Wednesday, May 23, 2012


:) By the time they arrived..I had decided  perhaps
 I'd been a bit rash in ordering these..

I thought they were so cute.

I'm so short...needed a little height... so I thought..

Hmmmm...I think I need a pedicure...
I usually get one the first of every summer...JUST one.  One pedicure a year.
High maintenance  here! :)

Grandma shoes?  I think not.  There's plenty of time left for practical shoes and thick stockings...
I hope! :)
When Patient Husband saw these babies...he said.."Well, they can sure see you coming!" 
Oh..these shoes aren't the worst of it.  More?  Worse?  You betcha!! :)

But then there are these.  *sigh*
Nope, don't get my hair done either.  I divide it down the back..pull part of it to one side..and whack!!
Then I do the same to the other side... same with the bangs..  Whack, whack ..all done!
Wad it up on the back of my head...and I'm good to go!
Oh, I probably could use a good trim..but no one can tell anyway.  My hair is curly and I finally figured out no one but me pay... you KNOW how much they charge nowadays??  Not..that..there's...ANYTHING wrong with that! 

I make myself feel better by using pretty hand crafted of a kind.  Some are made from vintage the one with the green stones and the one above.  The ones made from vintage pins are my favorites.
So there you have jeans, cute shoes and pretty barretts..
All done.

Interesting stuff, huh?

Luv'n hugs,


  1. I love them girl..and your toes rings are too cute I also have worn rings for years..Candace got me a pedi for Mothers day so I have bright pink toes right now..How tall are you Mona?? I'm 5'1..hugs and love Gloria
    ps. was great talking with you tonight your a good ear and friend..

  2. Love the shoes. I love the yellow, I've been looking at yellow handbags, don't know why,I just think they're neat. Hugs, Marty

  3. You go girl!
    I love those yellow shoes and the hair pretties too!
    My mom is the same way, she doesn't want to wear old lady shoes and I can't say I blame her!
    I hope I don't have to wear old lady shoes either!
    Big Hugs,

  4. Very cute, summery shoes. Love your toe rings. And clips are really pretty. Sure does not look like you need any old lady shoes anytime soon. Go into the world and ROCK those yellow shoes!

  5. spiffy kicks there mona!!! and pretty barrettes too!!!

  6. Those barrettes are so lovely. I pick is the last one. I go for coloured shoes. I love the, although my back wouldn't allow me to wear those spiffy shoes. I have just bought Red short boots for winter.

  7. CA-ute! I have bought me some stylish shoes this year too:) Who says a GANKY can't look hip? Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

  8. Love those yellow shoes ~ good for you! I would love to see you coming.
    Unfortunately for me, I'm stuck in Clarks now. Does that make me an old lady? Smiles.

  9. The sandals are adorable and I for one LOVE the color, since that's what summertime is all about. Fun colors in the sun.

    I so wish that I could wear barrettes in my hair, but they slide right through because my hair is just too fine. I'll be those look really great in your hair, Mona.

  10. Everything looks pretty sporty. You've got great feet, great hair... i say accentuate it! :-)

  11. Hey Mona - You've got nice toes and I like your toe rings NICE - I like your new shoes, you will look quite sharp wearing those and now, you have to have a nice yellow purse/handbag to go with those.
    The barrets I love - vintage and beautiful. You can wear em girl.
    Sandals on and heading to beach for swim with PJ - yep, and the water is COLD. Cheerio for now

  12. Hi Mona! Love your cute shoes and you're the hippest gran I've ever seen. Look at your toe rings! I used to wear those. You are just so cute. Love your fancy hair clips and I think you're gorgeous with the way you wear your hair. I've always thought of letting my hair grow out and wearing it just like you. It's the 'inbetween' times that drive me crazy.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Oh Mona you are one classy lady. I can so see you in those yellow shoes. I did smile when I saw the toe rings.
    I love the clips for your hair. My hair never behaves when it gets too long. But yours is beautiful. Can't believe how you cut it, hah.
    I am a all natural girl but I dont have much when it comes to style.
    You look wonderful.

  14. And that cute sixteen-year-old between shoes and barrettes is having a WONDERFUL time. And toe rings. You have toe rings, you chic girl.

    I love it all, and you're gonna look SCHTUNNING!

    I'll take a 7 1/2 in red, please.

  15. Those shoes are fabulous, Mona!

  16. Oh, I think you made some wonderful choices! And look at those sweet rings on your toes! Now I want some! Love your pretty hair and the barrettes are fabulous! Feeling good and looking good...we deserve the BEST! Sweet hugs!

  17. Hi Mona, I love your post! Love the shoes and barret's. I even love that you "whack" your hair! Have a great week!

  18. "I've got rings on my fingers,
    bells on my toes" but YOU, dear one, have the cutest little toes with rings all over them. And I adore your cute shoes. Way to go, Mona baby....YOU ROCK.

  19. Cute, cute, cute!!! I bet you rock in your new yellow shoes sweetie. 'Nothin' wrong with keepin' current girl!!!

    I have to tell ya. I religiously get my hair done every four weeks, color and a trim. We had suffered an horrific snow/ice storm. School was canceled and there was no way I could drive the car to town.

    I casually mentioned to Farm Boy that mornin' I'd call and cancel my appointment.

    "OH NO...DON'T DO THAT!" he said in a firm tone. "I'll get ya there"....and he did just that! Heeehehehe!

    First I thought it was the sweetest thing ever but then I got to thinkin' bad do I look! :o)

    God bless ya Miss Mona and enjoy those beautiful yellow shoes!

  20. Love your new yellow shoes! And the new barrettes are beautiful! I haven't gotten around to getting my summer pedicure, either. Need a summer haircut, too, and thought I'd get it done this week, but other stuff has kept me too busy. I wish I had the nerve to let my hair grow out long. Yours is so pretty.
    Have a great day!

  21. You go girl..... You are as young as you feel. I think they are lovely and they look so cute with your toes. Maybe alittle polish...ha ha.
    thanks for sharing.

  22. Pretty interesting, I think. I can't wear the higher heels anymore- my ankle doesn't like them! But I wear a barrette every day of life. Pull my hair up and back and clip one in. Do you have a good source for them? I used to get them at craft fairs but haven't found any lately.

    Love your shoes!!! xo Diana

  23. Love the shoes!! I love going for a's the best!!!!...:)JP

  24. I love the shoes! I think they will look great with jeans or more dressed up. The hair dodads are very pretty too..I have short curly locks that don't need much adornment so I envy you that you can change it up! You are one stylin' lady but the best adornment is your smile and that sweet hubby on your arm!

  25. I like the shoes and love the barretts.


  27. Indeed interesting, I love the shoes and love the pin with the green stones the first one...I have a ton of barrettes and I finally wore my gold leaf pin on my sweater yesterday to my grand daughters grandson asked about it..he asked if it was real gold. lol I wished...but I love it just the same. I recently dusted my dresser and some of the pins I have and was going to photograph them but my phone doesn't always do me good...with love Janice Great shoes for the summer.

  28. Mona, not sure why but seeing those shoes and hair brooches, they just seemed to be so you! And you deserve to pleasure yourself for all the joy you give to others, so enjoy! And if the photos were taken with your new camera, it is working very good.


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