Monday, January 19, 2015


I'm back in business!  
In just this few past weeks so much has happened.  First, my pictures would not download onto my blog and while trying to figure out what was wrong, I discovered someone..some MONSTER with a very sick mind, had taken my blog name, grabbed a few of my pictures, one being my little Fairy Garden in my wheelbarrow,  and then proceeded to add porn.  

When I clicked on my blog name..up came a familiar picture of mine..but much smaller than I post, and I curiously scrolled down..a name appeared.  A strange name that appeared to be foreign.  After several of these came the pornography, absolute filth!
I began to shake.  I think I went into shock!  I had NO idea what to do or who to call I ran!
I have not even gone back to investigate.

I came face to face with a faceless enemy.  I knew, of course that our blogs are "out there" as they say..and that there are lots of poor pathetic souls with twisted and sick minds that are so lost that they prey on others.  I KNEW that.  Or thought I did.

One other time, a woman, a relative of a blogger, began to harass me when I first began to blog and somehow I got through that.  But...this was different!  This time I didn't even know who or where this  "thing" came from.  

Sitting ducks, we are!  Trusting.  Thinking that our blogging community are folks we know, and that we are safe..and then suddenly, like a splash of ice water, we realize that someone is out there in their narrow, dark little world, perhaps jealous of what they do not have, crawling with their slimy minds, over our writings and pictures of our lives.  It's pathetic and sad.  

I was, and am, still tempted to just close down and not blog anymore..but how I hate to allow someone like that to put fear into me. can one help but want to run from such evil?

So...I am here. 

I called in the Geek Squad and they came to our home and fixed my camera problem and I am back in business.  (I hope!)  I haven't tried yet..but I think all is well.
Please wish me luck.

And stay safe.  At least as safe as possible.

Love to all those I've grown to care about.  



  1. Mona, so interesting to hear about this. I used to follow a blogger but when I began seeing obscene pix, I immediately stopped following her. Such a shame that some people prey on the goodness of others!...:)JP

  2. what a horror! but i am very glad you are back up and running!

  3. Poor you Mona. There are such horrible people out there. We all forget because most of the blogging community are such nice people but there is always one. Please take care. Glad you are back and don't let one twisted person spoil it for you.

  4. i am interested to know how ou got your blog back and rid of the stuff they put on it... this is all new to me and very scary.. glad the camera is fixed

  5. Oh, Mona, this sounds very scary! I'm so sorry this happened to you, one of the sweetest in all of blogland! I'm with Sandra, how did you get your blog back? Praying all will be well now and it won't happen to anyone else. (who am I kidding? There's always someone out there trying to hurt us)
    Shelia ;)

  6. Mona, I'm glad everything is ok. I have a few blogs on my list that I've followed forever. When I click on them now they have scares me to death because I don't understand how that happens and don't want to chance something getting onto my computer.

  7. well I am glad you are back, I think we all will learn from this!

  8. Mona, I am so glad you are back and didn't let those 'bad' people get the best of you. I read your blog and do not comment much, but have come to care about you.

  9. Wow...scary stuff. I just don't understand why these things happen. I am glad you are hanging tough and not letting this be the end of your blogging. You would be missed. Saying a prayer this all blows over. Jane

  10. So sorry about these troubles. How awful! Yes, there are a few blips along the way. Mercifully, the blessings outweigh those things. Glad that your camera is working, too.

  11. Nice to see you back again. Happy new year!

  12. Oh Mona.
    So sorry to hear this.
    I had a terrible experience years ago.
    I had to call police.

    I too was in total shock. I could not believe this could happen.

    What a sick world we live in.

  13. Hi Mona, I was getting worried about you, and rightly so with those creeps hanging around. I don't understand why they do that, on other peoples blogs.!!!!****### who knows. I have a new camera and it is a bit too fancy for me. Now I need to go to university to know how to use it.
    Don't let those creeps stop you from doing what you love. I hope you have been out to garage sales lately.
    Hugs Kay

  14. Mona, yes I agree that is so sad that some people have nothing more to do than to prey on others by whatever means. I was sorry also to learn what happened. Thanks for explaining all to your fellow bloggers who care about you as we know you also care about us. And, as others have asked could you let us know HOW you were able to get your sweet blog back and not have that trashy blog continuing. We can all learn from the experiences of fellow bloggers, both good and bad ones. Hopefully there will be more good than bad.

  15. I'm so glad to see you're back. I'm sorry you had to go through such a disturbing ordeal, but please don't let the actions of this one sick person dissuade you from blogging. Too many of us would miss you terribly.

  16. Glad you're back. What an awful experience. Weirdos out there a dime a dozen. Happy you're not letting them get the better of ya.

  17. I squealed with joy when I saw you had a new post up....glad you're back! There are some really sick people out there in blog land ....sorry you had to deal with them. Hugs. Penny

  18. Nice to see a post from you. I'm so sorry that you ran into such horrid trouble. One hears about such things and hopes they'll never happen, but those miserable creatures make their way in when isn't looking. I'm glad it didn't push you fold your blog.

  19. I was so happy to see that you are back! It is awful that someone used your blog that way. Sad how some weirdos get their jollies.
    I am glad you are back. Don't let them make you stop blogging.

    Susie D.

  20. I can't even begin to know how you felt when this happened...I think I would have reacted the same way you did. But I'm glad you kept on blogging, I LOVE your blog. And I think I would have, too. I simply love to blog. So, I hope the people that do this sort of thing find the bad guys, It really stinks.

    Jane x

  21. I was so worried about you. I was glad to see your post. As I read it I realized you were the person L. Had written about.
    The nerve of someone. Anyone knowing you would understand that you had been scammed.
    I used to not believe these people were not real just generated. My facebook was scammed. The person watched my every word. They started private message conversations with one of my friends. I changed passwords and everything people suggested. The one thing that really worked was to put a profile picture of something I never had on the internet anywhere. It worked.
    Big hugs to you. So glad you are back.

  22. How sad. Glad you're back though.

  23. Dreadful Mona . . . AWFUL . . .
    Happy you are here. I hope the creepy monster mess is cleared "up and out!"

  24. Dearest Mona - Its so nice to open my blog this morning and see you there. I expect your company has gone. What a horrible thing to open your blog and see that. Yeah, bastards they are and glad you have chosen to play the upper hand and bravely go forward. One never lets people like that or terrorists win. Good for you. I do like your new colour and appearance. Just remember kiddo, we get knocked down, and are outta breath every once in a while but the wisest ones pick themselves up and plug on. I have had a few people attack my blog and its truly sad that they are the pitiful pigs that they are, that they are so unhappy in life that they live to create havoc in good people's lives. Just make sure you have all your guards up and make sure you have to accept and read comments before publishing them. If comments are attacks, then check the spam button for sure. I am sure you already know this, but just safe talk, eh. Hello to Sweet Maine Man and big hug to you my dear. lol

  25. Oh my, what sick people we have in this world. I would be lost without your blogs so you hand in there and someway SOCK it to them.
    Florida hugs.

  26. That makes me mad and sad:( I know that our blogs are putting it out there but I don't want to stop either! It is my journal and I have several family members who check my blog first thing every morning! Hang in there dear friend, stay with us:) HUGS!

  27. if you see porn, on a formerly normal blog, TELL to blogger!!!

    email the blogger!

    good grief!

    don't just run away, and leave her in ignorance, of what has happened to her blog!


  28. Mona this post has really upset me. so sorry this happened to you. I have missed you while you were away and I hope you stay with us. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  29. Yeah, our sweet Mona is back. You were so missed by everyone.
    There will always be bad, stupid people out there and there is nothing we can do to avoid them, but one thing we cant do is run from them as that is what they want. Good for you that you don't let them stop you from doing what you like. If we do, they have won.
    So glad you are back Mona.

  30. Makes you angry doesn't it. The main reason I went to Wordpress was because I got so many horrid anonymous comments on my blog a while back. Now I'm back, I hope and all is well so far. Brush it off Mona. It's not worth stressing. So glad you're ok

  31. People are soooooo sick. I pray you don't have any more problems. A couple years ago I met a lady in our hiking club. She didn't drive and I didn't mind giving her a ride to the hikes. For a couple months everything was ok but then something happened. She started dressing like me, calling me, texting me. I told her not to call me while I was at work but she still did. She became upset when I didn't want to spend time with her. It was such a strange experience and I understood how people felt when they were stalked. It took some time to distance myself from her. I had to stop attending hikes and finally changed my phone number. She is still in the area but I haven't seen her anymore. It's very creepy.

  32. Oh--that is so sick-and I would have been horrified, too! I haven't clicked on a blog yet that had been hacked, but I guess it will happen, eventually. ugh
    It is so easy to stay in by the computer--and order almost everything, until we just dn't get out at all. Sometimes i don't have much choice but to stay in, but I need to push myself to get out more, I know!


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