Tuesday, March 17, 2009

~NOTE SONG'S has honored us as BATHROOM DIVA'S ~

I am so honored to have my daughter become a Bathroom Diva and for allowing me to share in the glory.
I am undeserving...but thank you all the same.
Please do visit Shelia at SONG NOTES. She does such a great job and this time has shared her talent for wonderful posts with me and my daughter. We are grateful and honored that she has bestowed the title of "BATHROOM DIVA'S" upon us.
I bow to you "Sheila of NOTE SONGS Most High" ~Smiles~



  1. Wow! What a great pictures. I love everything about it: Beautiful ladies, smiling faces, wonderful little treasures on the vanity.
    What is the link so I can visit Miss Sheila the Bathroom Diva?
    Patricia :o)

  2. Your daughter looks 'exactly' like you Mona... EXACTLY! How nice.... :-)

    The Blue Ridge Gal

    Vintage Linen..... here's the link:


  3. Thanks! I stopped by Shiela's and toured those beautiful bathrooms. Wow! The murals are gorgeous.
    Patricia :o)

  4. Congrats and adorable picture! I always knew you were a diva!

  5. Oh, hello my new Darling Bathroom Divas! You are so very worthy and don't you forget it! Now make sure you look on my sidebar and get the Bathroom Snapping Diva button so you can proudly hail to everyone your Divaship!
    OH, Mona, I was thrilled to do this. Now so many folks have begged and pleaded for MaryAlice to show us some more of her home. I'm up to the challenge, or you, her Mommy could show it, if she would let us see it! Oh, the joyness it would bring to our hearts! You both are just precious!!
    Be sweeties,
    shelia ;)

  6. Dearest MONA,
    Congratulations for being chosen as BATHROOM DIVAS.. You and your daughter looks terrific..
    Other than your beautiful fase, I love also your bathroom..!

  7. Thank all of you so much for your sweet comments...and thanks so much to Shelia for doing it for me.
    But...notice I didn't become a DIVA on my own. LOL My sweet Mary was there to help her Mom.

    SMB..you are SO funny!

  8. Oh, how beautiful....I wouldn't know which one to use...the bathrooms are so beautiful. Your daughter looks like her Mom.


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