Monday, April 4, 2011


Our "Cupboard" party that Shelia @ NOTE SONGS has been promising us. 

No kitchen cupboards for's a long story..but once I had the cupboards of my dreams.  All painted a lovely white and glassed in completely around my kitchen.  When I move after my husbands death, I had to leave all that behind..and start again. 
One day...perhaps I will have my pretty cupboards again..but...for now...this is my favorite.

We bought this hutch when my youngest daughter was two years old and she is now 41.  We also bought the table, a cross bar tressel table that is  in the garage waiting to have the top refinished...

The houses on top of the hutch are ones I collect too.  I never collect dozens of anything really.

The right hand drawer was always full of ribbons for my four daughters hair..I bought it by the yard in every conceivable color and pattern and each morning they got to pick out the ribbons of their choice.  A nice "old person's" memory! :)

Those little lace shoes lined with delicate silk are my own baby shoes from when I was tiny.  Jeremy Fisher is my favorite of Beatrix Potter's characters...I collect them..the rest Peter Rabbit, etc. are in the living room cabinet that belonged to my mother.

Very small cross stitched framed pictures are some of my garage sale finds.

Oh NO!  It came out blurry!  I am having the worst time...never mind.  You can see it well enough..
Just....stuff.  Playing with the display shelves have never failed to be fun for me. 
When I was in my 30's and had almost nothing to put in my hutch...I still loved it.

Oops!  :) There are some of my Beatrix Potter collection!  I thought they were in the living room cabinet!
Ah well.  My memory is not what it used to be! 

So...there you have it...MY CABINET contribution, such as it is... :)
Love and hugs,

THANK YOU, Shelia, you little sweetie pie...that was fun!! 


  1. Good evening Mona..Girl I love your hutch and all the treaures you have in it..all the bunnnies's really that time of year..Girl our weather has been beautiful and now they say more snow on Wednesday..I'm so sick of this sick stuff..Hope all is well in your world my dear friend..Hugs and love to ya. Gl♥ria

  2. Lots of cute little things that I am sure have many sweet memories for you. ..Enjoyed the tour of your hutch.

  3. Your "cupboard" is joyful with its memories and beautiful vignettes. I love your tiny lace baby shoes. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Beautiful collectons, Mona, and how precious for you to still have your baby shoes. That's what I call a real treasure...Christine

  5. I adore your charming hutch Mona!
    The houses on top are the cutest things and the Beatrice Potter collection makes me envious!
    You always have such great stories to share and such pretty pieces that you find!
    And you always find things so cheap when your out garage saling!
    Love this post!
    Hugs friend,

  6. HUTCH! Now that's a new concept for what we term a Display Cabinet or Dresser! To me, a hutch is where rabbits are kept :)

    I love your beautiful hutch, Mona and all the little treasures you display in and on it! The most priceless, I'd say, would be those baby booties of yours! That's well preserved! This was so much fun, seeing your treasures and lovely cupboard.

  7. Thanks for the tour of your hutch, Mona, and its contents too - all treasures to be sure. How fitting a place for the bunnies too!

  8. Lovely cabinet Mona, as are the treasures it contains. You always find the best things at garage sales!

  9. Loved looking at all your things Mona. Have you seen the film 'Miss Potter'? If not, then you MUST. Please say you will?
    Star x

  10. Mona, Thanks for visiting my site ... I'm just getting to know you now ... read your profile and I think you are a lucky lady to have had such love in your life. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Mona, I loved seeing your cabinet... both the treasures in it and those on top. I adore those houses. They are my cup of tea.

    I have a chest like your hutch that houses so many sweet memories. Each drawer has something, and my dresser (which was my parents) has one center drawer with things in it that have been tucked in there since the 1940's, and I can't bear to change it! I'm sentimental that way.

    Many warm hugs to you!


    Sheila :-)

  12. Hi Dear Mona and I've loved seeing your wonderful hutch and all the sweet memories it holds for you! Oh, look at those sweet little tiny baby shoes of yours. I'd love to see them even closer. Your little Peter Rabbits are so darling too! I love the story about the ribbons drawer for your daughters hair! :) What a wonderful mother you were, well, and you still are!
    Thank you so much, Mona, for coming to my party! I've enjoyed my visit so much.
    You are a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. You have lots of lovely treasures in your cupboard!
    I also enjoying seeing your garden in the previous post.


  14. How I love this post with all the pretty pictures; When you said you had a drawer with ribbon for your 4 daughters hair, I just stopped and wondered how much fun that must have been. You see, I have 4 sons that I love with all my heart, but no daughter and sometimes I wonder what it would have been like.
    I am NOT feeling sorry for myself but I sometimes wonder how different life must be in a house with other females; lucky me I lived with 5 males that I call My Guys.

  15. Totally sweet my charming friend. I love all your pretties and your pictures are fabuloso! thank you so much for sharing with us!

    When my girly girl married three years ago I gave her lots and lots of my pretties to help start her home. She's bought many of her own now and I'm hoping she'll give SOME OF THEM BACK! hahahahha

    Love to you~


  16. Your cabinet and hutch are beautiful, Mona...I love all of the special pieces you have inside. I remember when we first were married, how little I had to put on shelves and table I look at all I have and I feel blessed!

    I love the story of how you kept the ribbon in the drawer for your daughters hair. Thank goodness for those warm memories!

    Hope you are having a wonderful week...we are finally starting to warm up!


  17. Girl, your hutch is just beautiful and your home is filled with glorious treasures!!! All precious...just like you!

    God bless and have a beautiful day! :o)

  18. The hutch is so nice with your beautiful collection of white pitchers( I love white pitcher) and bunny rabbits....and all your other treasures. Trish

  19. Mona, Thank you so much for sharing your cabinet with us. I just absolutely love that you kept a drawer of ribbons for your daughters hairs. I love to put bows in my little girl's hair. What a wonderful memory. Thanks for sharing it. xorachel

  20. Greetings, Mona! It has been so long since I've visited! I love how you have changed your blog -- love all the new photos of your family and the ribbons and cherries. And I love all of your treasures in your hutch. I know they must be very precious to you. Take care!

  21. Hello Mona,

    Love your hutch and all of your pretties! Your baby shoes are darling, and I love the bunny figurines.


    I think your house must be a wonderful place to live.....kt

  23. Hi Mona, It was sooo nice to hear from you! Come on over for lemonade any ole time! Thanks for sharing your sweet collections and special memories. Take care...

    Hugs, Sherri:)

  24. Hi Mona, your cabinet is really pretty and I can see you've lots of pretty lil cute things! Thanks for the visit.

    Hugs, PuteriFauziah.

  25. Ms. Mona,
    I love your hutch and those bunnies are too cute.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such sweet comments!
    Have a wonderful week :)

  26. HI Mona, I loved seeing your beautiful hutch, and especially YOUR baby shoes!!! What a treasure to still have! I don't have one thing from my childhood:( I love all your treasures too. Thanks so much for stopping by. XO, Pinky

  27. I wish I had such a pretty hutch (and darling great grandchildren--you are too young?)

  28. What a sweet tour - a lifetime in a hutch. Thank you for sharing. It was wonderful to get to know more of your story in this way.

  29. Such sweet treasures. I love your memory of ribbons in the drawers for your girls. I spy a little depression glass in there too. (I'm a bit addicted to that stuff myself.) I had a lovely neighbor lady who also collected Beatrix Potter. Thanks for making me think of this lovely lady today.

  30. I loved seeing all your pretty things in your wonderful hutch.
    Sweet memories ...sweet treasures...makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside.:))
    love and kisses, bj


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