue becasue I am iliterate when it comes to that kind of thing! Good luck my friend. How was your St. Paddy's party with the family? Do tell?:)


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