Saturday, June 29, 2013


There is HOT news today.  I'm's just miserable here..and getting worse every day.
Southern California has been hit BIG time with Summer.
We always know it's coming but it never fails to shock us.
This thermometer is in shade and it is in full shade all day. 
So far they haven't announced an end in sight. 
The only thing that helps is that we don't have the humidity!  I am grateful that there is such a thing as air conditioning.  Even as I watered this morning, it was miserable. 

 I put everything in shade that I could.  My little Fairy Gardens are wonderful as all I had to do is roll them onto the patio..or under a tree..  Everything made it but everything was soaked in water. 
Our little Roman turns one today (Sunday, which is in just about 18 minutes.  Big party so I will try and remember to take some pictures to bore you with. 
Here he is on Christmas Day at 6 months.  He began walking on Mother's Day at our house.
Love this tiny boy!
Love to all,


  1. what an adorable photo of your little Roman and a Happy Birthday. You are suffering with the heat and we have gone to the extreme, with over two weeks of wet, damp days with torrential downpours. Very uncommon for this area. Usually we are planting gardens and watching them sprout by now, but not this year. As we prepare to celebrate our Big Birthday Canada tomorrow, I shall wish you a lovely July 4th my dear friend. Have a wonderful day and give Howard a tall glass of lemonade :)

  2. what a cute kid! i sure hope we don't get your weather!

  3. Mona I am worried about you. On our telli tonight it said California was going to hit 52 deg. I do hope they are wrong.
    Try and keep cool. I hope your beautiful garden survives.

  4. YIKES . . . hot it is! Stay inside with the air and enjoy that adorable birthday boy!

  5. Oh girl, try to stay cool! Cutest little one-year old:) I know you will have a smile all day long! HUGS!

  6. Oh I do know. We were 117 yesterday. I really hate the heat, but we were lucky enough to be at my daughter's house and enjoyed her pool for a while. Your little one is so precious, have fun at the party. Hugs, Marty

  7. Oh-He is just so cute, Mona. I saw that some of the airports in CA shut down today because of the heat-I think they were afraid of buckling. Crazy to have it so hot. We finally got a cool day here but it is always humid this time of year.
    Did you sign up for Bloglovin' yet? I finally got around to doing that this morning now that I know Google Reader really is going away tomorrow. Hope you have a blessed day with your sweet little guy- xo Diana

  8. I'l bet that little Roman has grown like a weed and can't wait for his birthday! Cake everywhere at that age. LOL
    Stay cool my dear!

  9. Stay cool and enjoy that party!

  10. I guess every place has it's it's been very rainy and now the mosquitoes are horrible! Stay cool and safe! I think that little guy has the most beautiful eyes! Enjoy the party!


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