Thursday, May 1, 2014


I'd like to write a country song about the blues..because grief, do I have them!  
You see, my old camera was driving me crazy..and it was probably more my fault than the camera's but I had to take a dozen pictures just to get one that was not blurry.  
Now you know darn well it's true because you all have seen them!  Many are terrible. photography leaves a lot to be desired and I even took a course in photography in high school
So...anyway..I bought a new camera.
  It's...gorgeous.  White.  Pink case..all that sort of thing.
Right?  Then I started to read the directions.

However, I began reading and trying to follow the  directions,  (I hate doing that) and  I still haven't figured out how to work the thing.  I mean camera.  They don't even call it a camera in the tiny pamphlet that I can't read without a magnifying glass!!  They refer to it as a "device" and I substitute the word "camera" so I can follow what they are trying to say.  Should it be this difficult??  Is it just me?   Shhhhh...never mind.

It's beginning to be a "thing" to me because as it turns's not JUST a camera, folks! 
It's a pain in the arse!  The thing actually talks..and plays music.  Camera's are NOT supposed to do that.
Or at least not any I have ever used.
Never, never buy something from one of those TV shows that is complicated..ever!
I'll be back when I get the hang of it.

Yes I do.  I WILL figure it out.  If you are one of those people that can quickly figure out things like this, I envy you.  

I shall return...I hope..with wonderful clear, non blurry pictures and then figure out how to get them on the computer.  

So..tomorrow, back to the grind of trying to learn something I simply am not good at and hate to do.  Read and follow directions!  Wish me luck..ok?

Mona  :)


  1. Wish you were her buddy-pal, cause I would teach you in short period of time. I love electronics, cameras, readers, anything "apple related", cool watches, blah, blah,blah. I love the challenge and figure it all out rather quickly. I am not good at cooking or housework and do not do windows. he,he Give me a technical challenge anyday and I will figure it out. I know you will do it Mona and I agree, the books are mostly worthless that come with your "Devices" - they were printed for elves n antz to read. I shall give you a call soon - how's my mirror man. he,he Love to you n PH. xo

  2. Funny Lady, you sound like me, show me not tell me to read and follow decorations. Lol
    Take lots of pictures so we can see all the beautiful things you have.

  3. do what i do. give it to someone else to figure it out and then show you how to point and shoot! voila! problem solved. my husband LOVES to read directions. i think someone dropped him on his head!

  4. Goodness, I understand! I remember those days, I've graduated from the point and shoot kind, finally! Good luck, you'll get it! Hang in there!

  5. reading and following directions is not my thing, they write them in a foreign laugage... i am the poke it and see what it does type... i can't follow a recipe either. good luck... it is cute and pink...

  6. I love the new camera Mona! And...I can relate...trying to understand today's technology with tiny, tiny print! Crazy!!!!

  7. I have to be shown how to do something reading directions is not my thing. I hope you finally figure out how your new camera works. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  8. Sorry Mona but I was laughing out loud while reading this :-) I so recognise Your feelings :-)

    I can't understand how they can make a camera so complicated, especially one that is made to be easy to use. But they never are in the beginning, are they? Soon enough You'll wonder why You thought it was that difficult.

    It's almost impossible to follow those instructions to be honest and I think they use Bing translation when they translate it to other languages and Bing is even worse than Google :-) :-) :-)

    I hope You either figure it out by Yourself which always feels nicer or that someone can help You to get the hang of this new camera!

    Have a great day!

  9. I got a new camera about a year ago and it was a PAIN...but, I love it now! I have a couple of grandkids that I call over when I run into a brick wall with all this new technology! Have a wonderful week end...hugs, Penny

  10. Silly girl . . . looks like you took a picture of your new camera with your old camera! Wishing you all the best and excited to see your new pics!

  11. Learning to use new tech stuff freaks me out. My husband was the tech whiz, I'm FlowerLady and needleworking lady and cook/bake lady, I know zilch about figuring out tech stuff. I still don't know what all my camera will do and I don't know how many years I've had it now. I'd love to take little videos but haven't tried yet. :-)

    Figuring out some simple directions and then practicing is the way to learn.

    Just take your time and try not to stress. One thing I know, is that when we do figure it out it makes us feel great.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  12. I am a tech person. Good thing for my husband that I am because he definitely is NOT. But those directions are my last resort. I usually just push buttons to see what they do. Hang in there. You will figure it out. I have great faith in you.

  13. Good luck, Mona. I am so-so with techy stuff-but I can follow directions if someone explains it to me just once.

    Here's hoping you stayed up all night cramming so we can see what you can do now! xo Diana

  14. You can do this. I think I can I think I can I think I can. Once you get it all figured out you will be wondering what all of your fuss was about. Oh yes you will!~~~ LOL

  15. So, now when you go to visit the family and they say, "would you please take a photo of all of us?" You can reply.... "sorry, I forgot to bring my device" LOL

  16. Hang in there, Mona! You'll get the hang of it. If I can do it, I know you can do it. Because if there is anyone that's not tech-minded, it's me! I hate to read directions, too, and have to admit I still don't know all the ins and outs with either of my cameras. I mostly just shoot everything on auto and occasionally use the macro feature. Can't wait to see your photos with your new camera!
    And, thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! Hugs, Cheryl

  17. Oh girl, I usually try using it before reading the instructions and when it doesn't work I go read:) Backwards, huh! Hope you get the hang of it! Sending HUGS across the miles!

  18. Dear Mona, you make me laugh. I know how you feel, it usually takes me 1/2 hour to work out which language I can read.
    You were up to your ears in a camera and I have been all day trying to work out why my toilet was leaking.
    I got the thing apart, took it down to the plumbing shop for a new seal. Then I had to get it all back together.!!!!!!!
    Well I had a wonderful day working in the toilet all day. Sheeesh!!!
    Big Hugs Kay

  19. -chuckle- oh i "hear you," about not wanting to have to follow instructions. and also, about how instructions are printed so small. eeeeek!

    have you tried looking up that camera, on the net? and seeing if you can find a samsung site, which will give instructions, in bigger print?

    we can always enlarge the print, on our own computers. but we can't enlarge the print, on those little instruction books.


  20. phooooie! i pusblished too sooooon. wanted to give more links. try again.

    another site...

    and another...

  21. It's always hard to learn something new. Figure out the simplest thing and take a few pics and see how they look! G'Luck my friend! Hugs, Diane


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