Monday, June 7, 2010


Saturday was garage sale day...I wasn't exactly up to par but we went for a short time then the heat set off to breakfast. Nice..but I was glad to go home.
There is always next week...

So...first garage sale:
I couldn't believe she sold all four of these precious little mugs for $1.50!! But...she did and I was right there to assist her in getting rid of them.

These two Fall garlands, two large goards and a bundle of lovely Fall ribbon were all for just $1.00!
Everything is like new. I'll just add it to my collection of "Fall stuff" and I know I will find a good use for it. (Fall... :) the very thought makes me smile!)

Now these are something for the BBQ. Didn't mean a lot to me..but they certainly excited Sweet Husband! Both for $.50! Good?

Did I show you these...I think I did. Found them at Goodwill for $4.00. The basket is of bark.
One of those things that when I tire of will be returned to Goodwill with joy. I thought it very Summer and Springtime.

Sweet husband brought these home yesterday! I was delighted. Costco does offer wonderful fresh fruit and veggies.

Howards late night snack! Do you suppose this was what he was dreaming of when he bought them? And...he knows it is only the beginning...bless his little heart!

I do love my sugar container. No spoon needed...

For me, a dollap of strawberry jam. (I REALLY needed that!) :)

Much love and lotsa hugs,


  1. look at those strawberries! You know they are sweet when they are red even in the middle:) Love this time of year and I can get them locally--they are just the best!

    btw--love those bird mugs--what a treasure

  2. Great finds Mona and look at those beautiful strawberries!
    I am craving some real bad now!
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. Mona, you have found so nice treasures.
    Greetings, Johanna

  4. Wow, how do you find all these goodies?!

  5. You made out like a bandit at the garage sales again. I have one of those little wire baskets for the grill. They are great for grilling veggies. So easy to toss them around in it.

    The strawberries are making me crave fruit! Yum!


  6. Oh is strawberry season for sure! My husband is allergic so I have to enjoy them all by myself. Great garage sale haul! I need to have one to make more room for the other stuff I have been buying!~Hugs, Patti

  7. I was admiring your bark covered vase. I just got an email from M. Stewart...she showed how to do it. I love strawberries...this post made me drool.

  8. Those are cute bird mugs, Mona!

    I agree, Costco usually does have nice looking fruits and vegetables.

  9. got some great finds. Strawberry jam mixed with strawberries? I never thought of it. Perfect time to give it a try!

  10. Hi Mona,
    I don't know how you go it but you always find good stuff at good prices! Those cups are so pretty.

    Now, I'm hungry for strawberries, yummy looking.


  11. Those strawberries look just like the ruby beauties Chris just brought home from Sam's. Those BIG guys must have a conduit to the really good stuff.

    I always enjoy your jaunts on Saturdays, whether you haul home a wagonful or not.

    Come join us on the patio for some of those berries for breakfast tomorrow---four of the GRANDS will be here, and the sugar shaker may just wear out!

  12. You always find the best things! I had strawberries tonight! I love them!

  13. I just had sweet red berries tonight! YUMMO!!!

    Now CRACK ME UP! You do! I'm laughing my bumm bumm off! No kidding.


    You go and take your Bumm Bumm over to where my Bummy Bumm Bumm is and ENTER MY GIVEAWAY! OK?

    Hugs and love to you~


  14. Great buys! Those strawberries look delicious!


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