Thursday, March 5, 2009


When one has lots of children...and not much money ..or decorates with what they have. Thus toys.

I will make this short. When I was a child we lived in Portland Oregon. We moved to California after my little brother died. He choked on a peanut. My toys were left in Oregon with a promise they would be brought to me. They never were and a set of little blue and white china was among my dolls, buggy, and other toys. I have looked my whole life for them..I wanted to replace them. Or..replace something... I found these about four years ago in an antique shop..but I left them My husband said "GO back and get them!" I did. I loved him for that! Thank you, Frank.
This isn't just any bear. He is soaked with tears..mine. And he has heard me laugh. He even danced with me once. Yeah..he did!
These are handmade by a friend and are only 8 inches tall. 35 years old now. I always find a place for them.
Tiny tea cart, picnic basket, clay teapot and cup and...wait..someone stole the cheese! I see the mouse..but..where the heck is the cheese?!! My sweet daughter, Mary, gave me these things. The one on the left is Mary.


  1. Yes... best to use what you have to decorate... they are generally more sentimental items and bring a warmth to a home.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  2. Oh Mona I just love all your toys girl!! I also collect them..I am looking for a "Tiny tears" doll right now I want one like I had as a kid..How is Mele doing today?? is she sleeping any better..Please come by I am having a Gift away for my followers..Please toss your name in the hat..whats your weather like there?? it snowed night beofe and now it like a spring time day here..Girl I am packing up all my dolls right now to send to my Great maybe she'll remember me one of these days..Mona, I know what you mean about leaving your toys behind..I had to do that when we moved to Ca. from Iowa and Dad didn't pay the storage I lost them all..thats probably why I also started collecting them when I got older..Oh well !! but please come by so I can add your name to my list...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  3. Dearest Mona,
    Everybody always remains a kid at heart.. The most sentimental journey is going back to our childhood..

  4. When I saw the blue china I remembered that my best friend when I was little had something like that too. So many memories came back :-)When she invited me to tea (well it was orange lemonade I think :-) ).

    So nice to hear that mele is so much better!

  5. Di~ thanks. I think so too. They also bring back memories..most good, some sad.
    Thanks my friend.

    Happy to Be~you are so darned nice. Thanks so much for your comment. I have already sent so many dolls to Katies (she is five now) and now there is a new little girl and some will go to her.

    2L3B's~ You are right. I guess that is why I keep so many of them. Maybe I never grew up. Food for thought. :)

    Christer~ I had to smile at your coment. Hard to picture you at a lemonade tea party...but..a good guy would do that. Yes, he would!!!

  6. How fun to have so many fun things from your childhood and the childhood of your own children. I hope you grandkids will enjoy when you pass them down to them.

    I would love to have some things from my grandma's childhood! Wouldn't that be a blast!



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