Friday, April 27, 2012


Garden butterfly...

Do I miss the seasons...yes.  I do.
A dear blog friend, SaucyKod,  mentioned how much she would miss the seasons if she lived where they did not happen, no matter how nice it might seem to have milder winters..with no snow except in the mountains or high desert.  She would miss her seasons.  I completely understand.

And, yes.  I miss the distinct season changes, the quiet of the falling snow.  Sometimes I long for it, but not enough.  Not enough.

 My froggies...some of them and a dinner bell on my potting bench.  A gift from eldest son and his sweet wife!
Yes, I miss those gorgeous changing colors...the red robins..the lilac's that hung over our porch,
I miss the tulips that grew along side our home and the smells of canning peaches.. and that is why I wanted all those fruit tree's planted.

 Finally got the potting bench cleaned and organized and the hanging plants in the right place...
I missed the changing seasons so much when my family left Oregon and  returned to California in the 1940's.
I was just seven years old but I complained to my mother of not seeing the mountains black with tree's in the distance..
the northern lights..the changing colors..I hated my home state...

 Little concrete bunnies that my Maryalice gave me years ago..
But now I love it.  Yes, I miss it all, the beautiful changing of the seasons, I do, but...not enough, not enough!

I love these tin pictures that hang in our patio..

I am a California girl, born and raised in San Diego California. 

No...I have to stay home and will probably die in California.  I actually cry when I am away from it for awhile.  Homesickness is a very strong illness.
I took a week's trip to Connecticut to see a dear friend once about seven years ago..and didn't get warm from the time I left LAX, until I stepped off the plane again in California.   It was favorite time of year.  I was too darned cold to even enjoy the gorgeous colors. I literally shook and just could not get warm.  But I've never forgotten the beauty, cold or no cold!!
Still I completely understand the love of changing seasons. 

We have them.  They are just...soft.  That's the only way I can explain.  They are soft as a baby's bottom.

I wish you love.


  1. I doubt I would miss our winters here :-) I might not want to live as far south as You do but I would gladly skip our winters for a milder climate :-) :-) :-)

    Have a great day!

  2. How lucky you are to live in a place you love. I was born and raised in the mts of PA and have not been back there in many years. I sometimes long for the view from the old farmhouse (which has been fallen to fire now)..and the lift of the clouds over the mountaintops. Then I moved to FL and that became my HOME STATE. I love the palms and the Southern breezes... I understand...and I live in WI now and I am never warm! xo Diana

  3. Well, our home state is northwestern NJ and we miss it so much that we are planning to move in 2 years, but want to go further north, maybe Vermont. We miss the seasons, winter, snow, lilacs, all the spring bulbs, chipmunks, Robins, all of it.

    I agree, homesickness is very powerful and can get you down in the dumps when you think about it.

    Blessings on your weekend, Zelda.

    Hugs ♥

  4. As you know Mona, I had to come back home to CT (even though we loved VA!) as it was having the closeness of loved ones I needed...and they did too! Nice potting bench, very similar to mine!...:)JP

  5. Being a Calif. girl too, I so understand. Now living in the desert, I long for some of that June Gloom, it is just tooooooooo hot for about 3 months. Love your potting bench, it looks fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  6. San Diego is sons lived there for awhile and we visited. I could have easily made it my home but for one reason...the seasons! Since I have lived in Illinois all my life, I guess I, too, would be terrible homesick to move.

    I LOVE your potting bench! And your frogs! And I am glad I can comment once again on your blog! Things have been so weird lately...blogs I commented on yesterday, I can't today! I'm confused. But have a Happy Weekend, Mona!


  7. We could all use a "season soft as a baby's bottom" now and then, I think---here it is the almost end of April, and we missed Sweetpea's soccer game because we just couldn't sit out there for such a long time with the temp a WINDY, damp FORTY-TWO.

    But the Fall---oh, the FALL. I lived for decades where Fall meant the leaves turn brown and then FALL off the trees. Here, it's magic, and my favorite time of year. I'd hate to miss it.

  8. Oh, I so agree! I'm in the high desert, though. Even though my weather is not nearly as nice as yours, I'm still a California girl through and through. And I'm beginning to love the desert much more than I did growing up. Though sometimes I wish I'd live somewhere where I could keep bouganvilla alive!

  9. I'm with you California is the place to be...Love San Francisco and I left at couple of times just short distances but always return home...Though I have dreamed of visiting Italy and a few places...Happy Weekend...with love Janice

  10. I miss the distinct seasons also. I grew up in South Florida and never even knew when the "seasons" occurred. Then, after living in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, I came to love the seasons. It's easier now dealing with winter in Georgia but still, I do miss those snow bound days.

  11. Hi Mona,
    Such beautiful pics, I love your porch, the frogs, the plants, the signs, I want your signs!
    I think Calif. is a fabulous state, we loved our visit there!
    The only thing is it seemed a bit crowded with people! hehe.
    I love changing seasons but winter is too long here in Wisconsin. Although this year it was very mild.
    My lilacs are just about ready and I would miss that so much.
    But mostly I think we live where we have roots and our families are around. I think that's what we need.
    My son and dil are in Phoenix. They have grown to like it but they sure miss the water and green of Wisconsin not to mention their families.
    Great your new header too!

  12. Morning Mona. Oh, I miss the seasons too. I grew up in Alabama ~ seasons. Lived in New Mexcio ~ seasons. Central Texas ~ seasons. Now here on the Texas Gulf coast ~ no seasons. I'm like you though, I hate to get cold. When my feet get cold I just freeze to death!
    California is a beautiful state. My daughter and son-in-law lived in Santa Barbara while he was in engineering school ~ oh, my Lord! That place was gorgeous and a tad on the expensive side! :) Really, way over the top.
    Have a beautiful Sunday and I'm glad you liked my little bowl.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  13. I seem to fall for all your wonderful colours in each and every post. I very well think that I could adapt to warmth every day. I think its hot when our temps range somewhere around the high 60's - whatever would I do if it were in the high 80's - 90's most of the year. Even 70+ is hot. The word is climatize or adapt. I think that we all learn to do that. I found living in Europe and always being able to dash off to Spain for a warm weekend was wonderul. Hate that wet, damp winter in England - go to Spain for the weekend. It was so amazing for me to travel what I considered a small amount of time, to be in a country growing grapes by the side of the road and sharing a glass of wine, a loaf of French bread and a GOOD slice of cheese in the mountains - where one side of the mountain called you to the warmth of the sun and the other side of the mountain called you to chilly dampness. I guess we all recall our seasons of growth and miss the familiar smells and sights, but given the choice of adaption to any climate, we would soon call it "Home".
    Great post Mona - thanks for sharing - love your potting bench - Heck, I just love your yard and guess what - my tulips are approx 8 inches outta the ground . Canadian Girl Smiling :)

  14. Awwwww, seasons soft as a baby's bottom! What a eloquent way to explain your seasons.

    I too feel I should of been born a California gal...I'm made so secret how I hate the cold snowy icy winter. 'Nuff said!!!

    Have a beautifully blessed day sweetie!!! :o)


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