Monday, September 23, 2013


A perfect 76 degree's at the beach and at 3:44 Autumn was officially here. A lot of family and friends came and it was a wonderful first day of Autumn!  I think there were over 40..maybe more more..joined us.
This was just the beginning and by the end of the cooking this pot was filled with the GREATEST tasting sause that we dipped homemade bread into!  HOT though!  Spicy!
Time to empty the pot and add more!!
It was all delicious, but I wasn't too fond of the prawns..their little buggy eyes were looking at me and....I passed on those.  The shrimp was another matter.
You cannot imagine how great this all tasted!  I ate until my poor tummy was hurting.
 And I had already devoured my bread pudding by the time dinner was ready!
I'm terrible!! 
As quick as we filled our plates more food was added.
The artichokes were added to the pile of food and everyone dug in...
PH is wolfing down a hunk of homemade bread and butter from son and Daughter in laws bakery.
It was also wrapped and put on the fire...YUM!
Daughter in law, Cheryl and I.  This is NOT a good picture of either of us..but oh well.  We could have smiled a wee bit prettier ..LOL  Aw well..who cares!  The wind had come up and was a bit cool..and after the heat we have been having, I felt it. 
We had SUCH a nice afternoon.  We really did.  One I will remember for a long time.
I am so looking forward to this season! 
Love'n hugs,



  1. You made me hungry so early just with your pics! glad your off to a great start Mona!

  2. What fun and also great food you had. A new memory to start off the fall season. So glad you enjoyed yourself at the beach. I would have been all over that food.. except for the buggy eyed creatures.. LOL

  3. Oh this sounds like so much fun. I miss the beach and all the fun cook outs. Enjoy it all. Hugs, Marty

  4. Oh, what memories!! I've never seen a "shrimp boil" with mussels, but I'll bet they were scrumptioned up. And the artichokes in that spicy broth---I'm just tingle-tongued over that one.

    All that's missing is the little bowls of cocktail sauce and tartar sauce ranged down the table, along with scattered lemon quarters.

    What a feast! And what a perfect start-to-Autumn.

    love and,


  5. hey! frogmore stew!!! i make it all the time!

  6. What a way to celebrate!!!!

    I was right. You are a beautiful lady.

  7. Mona Dear - you would fit into Atlantic Canadian life real easy - this is similar to our clam n crab n lobster and STUFF bake on the beach. WOW - its so close to lunch that I am even more hungry just looking at that lovely Autumn feast. Now I'm craving seafood n corn.......n homemade bread. Love your new Autumn colours on your blog - looking fine - hi to PH and ttyiab. lol

  8. Nice way to usher in autumn! Yummy...

  9. I'm at work and showing this post to my hungry coworkers who now want to board a plane and go to the beach and chow down! I love the pic of you and your daughter! Both of you are beautiful! Happy Fall!

  10. Ooohhh my gosh !!! That looks soooo yummy and such a GOOD time !!! What a PERFECT way to start off Autumn !! Darn, now I'm hungry !! Thinking of warm yummy bread, veggies, shrimp, AND BREAD PUDDING !!! And, I KNOW just where that came from !! YUMMERS !!
    I'm sooo happy you had a WONDERFUL, COOL, Full of LOVE day !! What a blast, and you all look soo charming ... Enjoy your day sweet one xo
    Happy Fall ~~ ~Tanza~

  11. Frogmore Stew????? Looks so yummy. Glad you had a great time and someone took pictures.

  12. Mona, would you believe, me being from the South, I do NOT like any kind or type of seafoods. Yuck, I grew up on so much of this that I can't stand the smell of it. Oh well, I will have a Steak.


  13. Oh Mona, what a great day at the beach and a wonderful way to usher in Fall. The food looks so goodddddddd.
    I am wishing I had some right now yum.
    Beautiful picture of you and daughter-in-law.
    Happy Fall.

  14. That just looks delicious! and I don't think I've ever seen that big artichokes before in my life :-)

    Awfully cold here tonight so I'm guessing for lots of minus degrees tonight (minus celsius degrees that is :-) )

    Have a great day!

  15. I have never been to one - but I have always wanted to. And on the beach. You and your DIL are gorgeous.

  16. You certainly have good cooks in your family. It all looks so yummy and I bet it smelt and tasted even better. How lovely to celebrate Autumn.

  17. Just catching up on blog reading while we are on our anniversary trip to Niagara Falls-Toronto and not having had dinner and seeing this, oh my. How wonderful a celebration with family and great seafood and on the beach with perfect weather...nothing could be better for sure.

  18. Oh what a fun time and YUMMILICIOUS food! I would have loved to have been there with you guys! Have a blessed day dear Mona, HUGS!

  19. The food looks delicious. Wish I could have been on the beach with you all. Love your picture. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  20. The food looks delicious . . . I MEAN DELICIOUS!
    Wow . . . what a great family event!

  21. Mona I was looking at this post again and it made me wonder what are those chimney things on the beach???

  22. Monday Hello, Mona, where are you? I am looking for you everywhere,lol



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