Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I had a dream last night.  It was very real.  My home seemed to be filling up with water.  I looked down and I was ankle deep in water.  My children (they are all grown) were little again and sloshing around...water kept coming in and getting deeper and deeper.  I worried about my babies. 
Suddenly I saw a baby laying on it's face in the water and just KNEW it had drowned and tried desperately to get to it...and when I grabbed it up and turned it was a doll.  Just a ..doll and not my baby.

Something is going on here folks.

Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night and thought of someone, some blogger friend that you have not visited in days, that you have come to like very much, had a blogging relationship with that you cherished?  Have you gotten up and made your way through a darkened house to your computer..turned on the light..turned on the computer visited that person?  I have. 
I have stopped my work and rushed to visit someone that popped into my head that I had not visited for several days.  Fear dogging every moment that you had hurt someones feelings?  I have. 

I have actually felt a bit of relief when I am away from home and can't blog. 

Please don't misunderstand me..I LOVE blogging.  I love all of my blogging friends and enjoy putting a post together. times it has become work.  At times I have let other things go way too long. 
I've gotten ill and even from the hospital I  worried about those that might think I am ignoring them.

I see blogs that have..way more followers than I do and sometimes I have seen so many comments on these blogs that I wonder how they have time to ever return all those visits...and of course you should.  That is just good blogging etiquette
All the blogs I follow, or try to follow...I cannot ever visit them all..and this concerns me. 

Another thing is that I love finding new, interesting and informitive blogs...but I know full well that I cannot keep visiting's ...just...too...much!

Have I made a mountain out of a molehill ?...probably.  But I don't think I am the only one that goes nuts sometimes trying to keep up.  I think we all do.   

I am addicted to this blogging is a really nice, interesting, informitive part of my life and I cherish my blogging friends.  I wouldn't give it up for the world...but..I worry.

Love and hugs,
Mona  :)


  1. Mona, you have been reading my mind!!! It's a real problem keeping up with everyone. I think we feel about the same. I spend way too much time in Blogland, but most of it is reading other people's blogs and then commenting and then finding new blogs or having new people start following you that you then must visit in return. It's a never ending circle. I don't worry too much about my "friends" thinking I'm ignoring them. But some days it's just too much!! I've only got 40 followers and most of them don't visit at all that I can tell. I'm lucky if I get any comments on a given day. In order to get comments you have to leave comments it seems. It is all getting to be too much like work! If there are no repeat visitors and no comments, it makes you wonder why I'm bothering. Not every post is a stellar one, I understand that. But I already know my own stories, you know? I'm not only writing for me, but for my followers!

    Some days I just feel like giving up. I do understand lurkers! Read with no obligation to follow regularly or comment at all. Still I can't help but wonder what's the point!??!

  2. Mona...

    I am probably one of those people that gets a lot of comments. I don't apologize because I leave a lot of comments as well. I follow more blogs than those that follow me. Where do I get the time...well my kids are almost grown and out of the house, I spend my free time doing what pleases me and I like to blog an hour or two everyday. Do I visit everyone that visits me? I get around to it over the week. Most everyone. And I feel guilty if I don't, but I will never make it a job, I like it all too much. Being a little on the shy side, I have found it easier to make friends through blogging, and I have even met a few bloggers in reality!!

    They say that if you like your job, you will never work a day in your life. I think that is true about blogging. Let go of the worry and enjoy it for what it is. You have so many blog friends that love you dearly, I am one of them. You will never disappoint us.


  3. I got to that point awhile ago and had to pull way back on how many hours I spent in blogland. I would be so worried about posting every day and stressed over what I could write about. I felt so guilty about not visiting everyone and leaving a message.

    I had to stop. I had to get back to "real" life.

    I still get out there in Blogland as often as I can. However, more often then not I will just read and check in on everyone. I don't leave many messages any more. I feel bad but I really don't have time to.

    I noticed that some people have stopped following me because I didn't leave them a message. But that's ok. I don't read people's blogs just so they come to my blog and I really don't mind not getting messages. I have a counter that can see that people still come visit.

    Those that are real friends can understand when you need a break. I have had a few people email me directly if I'm gone for to long and of course I respond to them asap. I think it's so sweet that people actually notice when I'm not there :)

    Don't stress out over this. Everyone understands.

    Life is to short to make blogging work. It should be fun and something you want to do. Not something that keeps you up at night with worry.

  4. Hi Mona,
    I know just how you feel! I get behind on visiting now because I am babysitting Addison full time and still working part-time. I actually end up blogging in the middle of the night cause it's the only time I find. I do feel guilty about not getting to everyone but I do try to eventually. But blogging is a blessing! I have met so many wonderful gals and your one of them!
    And for that dream. I know about those kind of dreams. I think you have very strong maternal instincts and they just pop up in your dream sometimes. They are scary though aren't they?
    Hugs friend and don't feel guilty cause so many of us are your friends!

  5. Hi Abby,

    Thank you for writing. Don't worry, you WILL get your Blog up and running. Mom just needs to figure out how she can help your Mom. Sometimes "puters" don't do exactly what we want them to do.

    We didn't replace you - you belong to Mr. Howard and Miss Mona's "hug", that's family in the teddy bear world. Now go and have some fun, maybe Miss Mona will take you for a ride in the car today.

    Heaps of Hugs

  6. Mona,
    We all have lots of things to do, so we do the best we can in the blogging world. I love blogging too, but sometimes I just can't get around to everyone, as I would like to. No worries, as I know you are out there and when I do hear from you, it is always a pleasure :)

  7. My hubby asked me to cut back on the computer time and I know he is right. I fall off the commenting wagon a bit some days but it was necessary. Just do what you want to and we all understand.

  8. My dear, sweet Mona, don't ever feel that you HAVE to do anything about blogging. That is the nice thing about it, you can visit often or seldom. Don't make it a chore, make it fun.

    You have a doll and we always hear how California is sinking so the dream means nothing, just the outside input is entering your sleep time.

    Enjoy your day, your week and remember what Mama always said, "Like water off a duck's back"

    I, too, get behind on commenting, it is part of the wonderful world of blogging. When it becomes a chore rather than a pleasure, then it is time to back off and let it rest.

  9. Again Mona you have hit the nail on the head and have written what often goes through my head. I love blogging; it has changed my life and I keep thanking my son's wife(hate the term daughter in law) because she suggested this when I was at a low time in my life.
    I have 122 followers and I don't understand why poeple sign up as followers and you never hear from them again.
    AS soon as someone would sign up, I would feel obliged to do the same; I found out it doesn't work like that. I have narrowed myself down to blogs that really interest me and blogs that make me Happy and try VERY hard to check them out at least once a week.
    I post only once a week, while others post every day, so I try the best I can to keep up with my comments
    Anyways, just to say you are one Blogger that I Love coming to visit. So often you post about something that is on my mind. So happy that drowning baby was a doll.
    I also have been having these wierd dreams lately; what is happening to us????
    Hugs as always.

  10. I think we all feel that, and I too feel like I should visit all who visit me, because not only is it good etiquette, but I love seeing everyone and sharing in their creativity and have made great friends this way. BUT... I do think we have to enjoy the best part of blogging and that is that it is ours and we can do whatever we want and if that means take a break, everyone understands and is so supportive. I don't want to leave blogging because it takes too much of my time (just like I read someone saying the other day who was quitting.) Thanks for expressing what I think all of us feel!

  11. Bloggin' is addictive. We become involved in each other lives and care about what's happin' in their world. Yes, I've been awaken with someone on my heart and had to 'check' on 'em.

    It does become work. I need to get up another post right now but we are smack in the middle of plowin, discing, and plantin' crops. The necessities of runnin' a large workin' farm. I have found myself lettin' some important things slide and I just have to step back sometimes. When that feels good, I too question if I should just walk away. I can tell you know exactly what I'm sayin'.

    We all put far to much pressure on ourselves here don't we.

    God bless you sweetie and thank you for so eloquently puttin' into words how so many of us feel.

  12. You bet Mona! I've had some really terrible dreams or premonitions about someone and had to immediately had to get in contact with that person to make sure they were alright. I'm so happy to have found your blog today. I chose two Sorority Sister's blogs to check out today. Check out my blog if you want:

    Hugs XX

  13. It is unfortunately so that it is impossible to always follow all blogs one reads and commenting them too :-) Sometimes I´m actually happy when some of those blogs I follow hasn´t been updated for a while :-) :-) :-)

    Have a great day my friend!

  14. Hi Mona!

    I hear what you are saying. I don't think, though, that you need to 'worry!' I think we are all in the same situation...we all want to return visits regularly, but it's just not always possible to do and I think everyone truly does understand. I don't think we take it personally if someone is absent for a while. We may, of course worry a little hoping they are OK and not absent for anything serious, but mostly, it's just because everyone has a life in addition to maintaining their blog and visiting their blogging friends. Naturally, the more followers we have and the more blogs we follow, the more difficult it becomes to keep up with everyone daily! I have been off-line for just a couple of days and cannot believe how far behind I've fallen. I'm doing the best I can to pop round and say Hi, but I have to limit myself to reading only the current post on each blog for now. I am sure everyone has this happen to, relax! NO MORE BAD DREAMS, OK???????

  15. Mona, your dream is telling you something--that you are overwhelmed and it is time to do something about it. I say don't stress over blogging. Everybody will still be here! I read lots of blogs and many I dont comment unless I have something interesting to say! And that includes yours too:) I read your blog all the time!! A blog is really just an online diary to share, and if you dont have anything to write about, then don't try. So many more important things in life. ((((hugs))))

  16. You can see you are not alone in this - I feel the same too - and even when we say blogging without obligation - we are still obligated. We love each other and don't want to hurt each other - but some times it does become a lot. Sandie

  17. I know just what you are saying. I love blogging but just cannot comment as I want simply for lack of time. So please, please don't ever feel bad if you stop by to visit me and don't comment. I totally understand!

    I love your beautiful hutch that your featured in your last post! Very nice :)

  18. Mona, I've heard this same blogging concern on other blogs. I've read posts where the blogger asks how everyone else keeps up with blogging and commenting and the time spent on the computer. Usually the comment is "my husband says I spend too much time on the computer." Well, I don't have a ton of followers, but I do enjoy many blogs and try to leave comments. I blog as a journal and then have it put in book form at the end of the year. So basically I just write for me and my boring life! I love the people that take time to comment and follow. I guess it's just remembering to relax and enjoy the ride!

  19. Mona, I have tons of favorite blogs, that I follow, or have on google reader. Today, I was away from the computer all day and when I sat down tonight there were 75 new posts from blogs I follow (including your sweet blog). I do click on all of the posts and read them, but I don't alway leave a comment, because, sometimes you just can't. I understand that when people visit me too. I have a stat counter and sometimes have over 1000 readers a day, but only a small amount leave a comment.

    That is part of blogging. You can't visit everyone, you can't always return a visit, but you pop in a say Hi when you can. I think everyone has to understand that.

    I love it when you visit and leave a comment, but I promise I will never be mad if you don't....

  20. Mona, you are feeling the pressures a lot of us in the blog world come to feel when we post and have people comment, then we comment back and go to read other blogs and it becomes such a time-intensive process. Grenville and I really do enjoy our blog and appreciate the comments people make and we do make sure to address comments in every post. But it does become time-consuming and even now it's after 11 pm and I am blogging instead of working on an adult-ed class assignment. Time to stop and go to bed!
    Dear Mona,please do not make yourself crazy over not having enough time to do it all - none of us have enough time and some times it's best to just let go and enjoy!

  21. Hi Mona...I am so glad that you spoke straight from heart today...I have only been blogging for a little over a year now, and I will admit that I sometimes become a bit discouraged...MANY of my blogging friends have 800, 900,1500, 2500 followers and they may have as many as 45 comments per day...What do I have??? 87 followers and 4 to 6 comments average per day...So, does get pretty discouraging!! of course, it makes it easy for me to follow
    those that are faithful to read my blog...BUT, the question always comes to mind, "Are my post not interesting? Do I not live a very exciting life? Do I have a boring personality?"
    And then I stop and think about the reason I started my blog in the first place....I started it for ME.!
    I do spend a lot of time blogging and I'm not very computer savvy, so it takes me much longer to do things on the computer than most people....I too think it is respectful to respond to fellow bloggers and I certainly try my best. I never want this to become a is a hobby for me and it is also
    THERAPY for me as well...I seldom have a visitor that comes by for a visit and decides to follow...I certainly understand if my blog friends are not able to respond, because sometimes my days are filled with the busyness of life....In that case, I try to respond at least once or twice a week...

    Good post....

  22. You have already received so many wonderful and insightful comments about your post...all of which I enjoyed. I have so many of the same feelings...seems like a lot of us do. I have about 119 followers now but most never leave a comment. I've decided not to let any of it bother me (too much). I can only do what I can do. I enjoy blogging but am too busy to comment or post as often as I like. I enjoy your blog as I enjoy many others although I don't get around as often as I'd like. I enjoy writing my blog and hopefully can continue to do so for awhile to come. You do a great job with yours.

  23. Hey sweet Mona, Girl we have talked about this many times on the phone..I only post once a week now as I just can't keep up any more..well really I love to read blogs more than doing a post of my own..I don't have all the latest white chippy furniture and burlap stuff that everyone shows..I just do my own thing and my little family has always kept me busy and I would have it no other way..That and like you am not a young blogger..Love ya girl..How is Mary and her beautiful home doing..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  24. you know what??? I am a single mom of three growing and busy kids...and I don't have time some weeks to return the comments...and I apologize like crazy because I feel terrible about it.
    Now...there are those who have a lot of followers...and comments and don't give the time of day to any of the people who read and take the time to follow or comment! Those are the ones I don't care for so much..and don't comment to either...YOU are among the most favorite of bloggers and I know you have a following that feels the way I do...don't sweat the small things- you are special...and we all love ya!
    I have done that thing where out of the blue I will rush over to a's just a caring thing...and when I have comments that someone has done that for me...It is so touching!
    I agree with Gloria...she is my blog mommy...and I also sometimes have to say that being a good mom to the three I have here...makes me a bad blogger!
    hugs and smiles dear girl!!!
    luv Toots!

  25. I think we all go through what you're feeling. It seems to ebb and flow. I make myself stay off my computer at least on day a week, just to give myself a break. I've also noticed over the years that commenters come and go, and I just go with that. Like so much of life, it's about balance, right?

  26. Mona, I think it is human nature to think that the grass is always greener on the other side.... To me, being true to ourselves is much more important than having multitudes of followers and an abundance of comments on every post. For so many, blogging is a competition- kinda like junior high girls vying to be the most popular person in school. I really believe I can tell which people are "down to earth" and "the real deal." They are the ones I like to visit and leave heartfelt comments with. I value your blogging friendship, Mona, and hope that you find some balance for yourself. Don't worry about doing what you think people "expect" to do. Do what you can and never feel guilty. You have a loyal following that understands. hugs, Sue

  27. Hi Mona,

    I do know what you mean. Blogging can become all consuming and those relationships are very precious, I miss them all the time!! Speaking of which, Miss you!!!


  28. I have so many blogs bookmarked that Id never get a thing done if I had to comment on them all. And so I only comment where I feel led. In the process Ive found a few regular blogging friends. We check out each others blogs alot and comment.

    But I find not every one has time to comment. Sometimes blogs are interesting to read but I have nothing to say after it. A few I may just pop in and out and then theres always those that need a captcha word and its not working right for some reason and I just move on.

    I used to worry about this too but I look at this as this is my online town. I may see folks alot but dont know them all well, some not at all but they are interesting. And then theres the others that are my friends and neighbors and we regularly share out lives.

    And so I think maybe have a more worldly view of this and maybe you wont worry so much :)


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