Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Usually,  I say USUALLY, we are up and out enjoying our Saturday's looking for treasures.
This Saturday was no different. 
We picked up Precious Daughter and off we went.
The very first stop was at an Estate Sale...(I need to start taking my camera on these jaunts..because this home was worth...forgetting quickly!)  However..I won't soon forget it.
But...I found this lovely little basket covered with dirt out in the garage.  I brought it home, washed it and sprayed with clear lacquer.  It turned out beautiful. 
Price?  $2.00 
Estate Sales are always much higher than garage sales...
AND NO bargaining ..except...and remember this...:) on the following day.

This lovely, I think burl, for $1.00.  Wouldn't it make a lovely place for a Fairy to live??
Did you notice that a stone is wedged in the wood.  The wood apparently grew right around stone..
The next garage sale...I found this hand painted signed tray for $4.00. 
More than I wanted to pay..but it started off at $10.00.
I was accused of being a hard core bargainer! 

The day ended with just those few things...but..

Sunday morning...
I  had seen an Estate Sale but there was  not enough time to I begged..(didn't have to beg very hard) Patient Husband to go back.   He quickly gulped down his coffee...grabbed his shoes and in two minutes flat we were on our way.
The first thing I found were two floral arrangements...this one had been $25..but was not 1$12.50, but they gave it to me for $10!!
I thought this was a sweet little bouquet (LOVE roses!) and can be tucked in anywhere..
Gold brocade round table cloth..perfect for my little round drum table...makes a nice change..
A Flow Blue tea pot without it's lid..LOVE it..
and a marvelous cheese slicer..much better than the one I own.
$1.00 for the tea pot and 25 cents for the chesse slicer... comes the good one.  We needed a nice large second refrigerator for the garage.
And there it all it's glory..with a price tag of $175!  Today?  $87.50, but they gave it to us for $80 even.  It had all the papers with it.  It is an Amana bought in 1984 at a local appliance store near us.
And..the manual was with it...everything we needed. 
Home we went for my truck..
SOOO clean.  Sparkling.  Everything in the home was lovely and clean.
I will take care of it..and I am giving all the things a loving  home. 
So..happy Treausre Hunting to you this Saturday?  Convienced yet?  But of course you are.
Love and hugs,


  1. Wow! You got a fantastic deal on the fridge. Don't you just love finding such a deal that will be useful in the home? I sure do. The blue pitcher is very pretty and the floral arrangement is lovely. Seems to me that you had a successful day.-----------Shannon

  2. you are awesome girl! great bargains!! love it!

  3. The fridge was a great find. It looks new. I was amazed to hear it was 27 years old! You obviously had a fun time again...and what's that? Not a hard bargainer? You can't pull the wool over my eyes! Well done! I love your treasure hunts :)

  4. Oh, and two new pics on the sidebar...grandson looks very handsome! BTW I love the piece of wood you's a beautiful sculptural piece!

  5. I love garage sales, If only I had more time to go to them. The joy is in the hunting and you never know what you come home with. Love your finds

  6. Mona, you always find the neatest things for great favorite this week is the is gorgeous!

  7. You did well.
    A friend of mine bought a tray like that one for $20 last week-end. The painting looks the same.

  8. Que buena idea en españa no hacemos esas compras en garaje todo muy bonito y muy buen precio,feliz semana un beso para todos

  9. I need a second refrigerator - how did you know you could come back on the second day?

    Love your basket too.


  10. WOW! Half price day really paid off! I love your pretty roses! And it's fun to see everything you got! I'm trying to remember to take pics of what I find..I'm trying! heehee! HUGS! ♥

  11. Mona, you did score girlfriend and big time.
    I am in love with the burl, but of course if I had that lovely piece of wood here, it would be ruined by the heat and the sun. I love it though and would have grabbed it up for sure.
    You did well on the florals also. I would have loved to have been with you, having some girl time and lots of fun.

  12. You really scored some great deals here, Mona!! The fridge is wonderful! I love the basket and tray, too. Oh...I love everything. Wish I could have joined you!


  13. Good bargains as always! The fridge is a great buy. I think they made appliances more reliable back then! Have a good rest of this week!

  14. would love to go to a Garage sale with you! You always get pretty good things!


  15. Love the blue and white teapot, so pretty!

  16. You always seem to find the most amazing things at the garage sales you go to where I never manage to find anything that gets me excited. I haven't found anything to buy at the last 5 or 6 garage sales and I can only conclude the ones in your area are a whole lot better than the ones in mine. I've been thinking about visiting thrift stores to see if my luck will change.

  17. I do like that burl (I've never seen that word before :-) ) and that tea pot is so fine! I wish I could find such a great refridgerator for a price like that!

    Have a great day!

  18. Hi darling, I want to go with you... what great bargains you found, I love, love, love the teapot!! Oh would work in my home ever so well!! lol... Your gold tablecloth is a treasure for sure, and all of your beautiful bouquets will bring you lots of pleasure. What a steal of a deal on the frig!!! I'm still drooling over the teapot.. hugs ~lynne~

  19. got some great deals. You and Mr. Sweet and Patient sure have those sales down.
    OK, if you MAKE me pick a favorite...the blue and white teapot......AWESOME.

  20. Hi Mona, thanks so much for stopping by and saying such sweet things about my new kitchen! I haven't been posting much lately or making lamps, but will get going with them both soon. I love all the neat stuff you found - don't you just LOVE fall! God sure gives us some pretty scenes before winter gets here! Have a blessed week,

  21. Mona, because you always have such good luck at finding bargains, I would have to NOT go to any garage/estate sales with you. Why? Because I am trying to downsize within the next 12 months, but still enjoy goin to thrift stores even while traveling.

  22. I am hoping there are many people treasure hunting our place.


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