Sunday, April 29, 2012


Early Saturday morning and we were headed out.  A Reality Co. in Riverside was hosting the Wood St. sales which meant they put up all the signs and took them all down for the entire neighbornhood!
Me in my blue jeans..denim shirt, tennies and I'm ready to hit the road..
...right off the bat I spyed this adorable little house and screamed said sweetly  "dear, could you please stop the car so I can take a few photo's?"  That's exactly what I said!  Just like that.  And the dear man SLAMMED on the brakes!  Just like that!
I LOVE the little front porch..and that old wicker porch swing!  Sooooo cute!

 I immediately jumped out of the car and rushed to the sidewalk.
A nice woman was out watering.  I complimented her on her lovely little cottage and asked if I could take a few pictures and, of course, she said yes!

Needless to say I already had my little red camera out all ready to snap away!
Not so sure she was overjoyed that I snapped a photo of her..but she was kind enough not to boot me off the property!  There was just so much to look at.
Exactly how I want my home to look. 
 Curb side and the front yard..all just manicured to perfection..
You must enlarge one more time to get the full benefit of the details of this yard.
 These little tulip lights are not all that rare, but the way she had them coming through the little box hedge that lined the red brick walk way was so nice. 
I wanted our patio in red brick but sometimes you have to give a bit..and Patient Husband wanted the flagstone..

Here at the edge of the street was this gorgeous little area with a concrete bench for a pause in the shade..and delicate pink roses to keep you company.  A tiny path led to the bench..

The difference in neighborhoods is interesting.  I say that because even the city favors certain area's more than others.  I shows in the attention they give the parkways, the tree's they plant and the way they maitain the different area's.  
Ours has never been a favored neighborhood.  It is odd, because just down the road and across our main street, things abruptly begin to change.   Why is that do you suppose?  I wish I knew more about city government and how it operated.  Perhaps I should educate myself on this. 

And do...
Tomorrow I will show you the few little things I picked up when we finally got back to the garage sales.  Not much...not for as many garage sales as there were!  But we had fun and that's what it is all about!  Having fun!

How was your weekend..did you stay home and enjoy or go out and enjoy?  We followed up the garage sales with a lovely waffle breakfast at our children's restaurant!  Thank you Cheryl and Pat!!

Luv'n hugs to you,

P.S.  I can do this yard thing!  Takes time, but I CAN do this! :)  Just one baby step at a time. 


Blondie's Journal said...

That home should be in a magazine! next time just introduce yourself as Mona from BH&G!! Maybe she'll give you a tour of the inside. I can only dream my yard and gardens could look this impeccable! Great shots!

I'm looking forward to your scores! Very nice picture of you darling!


yaya said...

I think your porch looks just as lovely! It was a really nice yard. We live in the country and our landscape is a bit more say the least! I'll look forward to the sale items you picked. My Sat. was plagued with cold and even a little snow. But today was much warmer and sunny..thankfully!

Shug said...

Gorgeous landscaping....
I wonder if the homeowner does her own yard and if she has hire's it is beautiful!

Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

My husband would opt for flagstone too. He's just not a brick lover for some reason. We had a great patio in the backyard when I was growing up... it was made from very old bricks that we dug up from an over-grown sidewalk at my grandmother's house. Made a really wonderful patio in my parent's backyard.

That lady really does have a great looking yard, but I bet she works on it all the time too. Takes a lot of time to keep a yard all spiffy looking.

Mellodee said...

That is, indeed, a lovely porch and yard! All those gorgeous flowers and the grass and bushes look beautifully attended! My yard would NEVER look like that no matter how many hours I spent out there trying to make it pretty. I just don't have the touch!

I think your flagstone was the better choice. Over time, brick tends to work its way loose and it becomes very uneven. That can be very pretty, but it frequesntly leads to twisted ankles, stubbed toes, tripping, and falling in a heap! I'd give up charm for safety any day of the week! :)

Kays Kids said...

Not only you can do this; you will do this I can just tell. Only do what you can maintain though other wise it gets a chore instead of a pleasure.
Her flowers are beautiful.

I'm waiting to see your treasures.

I spend the weekend sewing and then of course at the market.

Star said...

The house and garden you pictured are beautiful, but then so is yours Mona. Yes, we all need inspiration. Nice weather helps too!
Looking forward to seeing what you bought tomorrow.

Bernadine said...

You look like a lady ready for some fun! I loved the rabbit in the round garden bed. This lady or someone in the house has great skill at growing boxwood hedges. Thanks for these pictures.

Gaston Studio said...

Love the tulip lamps peeking out thru the hedge! How clever.

SaucyKod said...

Myself, me thinks "Mona of Canadian Home & Gardens" has a nice ring to it. Love your relaxin' Saturday morning attire.
Are you sure this wonderful post did not receive Garden Instruction from you. Just lovely garden and yard and so nice of owner to allow you to capture the beauty of her work. Beautiful indeed!

Amber Star said...

Those little rose bushes by the bench look like you should see "little" people coming in and out and waving. It is nearly magical.

Our Saturday was quiet, for me at least. Nearly worked myself to death last week getting my in laws house ready to be put on the market. We planted lots of pretty flowers this weekend, too. And then my tooth broke. Good part is that it had a root canal over 20 years ago. It is going to be fine, my dentist said.

Looking forward to seeing your purchases from that neighborhood. Bet they are wonderful.

Nezzy said...

Oh darlin', I don't think the pretty water lady has anything you your garden skills!!! You've got a giant step on your way to your dream garden sweetie.

A place most of us dream of havin'.

God bless ya beautiful Mona!!! :O)

Chatty Crone said...

I loved that too - beautiful - wish I had more time and talent for things like that. sandie

Sue said...

I dream of having flowers everywhere, but I am far from being a gardener. I settle for containers and envy those who have green thumbs. LOL
I hope you can achieve the look that you want. I like what I've seen of your yard so you must have "the touch." xo Sue

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh my word, this home is stunning. Love the porch and the landscaping is unreal. Wow. Living in the desert, there is no way my yard will ever look like this.

You made me giggle about sitting on the porch and gossiping. I bet we could. Wish you were here. Hugs, Marty

Gail said...

A place for dreaming...

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You just look adorable! And that house is very pretty! It's nice to have photos so that you can figure out what you can do to copy some of it! Enjoy your week! Sending you some sweet hugs, my friend!

janice15 said...