Monday, May 21, 2012


...NOT a marshmellow world...that we live in. 
Yes, it is!
At least it is in my Fairy Garden...
Today the little stepping stones arrived..and construction of the pathway for my Fairies to walk began..

The little stone are flat and smooth.  Each one different.  Of course I will change them a few times before I'm happy with the way they know how that is.  Tell me you do.  Ok?
I fuss.
Like the old lady I am! :)

Of course we need a watering can...and this one was perfection!  Really pours water in spite of it's tiny size.  So sweet!

The little pathway leads around the yard to the side of the Fairy little wheelbarrow!  I am delighted with the quality of these tiny tools.  I don't advertise on my blog usually, but if you would like to know where I found these things..I will be glad to email you.

In summer..tiny pots will rest in this tiny wheelbarrow..and moss and Fairy flowers.
In the Fall...apples and pumpkins, I imagine...
What do you imagine?  :) she is me..taking a break.. :)  She was a gift from my daughter many, many years ago.  She and I spoke about a bit of Fairy paint to brighten her up...she said she was busy and sent me on my way... 
(Cheeky little thing!!)

My other little inhabitants have not yet arrived...and as with any dwelling..they must be approved before moving in!  Can you just imagine telling a Fairy that she does not qualify?? 
No...neither can I!

Love always,
Mona :)

This is not exactly "tabletop"..but I hope "wheelbarrow top" will suffice..
My thanks to Marty @ A Stroll Thu Life for always being such a nice Hostess!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS, I want to live on your wheelbarrow!!! I actually think you are going to have real fairies moving in! That little teeny tiny wheelbarrow and tools "LOOKS SO REAL"! Yes, please tell me where you got it???
    Have a fun filled week in fairyland,
    Big Hugs,

  2. Yes Mona. the stepping stones are just right. You don't have to shift a thing.I am glad you have one resident.Her tiny bench is so good.
    I too would love to live in your barrow. Enjoy playing. Then you need to invite neighbours kids for a fairy tea party.

  3. I've come over from Tabletop YTuesday and just love your fairy garden. What a lovely idea. I think my granddaughter might be interested in this! What a lovely and beautiful family you have too!! Joan

  4. P.S I've just become a follower to see your fairy garden through the year!! Joan

  5. this just keeps getting better and better. those tools are perfect. your wheelbarrow has become a world unto itself!

  6. I love it.. its like a whole world in a wheelbarrow. You did a wonderful job with this and I know you'll enjoy it all summer long as will all who see it.

  7. Oh Dear!Darling!All who visit you this next week or so get a big treat.The whole thing is perfect.My kind of post :) Blessings to you, Denise

  8. I love your fairy garden! That wheelbarrow and the tools are just to cute! I bet you feel like you are playing dolls/house again. Fun!!

  9. Good Morning Mona! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my Hens & Chicks. I see you are having as much fun with your fairy garden. I saw some fairy garden accessories yesterday where I picked up my Hens & Chicks. So many fun things, arbors, fences, swings, tools, everything you can imagine. Yours is adorable! Can't wait to see it thru-out the year!
    Have a Happy Day!
    Hugs, Lisa

  10. Awww, I was in love with the wheelbarrow before I even saw the tiny tools inside it. And that fairy ~ no wonder her surroundings are so special. She is definitely a special fairy to you. (Following these fairy updates is so much fun.)

  11. This is adorable! It just gets better and better. I can't wait to see your additions. It looks complete as it is already so I imagine, when it's all done, it will be incredible! Very charming. Could you email me with the name of the store you purchased the garden tools?

  12. Too sweet n lovely. I think I might holiday here - what time is tea served? I love the wheelbarrrel and there is a buzz amongst "Fairyland", as to who gets to live here. I hear they are going to draw the name real soon :)

  13. How can it just keep getting cuter and cuter? I love the tiny wheelbarrow and tools!!! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

  14. Warnin' beautiful Mona...please don't tick off the fairies...I hear they can get rather 'nasty' when mad! Heeeehehehe!!!

    It's great to see ya havenin' so much fun with your small charmin' world there.

    Love that wheelbarrow and tools...cute!!!

    God bless ya dear lady and have an awesome day!!! :o)

  15. Love your garden. It looks like the Secret Garden. So much fun. Glad you have a fairy in charge.

  16. Mona, what fun the fairies will have frolicking around in your little garden. It is so sweet - what fairy would not want to live there??

  17. Hi Mona...

    Ohhh my goodness...your Fairy Garden is the most precious thing that I've ever seen! TRULY!!! What fun you must be having...planning and planting! Girl, the little watering can...and the wheelbarrow with the garden tools...are sooo darn cute!!! I love it! You know...I love that you created your Fairy Garden in your big wheelbarrow. That is the neatest and cutest idea ever! I'm wondering if my honey would miss his wheelbarrow if I were to do something like this? wink!

    Dearest lady, I just read the sweet note that you left for me. Thank you sooo much for coming by and your note just made my day! It's been a tough month at my place with all the dental surgery/work that I have been having done. It seems that everything that could have gone wrong...did. Eeeks! I am feeling much better now...guess I'm going to live after all! Hehe! Girl, I felt so bad that I didn't even sit down at the computer for several weeks. Hopefully I can get caught up. Sooo happy to hear from you, dear friend! Have a wonderfully sweet week...

    Love ya,

  18. Just darlin my dear friend..Too cute for words..Hugs and love Gl♥ria

  19. Hi Mona! OH, your little fairy garden is darling! You do have a green thumb!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  20. You finished it! (almost!) It's too cute for words Mona. I can also see this at Christmas with tiny lights and decorated trees...just sayin'!

  21. Mona- That is so cute! I am waiting for the girls to get here this weekend and we will be planting a fairy garden in an old wheelbarrow, too. I hope it is half as cute as yours! xo Diana

  22. Hi Mona, I love your fairy garden! I just recently built one in my old wheelbarrow too. I felt like a kid again and it was so fun! so much so that I am going to make one more in a metal container I have. I have a linky party and I would love if you would share this with Share Your Cup Thursday.

  23. This is sooo sweet, Mona...a Fairy garden. How amazing....
    "Oh, Mr. Sweeeet.....I need a fairy garden..can I use your wheelbarrow?"

  24. Your Fairy Wheelbarrow is absolutely enchanting! I am in love with the mini wheelbarrow and tools!


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