Friday, October 28, 2011


I am not sure where I found this picture but since we don't have all those wonderful Autumn colors here in Southern California...I borrowed one..from somewhere.  I can't remember.
I don't seem to retain things for long anymore, but now that I think of it...I never did.

My Grandma didn't call me "scatterbrained" for no reason.  I hated it...but now looking back, maybe she was right.
Makes me smile just to remember her.

Another thought was..I hope I am not the oldest blogger out there.  There HAS to be many older than I am...BUT..where are they.  It's sort of disconcerting to think such a thing.  Maybe it's silly but it just occurred to me that so far everyone I have met is younger!  Can that be true? 
Does age matter?
Well, it never has until lately.

I know exactly how this is going to end.  I am going to go to bed (it's one of those sleepless in Riverside nights) then suddenly get this sick feeling and rush in here and delete this post.  I've done it before.
Insecurity sets in. 

I had nothing for today.  Not a thing.  So I spent the evening visiting your blogs..trying to remember who I had missed visiting last night..and the night before that. *sigh*

I WILL clean tomorrow.  I've been slacking something terrible.  The vacumm has been sitting here in my little office for two days now...waiting, and waiting...and waiting.

I had some of my children over for dinner tonight.  We had fun.  My daughter looked at my vacumm..and I honestly don't think she even noticed.  I meant to put it away and just plain forgot.  But we watched the World Series and had fun.  And isn't that what it is all about?
I don't really care if I am the old lady.  It's *smile* not such a bad place to be. 
Not at all.

Love and hugs,

P.S.  Today I am going to ride my bike, get on that new treadmill, pull some weeds..and..vacumm and smile the entire time.


  1. Hi Miss Mona,

    Well, I was born in November 1991, and I'm not sure how old I am in teddy bear years, but Mom says I am an old lady.

    What's age? Really, think about it. I don't see my mohair turning grey, but I have to tell you the truth - I don't look for it either. Giggle.

    Have a fun weekend, and don't worry about age. Nobody is a year younger on their b-day - not even me. (o:

    Heaps of Hugs

    Hi Abby.

  2. Dear Mona, you're not the only oldie but goodie out here blogging. I think there are a few of us enjoying this adventure. I do know from what I've seen here you have way much more get up and go than this old lady. I don't think age matters so much but more what we do with our lives and you seem to be doing quite a bit with yours. Have a great weekend. Hugs from another old lady

  3. I have a few readers in their 70's. You are never to old or too young to blog and interact with other ladies, no matter their age. My vacuum cleaner does a lot of waiting around for me too! LOL IT can wait for all I care.

  4. Dear Sweet Mona, You are young at heart and that's what matters most! We are all here to get away from our problems and share our lives! You lead such an interesting life, too! I would love to have some of my family near me! Just do the things you enjoy and tell us about them when you have time! And keep smiling! And....we have a home in Florida AND one here in NC so I am always confused! heehee! ♥

  5. Not old beautiful Mona.... 'like a fine wine ya simply get better and better!!!

    Age IS only a number girl but youth is in your attitude!!! That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

    Hey, we'll be celebratin' Deep Clean Friday together!!! Woohoo....what a party!

    Have yourself a fantasticly blessed weekend sweetie!!! :o)

  6. I am sure that you are far from the oldest blogger out doesn't really matter how old one is to enjoy what they have to say! I have often thought it would be nice to be 20 years younger and be able to do what some of the younger folks are doing with furniture, painting, decorating, etc.; then I come to my senses realizing I am fine being the age I am!
    Have a great is almost Saturday...time to go yard saling!

  7. Some one told me that age was just a number . . .

  8. Oh you are beautiful and not "old". It is just a number I keep telling myself. If you get all that accomplished today, you are doing better than I am. Have a good week-end.

  9. I don't think that You are the oldest one. I know of some that I think has a higher age than You but does that matter? It would be sort of cool being the oldest one I think :-)

    But I am impressed that any one over 30 uses a computer :-) :-) I have an aunt that loves mobile phones, it is the greatest invention ever according to her but so far no luck with making her like computers though :-)

    Have a great day my friend!

  10. LOL Mona...there are many out there who would NEVER EVER give their age away! Just like many of the other posts have have to stay young at heart and that is all that matters:)

  11. I would like to suggest you go visit "Wanna Buy A Duck?" Manzanita is a contemporary of yours and a great blogger. Here is her very first post. It might strike a chord with you.

    As far as the dearth of "older bloggers", consider that beyond a certain age, most of the older set don't do computers because they weren't exposed to it early enough. Because of that they are intimidated by the whole cyber-thing.

    Besides there's always me. Some days I feel like I am 112!! LOL!

  12. Hello Mona, thoughtful and interesting post!! What's important is the friendship and inspiration we share with each other blogging! I enjoy and learn from those younger and older than me! Don't worry about your age! Thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet comment. I have enjoyed seeing all your family photographs on your sidebar! Yoy have a beautiful family!

  13. Mona, truthfully I don't know your age but I think you're the same age as me..29..right? I have a blog I follow called "Grandma Robbins Nest" and she's 84...but I think she's really 29 too! Have a great weekend you young thing you!

  14. My dear Mona, Its Granny talking. I know I must be a whole heap older than you, not only that you are so, so sharp in your mind. You put me to shame.
    At my age I really don't care any more how old I am. As long as I'm having a ball and enjoy waking up every morning. I need to live a long time to do all the things I want to do.
    Wilbur says he still loves me even though I'm old!!!!!!
    Big Hugs
    Granny and Wilbur

  15. hahahhhaaaa...oh, Mona girl, you tickle me so.
    I am going to be 74 on New Year's Day and I am just "proud to be here..." I don't mind growing older as long as I can stay healthy..that is the most important thing. I believe blogging came to us at a great keeps our minds sharp, our fingers nimble and our hearts thankful.

  16. Mona, I stumbled on your blog many months ago and was so delighted. You have so many things in your house that I have in mine. I'm a chicken/rooster and garage sale lover, too. And you know what else? My name is Mona. We're soul sisters. So, I had an instant connection. I've followed your stories, your worries and happiness. I've meant to comment many times (especially recently, when you posted about the green (I think) tole tray you scored at a garage sale. Tell me if you ever want to sell it) but was mostly in a hurry. I don't know how old you are, but that's what I like. You're ageless and the things you talk about are something every woman can relate to. I appreciate your honesty.It's very brave of you. And your heart seems so kind and loving. You remind me of my mom, who passed away about 3 years ago. I miss her so much. I am 48, by the way, with three grown kids.Never change. And quit worrying. There are lots of people out there who like you just the way you are. Talk to you soon. Mona

  17. Hi Mona! I seriously doubt that you are the oldest blogger! lol I never think about the ages of my fellow bloggers! It's their spirit that counts. Hope you are having a great weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  18. Hi Mona, It's so nice to meet you. I am thrilled you are blogging. I would never know the age of my blogging friends if they didn't tell. It's their heart and soul that come through in the written words. Most people are surprised to learn my age when I tell them. ha! It's just a question of mind over matter.xoxoxoxo

  19. My FIL, although not a blogger, is 94, writes a daily email to all the family scattered around the world, transcribes several pages into Braille for the blind, every single day, still does his own washing and ironing, walks to the shops, plays Scrabble and Chess, reads Time Magazine from cover to cover and watches sport on TV every day. My Mum is 77. She does not blog but is far more active and supple than I am. She does her own housework, gardening, cooking, sewing, plays table tennis once a week, does aerobics three times a week, sings in the choir, walks for exercise almost every day and leads a full and active life with my Dad who at 80 is fit, fun and age is just a number as Sandie says :) Fishducky, an avid blog commentator, but who does not have a blog of her own, is also 77 and she is the happiest, sunniest, funniest soul who comes across as many years younger than her age :) None of us thinks of YOU in terms of age...we just see a beautiful, wonderfully warm, kind, generous, loving soul who contributes greatly to everyone's life through her warmth, honesty, lovely sense of humour and enjoyment of life's simple pleasures.

  20. I love your blog and I am glad you are blogging, Mona. I doubt you are the oldest here but age does not matter anyway. You are also one of the sweetest here. Thank you so much for that sweet comment you left me...Christine


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