Saturday, May 3, 2014


.....has never been one of my traits.   I always promise myself I will NOT be impatient with my next challenge, but it never fails that I come close to smashing, dashing, or pitching whatever it is out the window, to the floor, or over someone's head.  

~A bouquet of "America" climbing roses from the arbor~

But...would you look what I have accomplished.  Needless to say, with a little help from my friends!
You all know who you are ... :)  Without you I would have never even been able to get them on my computer.  But...HERE THEY ARE!!  Neat huh? :)  Did you say connect the USB cord to the camera and plug it into the computer??  LOL  Worked like a charm. I was elated!  Two things accomplished.  I could take pictures and I could put them on the computer.
Except, then I couldn't find them again...
But...being..the ..patient person I am, here they are!  lol  Okay, yes, I'm lying about that part!
But..thank you  for your help!!  

~Fresh roses I picked from the front yard~

..and even if you didn't know how to do were so encouraging ..
Thank you!
~Roses in our back flower bed~

..yes ..and sympathetic.  You all were so sympathetic and SO kind!  
Thank you!

~old wooden tub and pump on the back the sound of running water~

PH was right in there helping by printing out directions he found on his computer...  and in my bad moments, taking the time to calm me, especially when I screamed "I'm sending the darn thing BACK!!"   Yes, calm. because  I had become very UNCALM!  

Not sure exactly how I did it..  blogger friends helped..SO much, and friends helped, and even my neighbor (grrrr) showed how quickly she  could do it!
Finally, my granddaughter in law, Cristina popped in unexpectedly tonight with  tiny great granddaughter, grandson, Adam, on the phone...and DONE!  He helped me find them.  Now..if I can just remember all of it.
Oh...and did you know I can take a picture and put it directly on my blog without passing GO??
Yep, can do that. I don't know how, naturally, but you can do that.
You can watch movies..listen to music, get the weather..etc. etc. etc. etc.
No, I will probably never use those things..but..if you come visit I'll let you.  Okay?


  1. Are you doing a Happy dance, because I am doing one for you. I am so pleased all the frustration is gone and we can enjoy your beautiful photos. Gosh it is so hard keeping up with technology. I think I am falling behind.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Hugs Kay

  2. Congrats Mona!! I call myself technically challenged! LOL. Seems that you got it all going and now the best part...remembering what you did! Looks like you have done or not!

  3. way to go mona! the roses are gorgeous! most of my roses died because of our frigid winter. some of them were 15 years old or so but they are no more!

  4. congratulations on KEEPING the camera. you have described me to a T.... i can't tell you how many times i have screamed I am taking it BACK!!!
    when i learned PhotoShop, my friend Rich had an old copy and he gave it to me. i brought it home and put it in and 3 days later uninstalled it took it back and said keep the darn thing. it is to hard. 2 weeks later i went back and siad i am going to learn this. he gave it to me and i went over to the nursing home where he lives 3 times a week. he watched me do it on his computer and i came home and cursed my way through it. because i did that i can do just about any software and that includes cameras... keep working at it. the photos are beautiful...

  5. Your roses are beautiful! Aren't you proud for figuring all of that out? It's a challenge to keep up with technology these days.

  6. Apparently you are high up in the air, spirits lifted and actually doing "Happy Dance", as Kays Kids stated. Oh, Mona, you made me laugh today reading your post. I truly wish we could be neighbours, for I could teach you technical crap and you could teach me decorating and how to grow lovely roses. I am sure we would laugh many hours away. I am sure the frustration will return, just walk away, have a cuppa or watch PH sending signals to Canada for a bit, then go back to it. When it becomes that frustrating just take a break - it will be waiting for you, when you are ready and for goodness sake, ask the kids for help again. Have a wonderful Sunday - I am preparing Jack for a walk along the river :)

  7. oh and all the struggle and worry and tension, were worth it!!! just look at those beautiful photos!!!!

    you can have a new header pic, often. if you wish. look at those pics. any of them, would make a lovely header pic. they are already perfectly-rectangular. all you have to do, is ..... ok!!!! ok!!!! -grin-

    i will stop right there. you spend some time, basking in the wonder of accomplishing all you have accomplished!!!

    then i'll come back and urge you on, to _other_ fun blogging stuff!!!


  8. WOW, that sounds like a "Super Camera"! I want one:) Your pictures are gorgeous! Enjoy your Sunday sweet Mona, HUGS!

  9. First of all . . . . great pictures!
    Second of all . . . look at those gorgeous arbor roses!!!
    Thirdly . . . good for you Mona . . . you dud it!
    With a little help from your friends . . . and I didn't even help!

  10. Your roses are beautiful and the picture is crystal clear! I can't tell you how many times my grand kids have had to get me out of a tech "pickle" ! Enjoy your new camera....hugs, Penny

  11. Here's a couple of photo taking hints.

    Take indoor photos during the brightest part of the day. Throw open the curtains and use the outdoor light coming in, turn on inside lights, turn off your flash.

    For taking outdoor photos of flowers, take them early morning or late afternoon, early evening when the sun is not harsh and bright, and of course don't use your flash for these photos either. Try and see if it works for you.. XOX

    Glad you are making progress with your new camera! That's great!!

  12. Oh I love your pictures Mona, the flowers are fabulous. I can't use all that stuff on my Iphone either and don't even try. It gives me a headache.

  13. Yay! Glad you got a new camera and I do know how frustrating they can be. Don't we have the most marvelous bloggers to lend a helping hand. Your snaps are beautiful and your roses! Oh, they're gorgeous and I can just imagine how your home smells. :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  14. What beautiful roses! Your house must smell wonderful. Glad you figured out your camera. There is a learning curve, but once you have it I know you'll enjoy using it so much.

  15. Yay! You did it!! Love your photos with the new camera and your flowers look so pretty!

  16. Hi Mona,
    It seems as if its been forever since we have visited..I have been going crazy with the remolding and unpacking.
    Me too I am just terrible with anything computer and as for my phone LOL thats a hole different animal.. My grandkids have to help me and poor Gary just looses his patients with me.
    You photo turned out really great and I do love your roses!
    Have a sweet day sending hugs, Elizabeth

  17. Oh when I click on your bloglovin link it brings me back to your blog and not the follow link or button :(

  18. Yeah for you, Mona, and kudos to those helpful blogger friends and family. I am so with you on not wanting to read directions and most times muddle my way through and the turn to the internet for an answer. The new Samsung camera does sound like a wonderful device despite the headaches it has given you. I have been experimenting with the camera on our new iPhones and who knew I could do so much with a single device. Now if it only had a zoom lens, I would be so happy.


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