Saturday, October 25, 2014


Telling family secrets isn't really wise....but who cares.
How did we meet?  :) No one guessed...and if you thought it, you never said it..and..
at my age..his age...NO, it can't be!  

uh's true.

My first husband of 43 years died at just 63 years old, of cancer of the lungs.
Four years later I met and married again.
When Frank, my second husband died at 78 from liver cancer..I returned home to Riverside.  A couple of years later I met and married PH.
We don't tell people...and here I am blurting it to ...the world!

I didn't want to marry again, but after a year I began to realize I didn't really want to live the rest of my life alone..and that this time the window of opportunity was closing even faster than when I married Frank at 65.  I registered with E Harmony but I knew my chances at 72 years old, were slim to none.
I was wrong.  PH found me, wrote to me and we met at a coffee shop near our homes...For a week a call came daily asking me if I wanted to go here, or there..until finally I told him I had to get some washing done..that I had chores to do!
He was such a dear man~!
He would call and invite me to dinner saying he was going to cook for me.  
I would drive up in my little Toyota truck and there he would be, standing in front of the big window watching for me.  
By the time I got to the porch..the door would be open.  A hot cup of tea would be sitting on the table.
We were married three months later.  

We  had lived and raised our families in the same town, just about five miles apart. 
We shopped the same stores..went to the same post office.  Our children are close in age.
We both married the first time in the 1950's.  Me in 1954 and him in 1956.
We both have grown children.  He has just two and two grandchildren.
Me?  I have seven and 14 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren.
His life changed!  
I love him.  He takes such good care of me and I of him.  I love to do things for him..and he is the same way.  
Sometimes I will muse out loud about something I need to get done..(and this is the truth) the next time I look, it's done.  
At first it sort of rattled me, and I was afraid to mention anything that needed to be done.

I had to MAKE him sit and finish his paper or a program he may be I am learning not to mention ANYTHING that needs to be done until he takes a break from his reading..or...whatever.
If I do mention something, I preface it with "NOT NOW, but when you are finished reading the paper, can you please help me.......etc. etc.   It works.  (Most of the time)

All three of my husbands were the youngest of two boys and all three had brothers several years older.  No sisters for any of them.
Just an interesting fact. 
I could not have married more wonderful men. you want to know how I met Pat and Frank?  :) you don't.  LOL


She makes our family complete!


  1. Oh You are gorgeous.... I love reading about your colourful life filled with heart ache and love. That is what life is all about. If we didn't have the storms we wouldn't enjoy the rainbows.
    Just like me... It works... There is no hurry at all, BUT ... you get the gist.
    Love you heaps.

  2. Oh, what a beautiful story, prefaced by such a sweet picture of the two lovebirds in question! I sat here, with happy tears filling my eyes as I eagerly lapped up the charming details of your story. It just goes to show that taking a chance in life can sometimes have the most incredible outcome. You were clearly meant to be together!

    Thank you for bringing a huge chunk of love and happiness into my day.

    And, now, you simply cannot escape sharing the 'how we met' stories of Pat & Frank with us. I do know where you met Pat, but not how ;)

    Enjoy a beautiful day with your darling PH and that precious little fur baby of yours!

    Huge hugs xoxo

  3. what a great story and very romantic. i met my husband in a bar!!!

  4. fantastic story, you are both blessed to have found each other in your later years..he is most definitely a keeper..thanks for sharing with us.. a great post

  5. Love the story! PH sounds like a doll to me!

  6. My goodness, another great blog. Yes, the hubby always looks so happy. I could not began to think of what I would do with my hubby.
    Have a great day sweet Mona,
    Your Florida Friend,

  7. Aw...such a sweet love story! My niece and her hubby met on E Harmony and their marriage has been a success. I'm so happy you found your sweetie and you make such a sweet pair! Blessings, sweet friend,
    Shelia ;)

  8. That is just a lovely story Mona and a sweet photo of you n PH. How awesome the story is of how you met and what a loving life you have. You are indeed lucky to have had such great partners in your life. Thank you for sharing. I hope you are well as I hadn't heard from you for the longest time. Take care and give my best to PH. lol

  9. Enjoyed Your love story and Yes I would love to hear more about the other two also.The 3rd is a dear man and I'm sure the other two were also.You are such a pretty woman A very young 72.

  10. It's not a secret... I already knew this, and I too met my husband online, as did other people I know. The internet offers some GREAT and wonderful ways of finding the perfect ONE! Thank goodness! The town I lived in had only married men and alcoholics who hung out in bars so the internet served my purposes well by letting me find someone who lived 60 miles away. Otherwise we never would have met. xox

  11. That is one amazing story. You are blessed to have found 3 such wonderful men to share your life with.

  12. You are always someone who has taken life as it comes, and for that you are unique Mona. My husband is my third partner. No deaths, just marriages running out of energy, and me needing to get some life lessons learnt before I was ready to totally commit to a man and be less selfish. I am still learning, but the life is about learning and moving forward on to the next experience. God bless you Mona. Vx

  13. Lovely to hear, Mona. There are many wonderful marriages that come from there. He sounds like he is head over heels for you and I think he is a real 'catch'. Enjoy your Sunday and a hug sent for that sweet little dog. Deb

  14. Mona, I liked reading this post. Your husband and you make a lovely couple. God has blessed you both. Wishing many years of love and happiness. xoxo,Susie

  15. Love finding LOVE! You and PH are perfect together! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  16. Good for you Mona. Have many more happy years together xxx

  17. What a beautiful love story....lonliness seems to be the worst part of aging that I see....blessings to you and your PH! This is probably very encouraging to others that you shared your story Mona!

  18. What a wonderful, uplifting sweet story. It is wonderful to put this out there because it may give hope to someone that would like to meet someone and is despairing that it will never happen.

    My youngest daughter met her husband on E-Harmony, too, and now has three beautiful children and a hardworking husband.

    God bless you- You have been thrice blessed in your life! xo Diana

  19. I loved reading this wonderful story of how you met! You two are a match made in heaven. Now, I'd love to read your secret on how you stay so young looking! :) You both look great!

  20. Dear Mona - God has blessed you! I am so happy you found each other. I've known several people who met and married through the internet and have had wonderful marriages. No one should ever question the way God works. Hugs - Rhonda

  21. Mona,beautiful~ there is love for all no matter where you find it, you should let Eharmony know. fondly ~lynne~

  22. Awwww, Sweetpea! That's the sweetest story. I find more and more that we have in common as I visit here.

    Chris and I met through a little Christian singles column in a tiny 7-11 type newspaper in the South---one of those they have on display, and you can find parts for your 65 Fairlane, lily bulbs and hound pups.

    Coming up on thirty years, so we're both keepers, I think. I also have the don't-mention-it thing, only mine is for THINGS---I don't dare admire anything anyone has, or mention passing a window that that sofa is pretty, or Jane's new bi-by-damn-KINI looks nice, or he's dragging one home in my size. (please hide your face when you laugh).

    Aren't we the fortunate ones---so blessed in love?


  23. You two are so perfect and yes, you are really blessed. But most of all I think he is the one who found a treasure.

  24. There is nothing wrong with how you met your husband or anything about your life. I think it is sweet and it appears everything that happened in your life was part of Gods perfect plan for you!

  25. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us. Stay as happy as you are now. God bless you. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  26. I wish I looked as beautiful as you!!!

    Congratulations. Some never found the love of their lives and you have found three. You are very blessed.

  27. Oh Hon, what a wonderful post.

    And I am so glad that you met and married good men. And especially that you have your wonderful husband of the present. He always sounds so very considerate and sweet.

    That being-alone-in-later-years... That doesn't sound good, at all. So happy that you have not had to have such, for long.

    Lots and lots of hugs...

    "Here there be musing" blog
    "Here there be more words" blog

  28. Oh Mona, you are so blessed to have found three wonderful men that loved you. you are such a wonderful person and I am sure they all knew that.
    You told me all about your three husbands when we met that day. I thought that Howard was a very special man and he loves you so.
    Maybe I will have to try E Harmony - after all I have been divorced for 48 years - maybe there is hope for me yet.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend and regards to Howard.

  29. I'm smiling from ear to ear..such a sweet story and testament to can grow and change and can include so many. You are lucky to have found such wonderful men. PH is a dream come true and I'm sure he feels the same about you! And yes and yes..I do want to know the other stories! Enjoy your week!

  30. Three men who loved you and that you loved - says a lot of nice things. I never would have guess E Harmony - cool!

  31. Wonderful, Wonderful post Mona . . .
    Loved it and love the photo of the two of you!
    You brought smiles to my day!
    HUGS to you and Mister PH . . .

  32. i am blown away.
    only a heart so full of love could find that kind of love three times.
    he is absolutely beautiful
    as are YOU!
    and neither of you looks your age.
    and i know that picture is not doctored. it's simply a picture of two people with total love in their faces! XOXO♥♥
    here's to years and years to come.

  33. oh!
    and how i adore that wee precious face looking up...
    you are right. she makes it complete. ♥

  34. You absolutely have to share the secret of your eternal youthfulness with the rest of us. We know one ingredient is LOVE, but surely there must be others?

    You didn't look anywhere close to 72 in that picture!!

  35. Oh yes I do want to hear!
    Loved this love story!
    And I love hearing about your interesting life too.
    Hugs Mona,

  36. My Pat/Grenville and I also met through an online web personals site and that was over 15 years ago. We have both been fortunate to find loving and caring mates, Mona,


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